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A New Beginning

"Did you get in touch with your parents?"
Hermione looked up at her love. "Yes, and they said two weeks from now, would be great."
Remus sat down on the couch next to Hermione sliding his arm around her shoulder and kissing the side of his head.
Hermione smiled as she felt a warm feeling surge through her body. "I sent out invitations to everyone I could think of. Of course I had to explain that our engagement party was at my parents' house, and that they had to dress in muggle fashion." She giggled.
"I invited Dumbledore, and well even in muggle dress, he would still stick out like a sore thumb. "
For a moment Remus tried to picture Dumbledore in muggle dress, and laughed at the image. He kissed the top of Hermione's head as she snuggled closer in to him and shut her eyes.
"Don't go to sleep Mione, you haven't even changed yet."
"I'm," yawn, "Not."
Remus shook his head as he hugged her closer and rested his head on top of hers. For a blissful moment they sat there imagining that everything would be perfect.
Suddenly, a loud thud resounded through the castle disrupting their ecstasy.
"What was that?"
"I don't know Mione; and I don't think I want to."

Dumbledore had been out for a walk listening to his new companion speak about life. "These times are strange to me old friend. Things happen now that I never would have understood. Why people even look different now, dress funny and all. I miss it, Albus; miss the time I lived in."
"Would I be wrong in assuming you miss more than just the time?"
"For one so young, you really are quite smart, knowing a great deal more than anyone else guesses."
"Most people think with their head, dear friend, I find it much more constructive to think with my heart. You find it is easier to feel a situation than it is to logic it out."
"Tell me, friend, which house were you in, in you're time?"
"I was a member of the Gryffindor house."
The older mage beamed proudly, "I had a feeling you were."
They both continued and found themselves walking past the great hall and through some old corridors. They passed the dungeons and Dumbledore noticed his friend tense up.
"Any thing the matter?"
After a moment of staring into the depth of the darkness, the older man said, "No," he shook his head, "Nothing is the matter." They continued their walk until all of a sudden a noise resounded throughout the castle.
"What the blazes?"

Severus Snape heard the noise too. He had been up in his room doing nothing exciting with no one special. Upon hearing the noise however, he decided that it might be worth his while to go down and see what it was. Or he could stay here in his room.alone.looking at nothing.alone.thinking of nothing.alone. He was on his feet in seconds.

