The Missing Slayer

Chapter One: Wandering

By: Alexa

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Summary: Buffy is missing and Spike has something to do with it. One of his evil plots.

Authors Notes: This is my first fic so let me know what you think. Feed back is greatly appreciated!! And this is a B/S fic, so don't come looking for


It was just another night as Buffy patrolled in the Sunnydale cemetery. Seeing that there were no vamps after walking around for 15 minutes, she sat atop a tombstone. She sighed heavily and said "Gee this night was a total dud. I missed a night at the Bronze with my friends for this? "She pouted and thought 'Lemme go see what Spike is up to.' She stood up, brushed herself off and headed for the vamps crypt like she had done on many nights like this.

            "Hello? Spike? Are you in here?" She let herself in just like she had many times before. "S- Spike? Helloooo?"

            "Hello luv, I'm over here." Said Spike as he stepped out of a dark corner and threw his cigarette on the floor and put it out with his boot. "What is it?" he asked.

            "Oh nothing, just wanted to stop by, no vamp action tonight" She walked over to the bleach blonde hunk and kissed him."so I came to see you." She smiled sweetly at him.

            "Oh really now?" Spike wrapped him arms around Buffy "I've missed you too" he whispered into her ear and began kissing her neck.

            "What are you talking about?" she slightly pulled away. "I was here earlier today." Looking confused. "I know, but being without you for 5 minutes feels like a bloody eternity." The vamp said looking into the Slayer's eyes. "Okay, can we say physco?" she smiled and Spike pulled her closer "You know what I mean." A smirk spread across his face.

            "So you missed me huh?" said Buffy as she gave Spike the look that he just couldn't resist. "O' course pet." He said holding her as if never wanting to let his love go. "Good" said Buffy. And she laid her head on his chest feeling so safe, she loved these quiet moments that they had together. She wished that they would never end.

            Spike began to nibble at her ear, "come here, I've got sumthin to show ya"

            "Ooooh a surprise? I just love surprises!" she said sarcastically. Spike led her to the basement below the crypt into which he converted into a bedroom because Buffy came over so often and spent the night he decided that he should have a nice bed for them. "Close your eyes" he said.

"Can I open them now?" Buffy asked, she was getting quite anxious to see what it was Spike wanted to show her. "Hold on, just a lil' longer" Spike sat Buffy on the bed, "Okay pet, you can open your eyes now."

            Buffy opens her eyes and is quickly confused to see that Spike has vamped out. "This is what you wanted to show me? That you were a vampire? Well sorry to burst your bubble but I already know that you are a vampire and if you haven't noticed , I'm the Slayer, I think I know what a vampire looks like." Buffy rolled her eyes and began to think that this was another one of Spike's little sex games that he likes to play.

            "Aww come on luv" Spike said, slowly approaching the slayer, "you know you like this." He began to unbutton her shirt and staring at her neck.

            "Eww- uh if you expect me to sleep with you with that face on, then you've got another thing coming." And she pushed Spike away, but he didn't budge. "Hey Spike, come on!" Buffy started to get a little scared now."

            "Oh come on, I won't bite…I promise" Spike smirked and pushed Buffy onto the bed. He pounced on her and pinned her down. "You know you like it when I play rough."

            "Spike no-STOP!! Ow, S-Spike your hurting me!" Buffy struggled to get away from the vampire but she was unsuccessful. "Spike p-please, your freaking me out! What the hell is wrong with you?!?" Tears of fear began streaming down her face.

            "Oh nothing, I'm just a lil hungry that's all." And with a crazy look in his eyes, he plunged his teeth into Buffy's neck and began to suck her blood.

            Buffy yelled and soon fainted from the sudden loss of blood.

            Spike let go of Buffy and she limply fell onto the floor, a look of happiness and accomplishment on his face. "Damn, that was bloody delicious" and he wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket. " I always knew the blood of a Slayer was sweet, but Buffy's was the sweetest!" Spike walked over to a table and grabbed a knife. He cut his wrist, walked over to Buffy, grabbed her by the back of her head and sat her up. "Time to drink pet." He put his bleeding hand to her mouth, when he was done he threw Buffy back down and went to clean up.

            As Spike was cleaning and dressing his wound, he had a crazed look in his eye, "This is bloody brilliant! Not only have I killed the Slayer, but I turned her into a vampire!" a smile spread across his face. "Now we can be together forever. None of that I'm the slayer you're a vampire and this isn't going to work out crock." He began to laugh, "Now all I've got to do is wait." And he reached into his leather duster and pulled out a cigarette. "Now where the bloody hell is that lighter?"