A Gem In Our Midst Chapter 1 Arinia was excited, she was finally going to start her pokemon journey today.  Arinia's mom and dad had both told her that they each had a pokemon for her.  Arinia already had her license and a pokemon too, but her parents insisted on giving her 2 more.  The pokemon Arinia already had was her Mudkip, which Arinia had bestowed the name Tiya. "I wonder which pokemon my parents are going to give me?"  Arinia thought as she packet her Violet backpack with everything she needed.  Though she made sure that she didn't pack it too heavy because she wasn't a very physical girl even though she was 16.  Arinia was a sweet girl, who in her opinion had a nice figure.  She had black hair and blue eyes, and wore a blue skirt with a white shirt.  Over her shirt, she wore a blue vest, and on her feet she wore white socks and white running shoes (which the Devon Co. had made). "Arinia, come down for breakfast."  Her mother called. "Coming, mom."  Arinia called back. Arinia grabbed her backpack, and went downstairs. "Arinia, there you are!  I've gotten you some items that I think you'll like."  Her dad said. "Ok."  Arinia replied. "Eat your breakfast first, though."  Her mother said. Arinia did as her mom asked, and ate her breakfast.  Then once she was done, her dad handed her the items he had gotten for her.  In the kit he gave her, there was an assortment of pokemon healthcare items. "Wow, thanks."  Arinia said. "That's not all.  Look at this."  Her dad now held up something that looked like a girdle, but it wasn't. "This is a new device that the Devon Co. made.  It's a girl's belt for poke balls.  They thought that those bulky belts were too uncomfortable for girls, so they created this.  It's a lot lighter than those things.  Here, put it on."  Her dad said. Arinia took the belt from her dad and put it on with ease. "Now, there are places for your poke balls.  Go on, put Mudkip's poke ball on there."  Her dad said.

Arinia found how to attach her poke ball, and attached it with ease.

"There, you see.  It's relatively simple to do."  Her dad said.

"Oh, I almost forgot.  We have 2 pokemon for you."  Her dad now handed her the 2 poke balls containing them.

"Go on, open them."  Her mother urged.

Arinia opened one, and a Vulpix appeared.  Then she opened the other, and an Aron appeared.

"Wow, what cool pokemon."  Arinia said.

Arinia's new pokemon saw her and nuzzled her.

"Aw.  They like you already."  Her mother said.

Arinia recalled her new pokemon, after naming them.  She named Vulpix, Sakura, and she named Aron, Casey.  Now she attached their poke balls to her belt. 

"Now, you shouldn't head toward Forttree.  Don't worry about the gym there.  As it's out of your range of skill at the moment, so you'll have come back to it later."  Her dad said.

"Now get going.  You want to put as many miles behind you as you can before dark.  Try to get as far as the Weather Institute before dark."  Her mom said.

Arinia picked up her backpack and put it on.  Now her mom and dad walked her outside, and waved goodbye to Arinia.  Then Arinia ran off, and out of Lilycove City, and towards Forttree.