Begging For Maternity part two

Pairing: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione hints

Contents:  humor, Mpreg!Draco, Sweet!Harry, sap, and just plain weirdness abound.  PWP (Plot, What Plot?).  Slight possible OOC-ness.  Naughtiness between two boys as well.

Rating: Hard R

Notes:  This is the sequel to Begging For A Detention.  Might make more sense if you read that one first.

Warnings: Slash, and MPREG, which means that a guy gets pregnant.  This is mainly humorous, and a parody...etc.  Don't take everything too seriously, kay?

Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these characters- they all belong to J. K. Rowling.


          Draco could hardly believe it.  He was pregnant with Harry Potter's child!

          What was he saying?  Of course he could believe it!  It was his own genius for making that potion, after all.  And sure, Snape helped, but he did most of the work figuring out what ingredients made the womb, and so forth.

          He was allowed to leave later that day, after Pomfrey set up appointments for him to attend to in the future, and go to the Slytherin common room.

          Once in the common room, Draco sat down heavily onto the leather sofa.  Unconsciously, he placed his hands over his abdomen and rubbed at it softly.  He was in such deep thought when Pansy came jogging up to him that she scared the crap out of him.

          "The Hell!!" He jumped.

          "Sorry, Draco!" Pansy smiled, "I didn't mean to startle you.  Are you all right?"

          "I'm doing better, thanks."

          "Good!" She squealed. "Did Pomfrey tell you what was wrong with you?"

          "Yes… and it's none of your business." Draco said testily, and then stood to go use the boy's lavatory.

          "Draco!" She pouted.

          "Sorry, Pansy… nature calls!"  He trotted out of sight before she could protest more.


          A couple weeks have passed, and Draco could definitely tell that his body was changing.  The main ingredients that helped supply the womb also helped give him more female hormones.  His emotions were going up and down so much that he thought someone put a Hopping Hex on him.  There were days when he felt so happy to be alive that he had actually hugged Snape in the middle of Potions!

          "Thank you for giving me such good grades!"  He shouted gleefully as he squeezed Snape around the middle, "I really don't think I deserve them!"

          The Gryffindors laughed.

          "Then you probably don't deserve them!"  Ron said.  Draco ignored him and proceeded to hug the daylights out of Professor Snape.

          "Mr. Malfoy!" Snape said, exasperated, "Please get a hold of yourself and let go of me!"

          "Which should I do first, sir?" Draco said, "because I think I should let go of you before I take a hold of myself…"

          "Don't be a smart alack." Snape growled.

          Of course, there was a day that Draco was in such a terrible mood that he snapped at anyone, even if they were asking him how he was feeling.  Pansy had made that mistake once during lunch.  Draco was stewing and glaring angrily at his plate of food, and that made her concern for him.  She opened her mouth to say- "Draco, are you all…" and Draco shot her a very deadly glare and yelled: "Leave me the fuck alone!"  Pansy gaped like a fish before breaking down in her cup of tea.  Blaise was going to berate Draco for yelling at her like that, but the way Draco looked made Blaise decide not to take the chance.

          Two more weeks went by, and Draco was on his way to the hospital wing for an examination.  He was beginning to show and Pomfrey was tutting as she used a spell to check the baby's health.

          "You need to buy yourself bigger robes soon." She told him.

          "I will." Draco said, touching his belly.

          After a minute, Pomfrey told him that his baby was fine, and ushered him out.  "Drink lots of juice that has lots of vitamin C, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and see me in another two weeks."

          Draco nodded and left.

          A couple days went by, and Draco was finally hit with morning sickness.  He ran to the boy's private bathroom, but none too quietly.  He stumbled a bit, knocking over a chair, and then slammed the door shut behind him.  Crabbe mumbled something in his sleep, rolled over and went back to snoring.  Goyle grunted and fell out of his bed.  Nott yelled out: "I will NOT turn my head and cough again!" in his sleep, and Zabini sat up abruptly, eyes halfway open.

          "Whoever woke me up will pay dearly!" Blaise said.  Crabbe muttered something obscene in his sleep, and Goyle fell back asleep on the floor.  Blaise ogled his roommates' conditions and then noticed that Draco wasn't in bed.  He stared at the door to the bathroom until it opened.  "So, it was you, was it?"

