FBI Headquarters Washington, D.C. 11:21 a.m.

"Mmmmmmh." "Oh God. Uhhh Mulder."
"Mmm. Get off my desk." "We should stop now, it's getting towards lunch time." "Mulder, why won't the paperwork leave when I asked it to nicely?" "It's known to be disobedient." "Well it doesn't get that trait from my side of the office," Scully said staring blankly at Mulder. "Don't you just love the monogamy?" Mulder suddenly stared back. "The monogamy? Scully, I'm getting excited." "Monotony. You know what I meant," she said with a reprimanding glance. "Monotonous it is. But what can we do about it?" He sighed, shrugging. Scully checked her watch and was relieved to find lunchtime was drawing nearer. "For starters, you're buying me lunch, right? The Knicks lost, remember." Mulder more than willing rose up out of his chair to follow his partner out the door.

* * *

All 4 feet of the duo went a-tapping as they waited in the line for take- out at Chung's Chow. Seemingly out of nowhere, Mulder turned toward Scully, feet still and firmly planted on the linoleum floor. "Scully, when was the last time you did something really out there?"
"Out there, Mulder?"
"Fun and wild. Bungee jumping, sky diving, fly-fishing in the middle of Grand Rapids with solidified ranch dressing as bait." He widened his eyes innocently in response to his partner's kill-me-now stare. They turned forward to face the smiling cashier. Mulder abruptly grabbed Scully by the arm and yanked her toward the exit. "Mulder, what the hell are you doing?" Mulder knew, as usual, this was no time for questions. Sweeping Scully off her dainty high heeled feet he charged down the intersection back to their car. Scully fiercely beat him over the head with one of her removed shoes demanding to be released.

* * * A Remote Pond Somewhere in Virginia 2:31 p.m.

Scully looked blankly at Mulder again. "I didn't even get my bleeping lo- mein." She didn't seem disturbed by the fact she was situated in the middle of a raft dubbed the "Piper Maru II". However, she was unnerved by the grin plastered on Mulder's face.
"Oh common', Scully Wully doesn't like it here?"
"Mulder are you drunk?"
"Is LSD a beverage?" Scully splashed water in his face and rolled her eyes. "You realize Skinner has no idea where we are?" Mulder made a high pitched squealing sound and fished around inside his suit jacket. He withdrew a small packet and popped another aqua tinted sheet into his mouth. Scully stared at him. "Mulder, give me the Listerine Pocket Pack. I think you've had enough." Sticking his turquoise goo-covered tongue out at his very hungry partner, he turned his nose up and faced away.
'The smug son-of-a-bitch. Hey, what is that? Electrical tape on a raft. It's great to know Mulder is so concerned about safety. Honestly, sometimes even I'm surprised at how little really goes through that "brilliant" mind of his. Wait a minute.' Scully, stomach still rumbling and hence a bit moody, began slowly and inconspicuously to peel back the tape. Mulder did not seem to notice as the water slowly seemed into the bottom of the raft and around his shoes. Scully decided this was just about as wild and out there as she could get at the moment. "Scuhlie!! Uuk! Wanna ick da studf oof mi tunng?" "Mulder you have never been more attractive," Scully remarked shaking her head and watching the water seep up Mulder's pants. "Having an accident, Big Boy?" "Eh? Gah vater eeking!" "Yeeees! Good job, Spooky baby!" Mulder looked panicked back at the dock, some 100 feet away, (A/N: It's a big pond.) Scully seized the moment by doing the most irrational thing she could. Mulder screamed as the boat was tipped over from Scully's side.

Bubbles popped up around Scully as she pushed her hair back away from her face and tread water. "Whoops." Mulder sputtered around next to her, appearing to be caught and held captive in his own suit jacket. The drowned rat that had surfaced next to her was a sight worth paying to see. Scully burst out laughing, wondering if the glaring Mulder was feeling a bit more 'sober' now.
"You.you tipped us."
"If I'm not mistaken, partner dearest," she half-laughed, half-said, "I'm not the tipsy one here." As she continued to tread water, her untucked blouse began to float up around her torso. Suddenly Mulder's anger seemed to fade away as he caught a glimpse of pale abs. Seeing the direction of his stare, Scully quickly pulled the wet shirt around her as she blushed. She turned her head away from Mulder, embarrassed. Fun and wild.. Scully paused for a moment, then slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She shrugged it off and turned back around to face Mulder, trying hard to conceal a grin. He sheepishly smiled back at her and loosened his tie.
"Uh. uh. well I uh. must say informality has its nicer side. Talk about adding breast-err, zest to your life." He cleared his throat. "Scully skinny dipping," he mumbled under his breath, "did Hell freeze over or am I dead?" He said as he shrugged off his jacket and pulled his tie over his head. He began swinging it over his head as he swam toward his partner. "Woot! Woot!" Scully eyed him oddly as he placed the tie around her bare neck. "It's indecent for a lady to go completely uncovered."
"Why thank you for your concern Mr. Those-Aren't-My-Porn-Movies-They- Just-Showed-Up-In-My-VCR," she said grinning. Both FBI agents attention turned to the spot in between them as something slowly surfaced. "Mulder what is it?!?" She instantly looked to draw her gun from its holster.
"It appears to be.," he paused, "well if I didn't know any better I'd say those look like my pants." Scully cocked her head and raised an eyebrow at him.
"Mulder, you never could keep your pants on around me."
"Just remember who took their shirt off first, Scully Wully."

4:01 p.m. The Same Remote Pond Somewhere In Virginia

Having collected themselves partly after the conclusion of "Stripfest '03: What They Don't Teach at the Academy" Scully and Mulder lounged next to one another in the now up-righted raft. Mulder's arm rested across Scully's shoulders as she leaned her head again his shoulder. They both stared across the pond, saying nothing, purely savoring the other's company. Mulder played affectionately with the tips of Scully's red hair, occasionally running his fingers all the way through it.
"I like you, Miss Cuddly Scully, you're a keeper." She turned to stare at him wryly as he winked at her.
"Yeah, if I can love the world's most paranoid individual, I'd say I'm a keeper too. Maybe I'll let you stick around, Spooky," she said quietly, planting a soft kiss on his still waterlogged shoulder. "I don't quite like being this wet all the time, though."
"Don't worry about it," he said soothingly, "I have that affect on a lot of people." He smiled and laughed loudly as Scully slapped him.