Five bodies all running to toward the same sound, each theorizing a different terror that was bout to over take the school. The five teachers all ended up in the entrance hall at once. From here it became apparent that there was something trying to break through the heavy doors. Fingers clutched wands as each mage stood at the ready; anticipating what was to come.
Another thud. The door bulged. Twice more the door threatened to give way, and twice more it failed to do so. Then the third time, the doors flew open and each individual stood waiting for their enemy.
But there behind the door, there was nothing; nothing except air. A heavy silence permeated the room. All was quiet too quiet. Remus caught Snape's eye, and Snape nodded. The two men understood, confirming their suspicions. This was Voldermort's doing.
And still they waited, and the waiting killed them. They all knew they would be facing doom, and yet it would not show.
Then all of a sudden, there was an explosion and a purple fog filled the room obstructing all vision. An eerie high pitched laugh filled the room, and it seemed to come from everywhere and no where all at once. And slowly the fog began to fade; and slowly, twenty shady figures began to take form. And before the mist had entirely faded, a great shower of lights exploded through the gloom. They were being attacked.
And then they began to fight back. Lights flashed as curses flew through the air hitting people and objects alike, not knowing for whom they were meant and not caring. They simply cut through the night doing whatever damage they might.
Remus slowly became aware of the fact that his arm was bleeding and preformed a simple blood clotting charm before looking up. His eyes took in the destruction before him. People were falling down, lights blazed through the remnants of the hazy purple fog. And the whole while the noise around him grew louder and louder until the room was entirely silent; at least that's how it seemed to Remus.
But soon, while subconsciously throwing out curses at shadow figures with no faces, Remus saw something that made chest rise: the shadowy figures were slowly backing away.
Remus was glad that the figures were leaving, but he wished that he might be able to hear something. But the room remained noiseless. Which made it really hard to understand what was happening. He saw a figure crouched on the floor presumably in pain. Upon closer inspection, the figure appeared to be George. A dark shape loomed above him hovering like impending doom. Remus recognized his friend was in trouble, and tried to send a spell in the way of the advancing shadow; however, it appeared that a nearby death eater had a very different idea and presently distracted Remus. He entirely lost sight of the old mage as he battled a younger one up close.
Hermione did see what happened to the unfortunate old man, although she hardly believed her eyes and attributed what she saw to the cloudy haze that still lingered in the air. From her position, trapped between a wall and a death eater, she could see the face of the malicious figure: Voldermort. He was skulking closer to the old wizard with a rather curious expression on his face, one that Hermione didn't understand in the least. It looked like a cross between amusement and deep satisfaction with no explanation as to why.
George appeared to be saying something provocative to the Dark Lord causing rising anger in the other. A moment later, the old mage was gripping his body in pain, and his wand was in the hands of his attacker. Hermione made a struggle to get to the poor old man, but was restrained by an opposing death eater. The only sound she could hear was the horrible laugh that seethed from the dark mage's mouth.
Hermione grew angry, why should the presumably most powerful dark wizard in the world pick on such a helpless old man? But the next second, George failed to look quite so old and quite so helpless. Even as his defenses lay in the hands of his aggressor, he pulled himself tall upon his knees, a look of hatred in his eyes so severe that Hermione wondered if such an emotion was possible. But as he straightened, his eyes taking on an appearance that they had not seen in centuries, he began to speak. And the look on the Dark Lords face turned to one of shock and terror.
What could George possibly say to produce such a reaction from so powerful a sorcerer? But then it happened, a flash like lightening and the high pitched scream of one who is defeated and in lots of pain. Then Hermione understood, he had spoken a curse; but he had no wand! Being an abnormally intelligent woman and having read just about every book on the art of magic, Hermione was well aware that humans lost the talent of magic wielding without a wand eons ago. The last people that had been able to do wandless magic were alive in the time of the four founders. Then she remembered that George was old; form another time, another place.
After the flash, there was not a Death Eater left in sight and the haze was entirely lifted from the room. There was a triumphant silence for a moment before George fell forward clutching his chest.
In one swift movement, all four mages were circled around the old man. Hermione brushed the hair off his face as he looked up at her and smiled, "Good bye, and thank you!" His head slowly descended into Hermione's lap as his eyes shut, a peaceful smile on his lips that would forever now remain silent. A single tear fell down Hermione's cheek while Remus put a comforting hand around her shoulders, and Dumbledore placed his hand on her forearm.
"Many more will die before this is over, but his sacrifice has saved the innocent lives of the children who live in these stone walls. He knew this and I am sure that is why he chose this fate. He has always loved children."
Severus Snape stood a few steps away from the group on the floor, feeling more dismal and alone than usual. The concerned between these people made him wish that he too had someone to hold, to comfort, and to comfort him if he needed. But no, here he stood in need of comfort and no one to hold.
He adverted his eyes from the group, not trusting his emotions to take in the scene before him. It was then that he saw it: a glowing light that drifted easily through the wing with the grace of a phoenix yet ten times more beauty. It was slowly making its way down dancing on the air no bigger than a speck of dust. A warm tingly feeling permeated through his melancholic being and he might even have smiled.
The others must have heard the small gasp that Snape gave upon looking at this beautiful glowing mystery, because in less than a moment, all three were also staring at the small speck. But it appeared that with every flutter, it grew bigger. By the time it had reached Snape's head level, it was the size of a Quaffle. It danced around the wizards with beauty that none had ever seen before; it was as if a star had fallen down from the heavens and was now dancing through the gloom.
The burning ball continued it journey until it apparently reached its destination where it began to glow even more and expanded faster. Soon it resembled a large archway. A faint sound came from behind the glow, as if a young woman were singing. The singing grew louder and soon, a woman did appear stepping out of the archway. She was beautiful and transparent, but unlike any ghost Severus had ever seen. She giggled.
"Come now, Godric you have kept me waiting for far to long!"
But there was no time to ponder this, as George began to sit up; only his body was still on the floor. A transparent George pulled himself to his feet and ran to the woman embracing her tightly. "Oh, how I've missed you my Rosalind!"
They separated slightly before leaning in for a kiss. When their kiss finally ended, the woman grabbed his hand and pulled him through the archway. When the two apparitions disappeared, the archway again balled up, faster this time, and left through the window voyaging into the night sky.
Hermione looked at Remus a small smile tugging at her lips which were soon covered by Remus's own. Severus once again became aware of the tinge of loneliness that stabbed him from inside.

