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Summary: What if the only hope of defeating Apocalypse was a mutant with the combined genetic structure of all the X-Men? What if Nightcrawler was required to play an important role in the birth of this mutant? What if Magneto had experimented on Kurt as a baby because Destiny had a prophecy about this?

Weird I know, but 'Oh Well'.

Nightcrawler's Burden


Destiny's car pulled up in front of the abandoned warehouse that Magneto had asked her to meet him at. The woman sitting in the back of the car gave every outward indication that she was calm, but inside her mind was racing.

He'd better not be late. If I keep Mystique waiting she'll know something's up. And I can't have her interfering with this plan.

Even for the sake of her son.

Too much is at stake.

Destiny sighed in exasperation. The fact was that Mystique's son was a very sensitive area for the shape-shifting mutant. She had no idea that her son had been planned for a purpose since the moment of his birth. He would play a key role in the destruction of a powerful mutant known as Apocalypse.

However, the burden he would bear would be a great one. Especially for one so young. Mystique would most likely never forgive either Destiny or Magneto for what was about to happen, or for the role the two had played earlier, but that couldn't be helped.

Much more was at stake then the welfare of Mystique's son.

Much more.

The fate of the entire world.

If it meant the sacrifice of one innocent, then so be it.

Destiny was blind, but she was able to tell the exact moment that Magneto appeared at the side of her door. She rolled down her window, anticipating his arrival.

"I must congratulate you on being on time Magnus."

The mutant known as Magneto gave no verbal or outward reply to Destiny's comment. He remained hidden in the shadows, most of his face either cloaked by them or the strange looking helmet he always seemed to wear.

"You are alone," he stated. It was not a question. Merely a statement that he clearly expected to have confirmed.

"Mystique and the brotherhood suspect nothing," Destiny said quite flatly. She then turned her head to acknowledge Magneto.

"The X-men?"

Magneto stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself and seeming even more imposing in the streetlights than he was in the shadows. On the dark street corner where he was standing that night, Magneto looked even more grave than he usually did. No one would be a fool to mess with him at the moment.

Destiny noticed none of this, save for the light footsteps which indicated that Magneto had moved closer to her.

"My Acolytes are keeping the X-men busy. Even Charles won't be able to learn anything from them since they are unaware of this meeting."

Destiny nodded. "The boy?"

Magneto turned back around and lightly waved with his hand. The slight humming of a magnetic field followed and suddenly a flat metal platform floated under the streetlight.

Upon the metal platform lay the still, lightly breathing form of the young mutant known as Nightcrawler.

If Destiny had been able to see the drastically weakened state of the usually agile and quick-limped mutant, she probably would have concluded that they were placing too high of a burden on the young man.

Destiny had already come to that conclusion without having seen Nightcrawler.

After all, the boy had already had enough burdens for one so young.

First he had the misfortune of being born with his mother's blue skin and yellow eyes, but not her ability to shape shift like she did. Genetic engineering had taken care of the rest of his … physical attributes. Which included blue fur, three fingers, two toes, fangs, and a three feet long demonic looking tale. His appearance alone had given the mutant enough hardship to last anyone a lifetime. Yet despite all this, … the lad had the soul of an angel.

He would need it.

"Magnus … we need to tell Xavier. The X-men need to know what they're dealing with in order to protect Nightcrawler. Now that the deed is done we must do everything in our power to keep him alive and well."

Magneto nodded to himself, knowing that Destiny wouldn't see him.

"I'll inform the institute when Nightcrawler's symptoms become more … noticeable. Right now we can't draw attention to the X-men or Nightcrawler in particular. Apocalypse is weak at the moment, but he will gain power. And then he'll come after the boy."

Destiny turned back to face the front of the car. Lucky for her she had a loyal driver who never asked any questions. "By the time Apocalypse is ready to make a move we'll already have every mutant we know protecting."

Magneto didn't reply. Too much could still go wrong.

"Shall we bring the boy home."

Instead of answering, Magneto projected the metal platform into the roomy backseat of Destiny's car and gently lowered it onto the opposite seat before getting in the car himself.

The boy was very weak at the moment and Magneto didn't want to move him anymore then necessary.

Despite how gently Magneto had lowered the platform, the blue mutant known as Nightcrawler, whose real name was Kurt Wagner, groaned and shifted in his sleep. His blue-black hair rustled against the platform and one of his hands came to rest lightly over his sore abdomen. Which, under his clothes, still bore the scar of a deep incision made.