          "Huh?" Draco said.

          "You're the one that woke me."

          Draco blushed slightly, but it was dark enough so Blaise couldn't see.  "Yeah, sorry.  I had to really go."

          "Could've done it a little less noisily, couldn't you?"

          "Er- I really had to go." Draco walked quietly to his bed, unknowingly holding his stomach.

          "Are you sick or something?" Blaise asked.

          "No, why?"

          "Because you're holding your stomach.  Did you puke?"

          Draco frowned. "None of your business."

          "If you're sick, you should see Madame Pomfrey."

          "I'm fine!" Draco sneered, "Now quit bugging me!"

          Blaise whistled low, "You've been kind of moody lately.  What's wrong with you?"

          Draco lied down without a word and covered himself.

          "Come on, Draco, you can tell me."

          Draco glared at him over the top of his covers.  "Not here."

          Blaise followed his friend's gaze and noticed that Nott and Crabbe were starting to wake up.

          "Fine.  Tell me later."


          Later that day…

          "Ok, it's later." Blaise said.  He and Draco were in the library; Draco studying for his Transfiguration test and Blaise finishing up his Potions essay.  "Now, tell me what's wrong."

          "First, you've got to promise me that you won't freak."

          "Look who you're talking to!" Blaise said.

          "Right.  I'm looking." Draco raised a brow, "Really, now… promise me."

          "All right, all right!  I'll try not to freak.  Well, I might be a little surprised, but I can't really promise not to be."

          "Fine." Draco rolled his eyes, "I won't repeat myself, though."  Blaise nodded, indicating that he was all ears.  Draco leaned forward and whispered, "I'm pregnant."

          Blaise's eyes widened.

          "With Potter's child." Draco added.

          Blaise stared at him for a bit, and then began to laugh.

          "Oh, that's a good one!" He guffawed, "YOU, pregnant!  And with Harry Potter's child!  Oh my God!"

          Draco just kept staring at Blaise until he stopped laughing.

          "You—You're not serious, are you?"

          "Yes, I am." Draco said with a straight face.

          Blaise stopped laughing.  "Prove it."

          Draco shrugged, "All right.  I have another appointment in twelve days.  You can come with me and see for yourself."

          Twelve days passed, and Draco began to show even more.  Although Draco showed Blaise his small, protruding stomach, he still wanted better proof.  He went with Draco to the hospital wing.

          Madame Pomfrey ordered Draco to sit on the bed, and then she took out her wand.  She did a spell that produced a small window screen in which showed the embryo.  Colors and other things on the light screen allowed the nurse to study the baby's progress.  Blaise looked at it with wide eyes, not really believing what he was seeing.

          "D-Draco… y-you're pregnant!"

          "DUH!" Draco said, "That's what I've been trying to tell you."

          "But- how?"

          Draco proceeded to explain everything to him.  When he was done, he wasn't sure if Blaise was going to faint or laugh himself silly.

          "So, the whole sperm count thing was your idea?"

          Draco nodded.

          "Then, why'd you have the girls get check-ups?"

          "So it wouldn't seem too suspicious."

          Blaise smiled, much to Draco's surprise.

          "Way to go!  That's using the old Slytherin noodle!"

          "Thank you, Blaise."

          "One question, though.  Why Potter?"

          Draco looked away, a small smile trying to form on his lips. "Well… he's the most powerful wizard out of everyone in our age group."

          "So, you don't just have some sort of crush on him?"

          Draco's eyes widened, and then he furrowed his brow and looked away.  "N-no.  Why would I have a silly crush on Potter?"

          Blaise smirked, "You do!  I can tell when you're lying or not.  You really like him, don't you?"

          "Shut up." Draco blushed.

          "You do!  You looooove him!"

          "I said shut up!" Draco said, trying to be angry, but he was smiling.

          "And now you're having his looooove child!"

          "All right, that's quite enough, Mr. Zabini." Pomfrey said. "He can't have stress." She ended the spell and then wrote something on her parchment.  "Next appointment is next month.  Your body should start acting more like a woman's.  Take extra care of what you consume, and don't get too stressed."

          "Yes, Madame."  Draco said.

          "Aren't you going to tell Potter?" Blaise asked.

