The Next Day.

Mulder and Scully sat talking quietly in Mulder's office. Mulder was happy to notice that Scully smiled a lot more than usual since their day at the lake. She was much more open since then, too.
"You know I guess having an office in the basement has its advantages after all, huh?" Mulder asked smiling mischievously.
"I always told you that your desk was more useful when it was cleaned off." Scully stared innocently at Mulder. Mulder looked at the files and papers scattered about on the floor around his desk.
"I guess I just didn't know the proper way to clean." A knock on the door interrupted the conversation. "Come in." The door swung open slowly, pushed cautiously from the outside.
"Hello again." Two of the three girls shuffled quickly into the room. Stefanie on the other hand was dragged into the room. She grabbed onto the name plate reading "Fox Mulder" as she was pulled through files.
"Ow." Tanya couldn't tell if Scully looked more concerned or annoyed at the reappearance of the girls.
"How did you get past security?" She said, slightly awestruck that the threesome was intelligent enough to get a half-conscious girl and themselves into the FBI building undetected.
"You know they really should watch their heating ducts more carefull- ." Tanya looked at Ashley.
"She means we asked really politely and the lovely guards let us in."
"Without visitor passes."
"Uhh." It was Ashley's turn to glance at Tanya. They decided not to give reason as to why they had to identification on them. "Could you look at her wound and make sure it's not infected?" Ashley asked Scully innocently.
"Why me?"
"Well you shot her. But if you really don't want to I'm sure your partner would be more than will-"
"Yeah, yeah. Put her up on the desk." Mulder looked up from his bag of sunflower seeds as Stefanie was dropped onto his desk. She looked around blankly until she saw Mulder.
"What was that?" He asked, trying to conceal a grin while looking to Scully.
"Mulder," Stefanie said. Mulder tried to help her along,
"Mulder is.."
"Pants," Stefanie continued on with Scully checking her wound. She started to leave to procure new gauze from her office when Mulder stopped her.
"Why don't you just use the gauze you had in here when you tied me down to the- uh, why don't you use the gauze in here?" Scully squinted. Tanya and Ashley smiled. A frown crossed over Stefanie's drugged face.
"Mine." Her single word statement was followed by an "ack" as Scully re-bandaged her torso wound. Ashley looked worried.
"Um, Scully? Didn't you tie that kind of tight?"
"Hmm? Oh. Well I." she mumbled as she loosened the bandage. "Well that's that. Now what did you girls really come here for?"

A/N: Do I really know where I'm going with this piece. no.