Chapter 23

Back in Arinia's room, Arinia was still sleeping while Karania, Lance, Edgar, Mark, and Michael stood around her keeping a careful watch over her.  Arinia was sleeping soundly while Karania and Lance discussed something in low voices, so as to not awaken Arinia.

"I wonder what they're talking about……"  Edgar muttered, looking at Karania and Lance and feeling a little left out.

"Yeah, I'm wondering that too, but it must be fairly personal or they probably would have told us."  Michael said; his gaze drifting from Karania and Lance back to Arinia.

Meanwhile, Mark sat beside Arinia stroking her hair while she slept, and praying that she was starting to feel better by this point. 

"Oh Arinia…….  I'm so glad I didn't lose you……"  Mark thought as he continued to stroke her hair.

Suddenly Arinia started to move in her sleep, like she was trying to get away from something that was trying to harm her. 

Karania looked up, saw this and ran to her sister's side, "Arinia!"

Edgar looked up too, "Oh no!  What's wrong with Arinia?"

"Arinia!  It's me Mark, wake up!"  Mark shook Arinia gently to wake her.  "Wake up, Arinia!  You're having a nightmare!"

Arinia woke up crying and screaming, and Mark threw his arms around her and tried to comfort her.

"It's okay, sweetheart, I'm here…….."  Mark said, holding Arinia tight.

"Mark, I'm scared.  I dreamed everything that happened to me, all over again………"  Arinia started to cry harder.

Mark smiled, "Don't worry, I won't let anything bad happen to you, you're not alone, you've got me, your sister, and friends here with you……"  Mark told Arinia as he held her in his arms.

Just then the door opened and the doctor entered, "Is she okay?  I thought I heard her scream……..."

"Actually she just had a nightmare."  Edgar stated.

"It's okay, doctor, Arinia's okay, she's just a little shaken."  Mark said.

"I'm fine."  Arinia said, still shaking a bit.

"Very well then, try to rest and take it easy……"  The doctor told Arinia.

"She mentioned something about reliving her past experiences in her dreams."  Mark told the doctor seriously.

"I see, maybe her past trauma has come back to haunt her in her dreams, but don't worry my dear, that's very normal; it was just a dream so relax."  The doctor replied.

"What should we do if this happens again?"  Mark asked sounding concerned.

"She needs her rest, I think that you should leave her alone and let her rest…….."  The doctor replied.

"Mark!  Please don't go!  I'm scared!"  Arinia cried.

"Don't worry Arinia, I'm not going anywhere."  Mark said, holding Arinia tighter.

Karania, Lance, Edgar, and Michael left the room in order to give Mark and Arinia some time alone. 

Once they were gone the doctor went to get something to help calm Arinia, and he came back with it in a couple of minutes with both the pill and a glass of water.  Then he held them out to Arinia.  "Here, take this……  It'll help to calm you……"

Arinia reached for the pill and glass of water and took the pill.  Then both Mark and the doctor helped Arinia to lay back down.

Once she was comfortable again the doctor turned to Mark, "You should stay with Arinia for a while, Mark, that way she can rest more peacefully….…"

"Sure, doctor, whatever you say……"  Mark replied.

Now the doctor turned back to Arinia, "As for you, my dear, I want you to sleep.  It's the only way for you to get well.  You're very lucky to be alive, you don't want to over-do it.  I don't think I need to tell you what might happen if you over do it……."

"Ok……  Fine…….  I'll rest……"  Arinia said.

Arinia rolled over and fell back asleep and the doctor left her, and Mark continued to keep a close eye on Arinia since her safety now rested in his hands since she was so sick.  Mark hoped that her dreams were sweet and that she wouldn't have any more nightmares.  While she was sleeping, Mark began stroking her hair again since he couldn't exactly hold her at this moment in time.  Arinia continued to sleep, and Mark stayed at her side keeping a loving watch over her while she slept.