          Draco snorted.  "He'll just… he'd be mad and… I don't think he'd want to know how I tricked him."

          "I think he'd like to know that he'll be a father."

          "Yes, but… what if he doesn't care?  What if he hates me for the rest of our lives?"

          "I thought he already does."

          "Nonsense." Draco said as they walked out the door and headed for the dungeons.  "We've broken that barrier a while ago.  We don't… I should say, HE doesn't hate me as much as he used to.  I actually made him cream in his trousers."

          "You're kidding!"

          "Nope." Draco smirked, "I got detention with him, I kissed him, and then I stuck my hand down his trousers.  He cried out my name as he came all over my hand."

          "Er—thanks for that visual…" Blaise blinked.

          "You're welcome." Draco smirked wickedly.

          "Still… you should tell him.  I think he'll adore the idea of being a daddy."

          "Yeah, I suppose I should."

          They walked on for a bit, and then Blaise chuckled.

          "Did you know that you're starting to waddle?"

          "If you wish to keep on walking straight, you'd not mention that again."


          Another week had passed, and Draco could no longer hide the fact that his stomach was getting more noticeable.  He had to buy new robes and a bigger jumper.  People were beginning to point and stare, and it was really annoying him to no end.  He decided to tell Potter of the good news.

          He was sitting up in bed one fine November day, sipping warm tea and reading the Daily Prophet when Pansy came barreling in; squealing like a lovesick fan girl at a boy band concert.

          "DRACO!!  OH, DRAKIE DEAREST!!"  She bounced on the bed, and Draco had to let go of the paper so he could hold his cup steady.

          "Damn it, Parkinson!  You almost made me spill my tea!"

          "Sorry, Drakie, but I'm so surprised and excited!  Why didn't you tell me that you're pregnant??"

          "Maybe because I don't want the whole school to know?"  Draco snarled.

          "Oh, but—but this is wonderful news!  You're about to have a little Dragon! Oh…" she sighed in bliss, "I'm so happy for you!"

          "So, Blaise told?"

          "Yeah.  And everyone knows now."  Meaning, everyone in Slytherin had heard.

          "Great."  Draco said, cursing under his breath.  He forgot the little factor of telling Blaise to keep it a secret.

          "Draco?  Can I… can I touch it?"

          "HUH??" Draco's eyes grew, "touch what?"

          "Your stomach, silly!  What did you think I meant?"

          Draco sighed in relief, but said, "Sorry, but I think the father has the right to touch the baby first."

          "But, it's still in your stomach!  And—who's the father?"

          "You mean Blaise never said?"

          "No.  He knows??"

          "Yes." Draco said.  Perhaps Blaise thought that he wanted that particular news a secret?

          "So, who is it?"

          Draco sighed.  What did he have to lose, really?  They'd all find out eventually anyways.

          "Harry Potter."  He said.

          Pansy fainted.


          Draco figured that now was a good time to tell Potter before word got around, or else Potter will be pissed that he didn't know before everyone else.  He was sitting in the infirmary again, having his blood pressure and health checked when Harry walked in.

          "You wanted to see me, Madame Pomfrey?" Harry said.

          "Actually, Mr. Malfoy wished to see you."

          "MALFOY??" Harry shouted.  He looked around Pomfrey's figure and saw Draco Malfoy sitting in the bed, looking very comfortable yet a tad nervous.

          Draco bowed his head a bit, "Evening, Potter."

          Pomfrey left them to be alone.

          "What do you want?" Harry said. "Want to know if I still stand by my word that I want you to go to hell?  Well, it still stands."

          "It hasn't even been a whole month yet," Draco said, "And if you remember, I said in a few months, not just one month."

          "How many is a few to you then?" Harry said.

          "Oh, about two or three… maybe four."

          "So I take it this visit has nothing to do with the bet."

          "Nope." Draco smirked, "You're a sharp one, Potter.  Of course, I always knew that… and pretty powerful too, if I remember correctly."

          "So you admit that I'm stronger than you?"

          "Perhaps.  But I did not want you to come here to make your ego even bigger than it already is."

          "It better not be anything lewd." Harry sneered.

          "Oh, we're past the lewdness for now."

          Harry sighed in relief.  "Then what did you want to tell me?"

