"Two weeks in the military and I'm already ready to leave," Shango muttered as he walked slowly down one of the numerous hallways in the Hankou warship he was on. He had no idea where he was heading, but he had to speak with someone important.

I have to try to stop this war, he thought.

He looked to his left just in time to see a door there open abruptly. He jumped out of the way as a man flew out of the room and slammed into the wall on the other side of the hallway. The man was rather short, but had long, shiny black hair. His bright green eyes glowed with anger as he stood up. Shango saw the insignia on his uniform, stating he was a lieutenant.

A tall man with fading gray hair walked out of the room, his face red with rage. Shango recognized the man, he was a general who used to be the commander of Shango's squadron.

"Lieutenant Bragsby, the Hankou can no longer accept your failure! You've lost us over a dozen fighters, and have been demoted three times! You are a dishonor to yourself and the Hankou!"

The lieutenant's face turned bright red. "Well, I may get a little careless sometimes," he screamed, "But I'm one of your best pilots! You'll regret this!" He tore of his rank insignia and throw it to the general's feet.

The redness in the general's face started to fade away as the former lieutenant ran off. He looked to his left, noticing Shango for the first time.

"Ah, Commander Punch. Excellent work on your last mission." The general smiled, then turned it to a frown quickly. "I grieve for your losses, Punch. Lieutenant Dash Skarii will always live on in our memories."

"Thank you, sir."

The general smiled again. "What is it that brings you here, Commander?"

"General WIlliams, sir, I have an idea...a tactic, to help us settle the war." Shango frowned. He hadn't planned what he was going to say yet.

"Ah. We always respect the opinions of our Commanders. Go on." General WIlliams looked down at his watch. He had an urgent meeting to attend to.

"Sir, I, uh, well...it's the war, sir. We should stop it."

General Williams fought hard not to scream. "Commander Punch, that's ridiculous! We have to stop the United Earth, we--"

"But why, sir? Why must we fight the UE? Hundreds of thousands of people have died already! It's not right, it's--"

"Shango!" Williams screamed, "I don't have time to listen to your nonsense. You want peace? Go live with the Miranu!" The general's face was bright red again, and he stomped his foot on the ground, full of rage. He walked off, clenching his fists.

Shango watched, his eyes filled with tears, as the murderer Williams walked away.

* * *

"Ravens two, three, form up on my tail. Four and five, take out that fighter on three's tail!" Shango smiled. It felt good to be among his friends again.

His fighter banked left swiftly as a red blaze cannon blast swept past him. The Hankou fighters were of the same design as the United Earth's, but they were painted a serene, deep blue. They were also outfitted with the highly powerful Hankou blaster cannons. Or so his squadron mates thought.

Last night, Shango had altered the power flow to his squadron's blaster cannons, setting them so they would disable rather then destroy.

"Raven two, reporting power failure to both cannons. Should I withdraw and get some repairs done?"

"Negative, two. You should still have enough power to disable their fighters."

"Acknowledged, Commander."

Shango laughed. His plan had worked perfectly. A few people would be spared today.

He turned quickly to the right, pulling around behind a bright red UE fighter. The fighter tried to shake him, but was quickly in his targeting brackets. He squeezed the trigger on the piloting yolk, and two bright blue laser blast flew out of his ship and rammed into the aft of the UE fighter. The fighter sparked, and the engines stopped, but the pilot inside was still alive.

"UE Carrier Path of Oblivion, this is Commander Shango Punch of the 134th Hankou Fighter Squadron, Raven Squadron. You have a few disabled fighter out here. You may want to pick them up before they are lost." He smiled. Nobody will ever die at the hands of my squadron again, he thought.

"This is General Kragg of the United Earth Carrier Path of Oblivion. We acknowledge your report, although we do not understand your motives. But thank you, brave pilot."

Shango couldn't help but laugh. He was soon cut short, though, as a red blast slammed into his aft shielding. His fighter started spinning uncontrollably, and his head slammed into the metal plate at his side. The bout of dizziness that washed over him did nothing to help. He switched on the emergency afterburners, and tried to angle his ship back into straight flight, but the afterburners had been damaged when he was hit.

"I'm screwed," he muttered under his breath as he worked with the controls.

A quick glance at the control board made him aware that his shields were malfunctioning, and would be off within seconds. The alert siren was blazing in his ears, alerting him that there was a missile heading his way. As his ship spun around, he saw the missile coming towards him. The next time his ship swung around, he saw a Hankou fighter fly right in front of the missile, saving him from certain death. Shango gasped. That was one of his best friends, Raven three. Alexia.

"I'd take a bullet for you any day, Shango!" he remembered those words coming from her mouth.

A minute ago he had been laughing with joy. Now tears streamed from his eyes, and he screamed in rage. He couldn't stand the fact that his fighter was out of control. He grabbed the yolk and tugged at it, one last mediocre attempt to right his fighter. He looked out at the space in front of him. Only there was no space in front of him.

Shango gasped as he realized his fighter was hurtling towards the humongous United Earth carrier.

"I'm going to run into it. I'm going to die."