The Uchiha Restoration

Author Notes and Disclaimers

"Naruto," and all related characters, situations and trademarks are property of Masashi Kishimoto.

The preceding work of fanfiction is based on the manga, as published in Viz's Shonen Jump, the anime, as fansubbed by Toriyama's World and ANBU_AonE, and the Naruto Fanbook by Masashi Kishimoto. In is in these sources that obscure characterizations are found, such as Naruto being something of a gardener, and assumptions for the future, such as Sasuke being evil for a time.

I didn't think any notes were necessary after chapter two, but I do want to add a few things after writing chapter three. First and most important is that Kakashi is the fifth Hokage. The only reason I wrote him in as Hokage is that Masashi Kishimoto said in an interview that Kakashi was the best candidate, though he really wanted it to be Naruto. I'd like to see Naruto as Hokage too someday, but I think at the point this story takes place he is too young and too immature for the responsibility. I don't write things just because I want to see them happen.

Second, chapters are probably going to come at longer intervals now. Give or take a few scenes, when I posted chapter one, chapters two and three were already in my head. I had hoped I would have future plans for the story more concrete as I approached this point, but sadly, I don't.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone that has reviewed. It's been a long time since I've gotten so many reviews and I've never gotten so many constructive ones for one story before. It's actually making me a bit nervous and I hope 'The Uchiha Restoration' can live up to your expectations.

Chapter four is here. I've wanted to write Ino in for a while, but this was the first place she really fit in. I wanted Chapter Four to be longer, but I was out of material slated for this chapter. There will probably be only one or two more chapters to go.

Look, chapter five, and it only took a month. You would not believe how difficult this chapter was to write. Sorry about the cheesy dream sequence but I A)Couldn't think of a better lead-into for the battle scene and B) HAD to do something with the "I …love you with all my heart!" "You're really annoying" exchange. Also, I recently learned that Tsunade is the new Hokage, well it's official. I have told continuity to kiss my ass.

Most multi-chaptered fics I write have seven chapters and I would like UR to as well, but there will definitely only be six. I guess the author notes will kinda make it look like seven.

Chapter six is here! And with it, then end of the story, proper. I think there were probably some people who were looking for a darker story and probably some who were looking for a fluffier story. What I was going for, more than anything else, was a story in which Sasuke and Sakura came together in a way they weren't really looking for. They are in love, but it's a comfortable love, the sort where they can sit together and know its right.

I did the omake side-story just because I didn't think I should call the story 'Restoration' without some more Uchihas. So, you've been introduced to their five kids, Kyo, Natsuki, Yaemon, Hikari and Yami.

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