          Draco let out a breath and then looked at Harry square in the eye.  "You may want to sit down for this."

          "I'm fine." Harry protested.

          "Sure?  I really think you should sit down."

          "I'm fine, I said." Harry said crossly.

          "If you're sure… then I'll tell you."

          Harry stared at Draco intently.

          Draco sat up straighter, slipping the covers off of his nicely rounding belly.  "Er… congratulations, Potter… you're a father."

          Harry stared at him disbelievingly.

          "Didn't you hear me?  I said congratulations…"

          Harry let out a loud laugh. "That's funny, Malfoy!  Oh, you're just so… that's a good one!  I never thought you'd pull such a stupid stunt!" He continued to laugh.

          Draco wasn't laughing though.  He stared at Harry, and just like he did with Blaise, waited for him to stop laughing.  He rubbed at his belly unconsciously.

          "I'm not lying, Potter.  I am pregnant with your child."

          Harry stopped laughing and stared at Draco's protruding stomach.

          "You… but you… no way… you can't be!"

          "I am." Draco said.

          Harry went white.  He looked as if he were about to pass out.

          "Potter… I think you should sit down…" Draco said.

          Harry blinked a few times, and then he slowly sat down on the edge of the bed.  He continued to stare at Draco's stomach.

          "No… you can't be…"

          "But I am, Potter.  Why else did you think I needed your sperm?"

          Harry suddenly snapped out of his stupor.  "You… THAT WHOLE CHECK-UP AND SPERM COUNT WAS YOUR IDEA??"

          "Yes, it was.  Brilliant plan, was it not?" Draco grinned.

          "Why you… you tricked everyone!"

          "Yes, that's pretty much the gist of it…"

          "You put poor Ron through all of that terror… you made Ernie suspicious about the whole ordeal over nothing!"

          "I thought it was hilarious, myself."

          "You gave Ginny a fear of needles now!"

          "Poor Weaselette…" Draco shook his head mockingly.

          "And Neville… he first thought he had to pee in the cup!"

          "Really??  OH MY GOD!" Draco laughed.

          "And now Lavender is going around wanting others to give her pretend check-ups!"

          Draco continued to laugh.

          "Aren't you feeling one bit ashamed of yourself??" Harry demanded.

          Draco wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.  "Oh… oh god… why should I feel bad about it?  As long as I got what I wanted…"

          "Which was my sperm!"

          "And why did I want your sperm, Potter?" He gestured at his stomach, "It was so I could have your child."

          Harry stopped being angry immediately, and started to go pale again.  "My… my child… that's really my…?"

          "Yes, Potter.  You're about to be a father.  Aren't you happy?  Now both of our bloodlines can be continued!  I'm the last in line of the Malfoys, and you're the last Potter.  So… are you proud?" Draco raised his chin, smile on his face. "Aren't you proud that I'm having your baby, Potter?"

          Harry was quiet for a bit, and then he fell over in a dead faint.

          "Typical!" Draco snorted. "Just typical."  He patted Harry's thigh, "Now isn't the right time to be getting petrified, Mr. Boy Who's Invincible!  You're a Gryffindor!  Suck it up!!"

          But Harry was still passed out.

          "Humph!" Draco folded his arms across his chest, "I hope you're not like this when I tell you we have to elope."


          A couple months went by, and Draco was showing so much that it was very hard not to notice.  Harry told Draco that when he told his friends that he was about to become a father, and that Draco was the one giving birth, they had reacted closely to the way he reacted.  Ron was a bit upset though, and it was because he had been hoping that Harry and his little sister would be having Harry's first child, and Hermione was in awe at the situation, after she got over the shock.  She thought, along with Lavender and Parvati, that it was adorable, and that Draco must really love Harry to want his child.

          Harry didn't look at it that way, though.  He thought that Draco was up to something.  Occasionally, Draco would walk up to Harry at breakfast to say good morning, and then he'd drape his arms over Harry's shoulders and nuzzle his neck.  Harry would turn a very bright red before telling Draco to go sit at his own table and quit bothering him while he ate.  Draco would walk away with a small smirk on his face and say, "See you later then, dear."  Most of Harry's friends would laugh at this.  Ron didn't though; he would glare daggers at Draco just like Harry was.

