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Jess tiptoed into his father's dark room and picked up the worn leather wallet lying on the dresser.  Carefully he removed the bills and buried them deep in his pocket.

Returning to his own room, Jess grabbed his duffel bag and stepped out the open window, past the screen leaning against the wall.  He carefully stepped over the sleeping dogs and reached the gate.  He turned back momentarily to take down the address on a crumpled sheet of paper.

Turning away and starting down the road under the night sky he whispered, "Good-bye, I'm off to Yale."

*Stars Hollow*

 "Well, this is it," Rory said, stuffing her hands nervously in her pockets.

"Yep.  This would be 'it', whatever 'it' is.  Maybe 'it' is an ice cream sundae, maybe 'it' is a walk in the park or maybe 'it is your baby leaving home," Lorelai said, very dramatically.

 "Ah Mom," Rory replied, taking Lorelai a little more seriously than intended, "its not forever.  And its close.  And its only for… a little while," Rory replied reassuringly, but still with a tint of nervousness in her voice.

"Would you stop it with the I-word!!"

 "What I-word?  Oh I get itIt is it. It it it it it!!!" Rory teased and both Rory and Lorelai got into Rory's packed graduation gift laughing.