Hermione was looking in the mirror making sure that every hair was indeed in the right place and that her makeup was behaving. She didn't notice Remus until he snaked his arms around his waist and kissed her lightly on the cheek.
"You ready?"
"Almost," she replied turning her head sideways so that his lips met her own for a moment. "Now I'm ready."
The happy couple walked out into the backyard as all the visitors turned to watch some smiling others making noises of approval. Then everybody clapped.
Hermione made her way around the guest at her engagement party while they hugged, kissed, and congratulated her. Some where in the crowd, Remus was also making his rounds. Soon enough, Hermione came before the familiar face of a dark haired mage.
He was wearing black pants, and at the request of Remus, a cream colored shirt that fit the occasion much nicer than the black one he had wanted to wear. The man was at the moment staring at his feet and attempting not to look too surly. This was not as easy as it would seem being that he was sounded by happy people and couples who were enjoying them selves.
Hermione walked right up to Severus Snape and gave him a deliberate kiss on the cheek. The incredulous man turned around to face Hermione who laughed at the shock on his face. Taking his hands in her own, she said, "None of this could have been possible with out you, Severus. I wouldn't even be here now. Thank you!"
She looked up at him with her jovial eyes thanking him kindly as no one ever had before, and he berated himself for treating her so harshly as a child. A smile tugged at his features as he pulled Hermione into an unsure and awkward hug, yet it was sincere, and Hermione knew this.
She gave him a smile before turning away and finding Remus who embraced her promptly. With her head resting on his shoulder she watched Snape as he turned and walked through the crowd. "He's so lonely."
"Mmm," Remus sighed in agreement flicking something inside his jacket pocket. "Remus!"
He shrugged; it wasn't as if any of the muggles had noticed his brief use of magic. Besides it was for a good cause. Hermione turned to follow his gaze which ended on Snape.
Severus had been walking, when he felt a small shove on his back knocking him slightly off balance and into someone else. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean. I sorta tripped. Are you okay?" His rambling however trailed off as the girl he ran into turned around. She seemed to be in her late twenties and had long blond hair and large brown eyes; she was a cousin of Hermione.
She smiled sweetly, "Don't worry, no harm done; well, except for maybe to my drink." An empty glass was in her hand.
"Oh," Severus took the glass gently from her hand, "I'll get you a new one," he offered quickly. He felt terribly about running into her and spilling his drink.
"Allow me to accompany you," the girl said as she slid her arm through his.
Severus felt his heart began to beat fast. Did this mean that she liked him? He wasn't quite sure, but she seemed to be interested in talking to him. This reminded him that it might be advisable to speak. "I'm Severus, what's your name?"
"I'm Mary."
The two began to talk as they walked in the setting sun. Somewhere behind them, Remus tightened his arm around Hermione's waist and kissed the top of her chestnut curls. "I love you."
"I love you too."


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