          But Harry couldn't deny the fact that he was a bit happy that he was about to become a father.  Even though it was Draco that was having his child, he was still excited.  Whenever someone would mention anything about the baby, Harry would smile, and it would be a warm kind of smile.  He wanted to name it Daniel if it were a boy, but he wasn't sure what to call it if it were a girl, so he'll leave that up to Draco.

          Even more months have passed, and it was getting close to the Quidditch final.  Luckily, Draco had managed to keep things up with his training, although lately he hadn't been able to fly much.  Madame Pomfrey kept telling Draco that he couldn't play anymore because of the danger that the child might get hurt.  Draco didn't want anyone else to take his place as Seeker.  So, one afternoon, Draco went out to the pitch, along with the rest of the Slytherin team, to practice.

          Broom in hand, Draco came waddling out of the changing room. "What a lovely day to fly!" He said, grinning, with a hand on his very large and protruding belly.


          Draco stopped short and turned to see Harry, Hermione, and Ron running up to him.

          "What is it, Potter?  Can't you see that I've got a practice session here?"

          Harry walked in front of him, "You're NOT going flying!  Not in your condition!"

          "Since when did you become my keeper?" Draco said, "I can fly if I want to."

          "What about the baby?" Harry exasperated, "What about OUR child??"

          "The baby will be fine." Draco said, "I've flown last week, you know."

          "But, what if you fell off your broom?  What if something goes wrong?"

          "That's very sweet of you, daddy Potter, but don't worry about me… I'll be just fine."

          "It's not you I'm terribly worried about!" Harry shouted, "It's the baby!!"

          "You can't…" Hermione said, looking very, very worried, "Madame Pomfrey forbids you to do any more flying until the baby is born."

          "The old bat can go fly around in circles for all I care.  I need my practice, if I want Slytherin to win the Quidditch Cup this time.  And no one will stop me."

          Harry moved forward and grabbed Draco broom, "Please, don't… what if the baby kicks you, and you lose control of the broom and… please, Draco… please… think about our baby… do you really want to risk it?  After all the trouble you gone through to actually get pregnant with my child, do you really want to put it in this kind of danger?"

          Draco stared at Harry for a while and then smiled.  "You really do care, don't you?"

          "Of course I do, you great prat!" Harry huffed.  "Please… let someone else worry about winning the Quidditch Cup.  You need rest, and NO stress, remember?"

          Draco's gaze softened, and then he moved forward and wrapped his arms around Harry's neck.  Harry stiffened a bit, and then slowly put his arms around Draco.  He rubbed at Draco's back.

          "All right, Potter." Draco said against Harry's neck, "I won't practice… you four-eyed git."

          Harry sighed in relief.  He hugged Draco a little tighter, and Draco blushed.  He moved his face up, and lightly placed a kiss on Harry's jaw.  Harry went red.

          Draco slowly left Harry's arms.  He looked at Harry and smiled slightly, "Ok… I'll just go put my broom away then."  Harry nodded and watched Draco toddle off toward the broom shed.

          "Well, it's a good thing you got through to him." Hermione said.  Ron was just standing there, looking at a loss for words.  Ron had no idea that Harry could be so sickly sweet to Malfoy!

          "Yeah," Harry said, with a look of pure relief, "If Draco really would have got on that broom, I would have had to fly after him… the crazy little…"

          Suddenly, from behind Harry, Hermione saw Draco get on his broom and take off to the sky.

          "… Slytherin."  Harry finished.  He watched as Hermione and Ron's disbelieving eyes rose and followed Draco's movements. "He's in the air, isn't he?"

          Hermione and Ron both nodded, not taking their eyes off of Draco.

          "BITCH!!" Harry screamed.  He ran for his broom, which was in the shed at the time, and flew after his pregnant idiot.

          Draco hummed; loving the way the wind was whipping through his loosely styled hair.  He suddenly heard a distant voice…


          Draco ignored it, humming.  He veered his broom this way and that, loving the feel of the wind on his face.


          There was that familiar voice again.  In the distance, Draco saw the other teammates practicing hitting the bludger back and forth, and the Chasers practicing throwing the Quaffle to each other and through the hoops.  The Keeper was trying to block whatever he could.

          "Malfoy!  Didn't you hear me screaming??  What the hell do you think you're doing??? I thought you agreed NOT to fly!"