Wordlessly, Destiny nodded at her driver to go.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Where da ya think Kurt could be?" Rogue's voice sounded neutral, but the X-men, who knew her really well, could hear the underlying worry in her voice. The blue mutant was her foster brother.

"What I can't understand is why the Acolytes took only a small blood sample from the rest of us, but they kidnapped Kurt," Bobby mumbled.

"Yeah," Tabitha piped up. "What could they possibly need blue boy for?"

Everyone ignored Tabitha's lighthearted, sarcastic remark. She considered Kurt her friend and was obviously just trying to cover up her worry.

"Do you really think the Acolytes don't have any idea where Magneto took Kurt?" Scott asked. His question was directed at Jean and the Professor, but Kitty answered first.

"Well of course they were lying. Like why would they tell us where they their boss was taking Kurt?"

Jean spoke up somewhat hesitantly. "I don't think so. I didn't get any mental impressions from them that suggested they knew anymore then we did."

"I have to agree with Jean," Professor Xavier stated. "Whatever Eric had planned for Kurt, he planned it alone."

The rest of the X-men exchanged grave looks. If Magneto had some plan in mind that involved Kurt, it couldn't be good for the blue mutant they all knew and loved.

"But like, what do you think …?" Kitty started before the Professor closed his eyes and got an intense look of concentration on his face.

*He's here.*

Before anyone could comment out loud to the Professor, Logan suddenly came in the room and headed towards the door. Judging from the look on his face, he'd also heard the Professor's thoughts.

"I heard a car pull away Charles," Logan grumbled. He then added under his breath, "He better not have hurt the elf."

Scott, Jean, Kitty and Rogue quickly followed Logan out the door while the Professor telepathically told the other students to stay put.

*Storm, go to the infirmary and notify Hank to be ready to receive a patient*

There was a slight pause before Storm's answering thought said *I'm on it* Wisely she didn't argue or ask questions.

While this was going on Logan had already reached the front gate with the others hot on his heels. There were fresh tire marks leading to and away from the institute.

The others didn't notice this as they came running up. All the noticed was Logan sniffing the air. "Elf is here somewhere."

Scott and the girls looked around in amazement. "But I don't see any sagn of him," Rogue said looking around wildly.

Logan walked out of the gate with a grave look on his face. "That's because Elf's fur makes him able to blend into the dark," Logan declared as he bent down beside a bush, where they could now see a body lying.

The body was none other than Kurt's.

"Kurt!" Scott yelled in disbelief. Kitty gasped, while Jean covered her mouth in shock, and Rogue looked angry enough to kill the next person who crossed her path.

None of them had ever seen Kurt this battered and beaten up. They almost had a hard time believing this was their swashbuckling, fun loving, joking, blue fuzzy elf.

He looked so vulnerable at that moment.

Scott walked up and knelt beside Kurt while the girls hung back in disbelief. With everyone watching, Scott gently reached out a hand to his friend.

"Kurt …" he started.

Kurt quickly curled into a tight ball on his side and drew back, clutching his stomach in agony.

"Nein!" he whimpered softly.

Scott was immediately even more concerned.

"Hey, Kurt buddy it's okay. It's just Scott."

Kurt didn't seem to hear him. He just continued to whimper and mumble repeatedly at some unknown enemy.

Scott didn't' understand most of what Kurt said, but he thought he heard snatches of 'nein', 'Gehen Sie aus', and a very loud 'Halten Sie an! Es tut weh!'.

Logan grumbled and scooped Kurt up more gently then Scott would ever have believed possible from the gruff Canadian.

In the familiar presence of Logan, Kurt quieted down, but he still continued to clutch his stomach in pain.

*Charles …*

*Yes Logan?*

*We found Elf … he's hurt pretty badly.*

*I've already informed Hank. Bring him to the infirmary.*

Logan gave no response and simply started walking to the mansion as swift as he could without jostling Kurt.

Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Kitty followed at a close distance, all with worried looks on their faces.

Kurt just had to get better.

He had to!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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And for the German impaired:

Nein: no

Gehen Sie aus: Go away

Halten Sie an: Stop

Es tut weh: It hurts

(My German is not perfect, but I'll do the best I can.)