Is to now once that the Sailor Spartans, they get ahead, and what! Is ghost!

Title is Sailor Ghost About Tremble.

By the dell in the lake there was a great boat and it had a ghost byut the Sialors into the night came! And leapt like lightning because they are magical, fought ghost!!! It was amazing, and Usagi said she was scared so Tuxedo Mask came and fought and was killed, but it okay, he best that way.

Is ghost of Saturn death senshi is dead.

That is the way of things.

They hold a seance with candles and Luna she is a black cat that make sense. Saturn came as a ghost and tried to kill them all bceause she was being possoessed and they rock the boat.

Is to the fighting, but what?


Now is the time of fighting andf the magic is cast and the spell hit and the water leap and the fish swim and the world turn and a panty shot. Saturn win and tie all up and throw in water because she is evil because she possseded.

Then Texude come as a xombie becausde he dead. He save and then die finally is good. Then Saturn ghost cough up ghost of ghost and say sorry and then turn into baby like she alway do.

Marshwoola roast after. We all say yay!