          "Oh, hello, Potter."

          "Don't you 'oh, hello, Potter' me!!" Harry shouted, "I thought you weren't going to fly!!  I thought you didn't want to risk getting our baby hurt!"

          "I wasn't going to do any dangerous practicing." Draco said, "I just wanted to fly… to let our baby enjoy one last time up here in the air before he or she is born."

          Harry was still angry, but he felt his temper drop from Draco's explanation.

          "Well, then… you should have said so.  I'll… fly with you.  Just to supervise you…"

          "You're sweet." Draco said, moving his broom closer to Harry's.  "Oh!" Draco jumped a little, and Harry moved to put an arm around him, thinking he was about to fall off.  "The little devil!  It kicked me."

          "It did?" Harry gasped. "Can I-?"

          Draco smiled, "I thought you'd never ask."

          Harry tentatively placed a hand over Draco's stomach.  He kept himself steady by hanging onto Draco's waist, and his legs were painfully clenching his broomstick.  Harry felt the baby kick lightly, and it made him smile.

          "I think our baby wants to come out and fly too." Draco snickered.  He looked down at his bulging tummy, "Not yet, little one.  First you have to be born, and then I'll buy you a broom to practice on."

          Harry never felt happier in months.  He suddenly found himself moving forward and giving Draco a light kiss on the cheek.

          Draco blushed a deep crimson as he ogled Harry.

          "Come on," Harry said, "Let's get you and baby down safely."

          Draco nodded, "all right."  They landed next to the broom shed, and they both put their brooms away.  Hermione and Ron were goggling them as they walked off, hand in hand.


          Another week passed, and Harry was looking more nervous, yet happy, than before.  He was talking more and more about what he'd do for the baby and how much love it would receive.  He thought about who'd be the godfather and godmother of the baby, and what he should pick as a middle name.

          "Daniel Harry Potter-Malfoy." Harry thought out loud.

          "Or Daniel Ronald Potter…" Ron said.

          Harry snorted.  "I don't think Draco would like that idea."

          They talked and talked most of the afternoon about it.  Then, Draco suddenly showed up, wrapping his arms around Harry's neck, kissing his cheek.

          "I need to talk to you." Draco whispered in his ear.

          "O-Ok." Harry stuttered, cheeks tinting.  He followed Draco out of the Great Hall, and almost everyone whistled and hooted lewdly.  They ended up in the Room of Requirement.  It transformed into something similar to a motel suite, complete with a bathroom that looked like a Prefect's, only more erotic looking.

          "Uh… Draco?"

          Draco covered his mouth with his own, kissing him as passionate as he could.  "Harry…" Draco breathed, "I have a favor to ask you, and I hope that you'll accept it."

          Harry felt hot; figuring that he knew what Draco was about to propose.  He let Draco guide him over to the huge, comfortable looking four-poster.  It had green and red silk sheets and shams on it, along with feather pillows.  When Harry sat on it, it felt like absolute heaven.

          "I think I know what you're going to ask me," Harry said, getting very hot under the collar, "And I think… maybe in your condition we shouldn't… I mean…"

          Draco pouted, "I know that we haven't officially dated or anything, or did much else… but we have been getting along really well, don't you agree?"

          Harry nodded.  "We've been a bit intimate, yes."

          "And we're about to have a baby." Draco added.

          "Y-yes." Harry gulped.

          "So… don't you think it's proper that we get married?  For the baby's sake at least?"

          Harry's eyes were so huge, Draco thought they resembled a pair of saucers quite nicely.

          "M-M-MARRY??  You're… you were talking about marriage??"

          "Yes.  What did you think I was talking about?"

          Harry felt his entire body heat up… his heart stuck in his throat.  "Oh, Draco, I… Well, I don't know what to say… I thought you were talking about sex!"

          "Sex?" Draco cocked his head cutely, and then he chuckled, "You thought I brought you here to have sex?  And that was it??"

          Harry laughed nervously, "Well, what else am I supposed to think when you bring me into a room like this?"

          Draco grinned impishly, "Well, to tell you the truth, I was going to ask you about getting eloped, and then I was hoping that you'd be so happy about it that you'd jump my bones and we'd make mad passionate love!"

          Harry wiggled nervously; wringing his hands in his lap, still bright red.  "Oh, God, I'm such an idiot…"

          "I know, but I guess there's nothing you can do about it."

          Harry gave him a mocking glare.  "You… you great git of a balloon!" Harry groaned, "O-of course I'll… I mean, it's merely for the baby's sake and all… I'll marry you."

          Draco's eyes twinkled.  "Excellent!  So, my first order of being your fiancée is this… make love to me."

          Harry looked at him disbelievingly, "Your first order??  Wait a minute here… just because you're my fiancée now doesn't mean that you can order me around."

          "It doesn't?"

          "I'm afraid not."

          Draco pouted, and Harry was surprised to realize that Draco looked very cute when he pouted.

          "Harrrrrryyyyy!  Paweeeease make wuuuuve to meeeeee!"  Draco fluttered his lashes to emphasis.  He got even closer to Harry, and Harry had finally noticed that Draco had very light freckles dotting his nose and cheekbones.

          Resistance be damned, Harry thought.  He took his chance, and closed the gap between them.  Draco's mouth was so soft, and wet.  Their lips were making such smacking noises that it echoed throughout the room.  Harry remembered the first kiss they shared when they had detention together, and at that time Harry had damned the consequences then.

          Harry gently laid Draco down, kissing him the whole way down, and then began to take off his clothes.  He was shaking, and worried that he'll hurt Draco, but the noises that Draco were making him drove him onward.  When he opened Draco's shirt, he was prepared for the large stomach, but he wasn't so prepared to see a pair of small breasts.

          Draco blushed.  "They just started growing," He explained to a confused Harry.  "I've only got two months left before the baby's born."

          "Will I hurt it?" Harry whispered.

          "No, it'll be fine." Draco said.  "Just remember to be gentle."

          Harry bent forward and kissed Draco's entire body- even his bellybutton.  The Room of Requirement had provided them with the best wizard lube that money could buy.  Harry rested his own nude body between Draco's legs and started to massage Draco's tight muscle there.  Draco made wonderful mewing sounds as he gripped Harry's shoulders, widening himself.  Harry moved forward after a few minutes of tending to himself, and then he positioned himself over Draco… waiting patiently.  Draco looked up at Harry was sultry eyes, pouting lips.

          "Draco Malfoy… I think I love you." Harry whispered.  He pushed forward and Draco jerked his head back and gasped.


          "YOU ASSHOLE!" Draco screamed, holding onto Harry's hand in a death grip. "THIS IS ALL YOUR BLEEDING FAULT!"

          "From what I remember, you're the one that did it all…" Harry said.


          "But the baby was seven months old then…"


          Harry tried his best not to smile, "Yes, dear."


          "Look who's talking!!" Harry growled.

          "Ok, Mr. Malfoy-Potter… the babe's almost out."

          "I don't know why you're shouting at me about this… you're having a C-section, and you should be all doped up…" Harry said.


          "You should've been given something to numb the pain, at any case…"


          "I don't mean needles, idiot… I meant a numbing spell…"


          Harry sighed and shook his head. "Can I knock him out, doctor?"


          Harry grinned. "I love it when you give me a death threat."

          "BITCH!"  Draco grit his teeth, "NO SEX FOR A YEAR!!"

          "What??" Harry gasped.


          Suddenly, there was a slap, and then a baby cry.


          "Draco, they have to do it…"

          "I don't care!!" Draco said, his voice going hoarse. "They dare slap a Malfoy??  They dare??"

          "Mr. Potter?  Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?"

          "Yes, I would." Harry said.  He smiled widely when he saw his baby daughter, and heard her screams.  "She has your lungs, dear."

          "Shut up, Harry, and give me my baby already!"

          Harry cut the cord, and the doctor wrapped her up in a blanket.  Harry held her for a bit, and then handed her to Draco.  "Here she is… our daughter."  She was nine pounds, and seven ounces, and her head was full of dark hair.

          "Awww…" Draco said, his bangs and the back of his hair sticking to him, sweat dripping down his face, "Our daughter… our Lilith."

          "Lilith?  So, what's her middle name?"

          Draco smiled. "Harriet."

          Harry smiled.

          They forgot all about their twenty Galleon bet.