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To Take Chances


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Link smiled at his wife, who smiled back. Their eighteen-year-old son, Prince Derek, had just completed his knight training and was dressed in his country's colours, ready to kneel down for the Knighting Ceremony as he waited with the rest of his year-mates.

Zelda, Queen of Hyrule and her husband, Consort Link of Hyrule, both dressed in their finery: Zelda in a full-length white gown and gold edged over-coat and Link wearing a white tunic and shirt with pale grey hose. They sat on the thrones as they listened to the announcer, as he called out the names of each of the new knights in alphabetical order, who each got into line in front of the dais, facing their Queen, her husband and her two other children: twin twelve year old girls called Dahlia and Lila, who both had their parent's blonde hair and blue eyes- although Lila's eyes were a darker blue.

Zelda stood. "Hyrule is truly grateful for what you young men have done to become a protector of this vast country," she regally said as she was handed the engraved sword used for ceremonial purposes.

One by one, each young man was touched on each shoulder then on the head by Zelda's sword, as she asked them to serve the country and listening to their confident agreements, before announcing them as a "Sir".

When it came to her son, Zelda felt an over-whelming sense of happiness for her son, as he knelt before her.

"Do you promise to uphold and honour the ways of knighthood; to serve and protect your country of Hyrule, and to never turn your back from someone's plea?" Zelda asked Derek as she touched his shoulders with the sword.

Derek glanced at his mother. "I do solemnly promise," he answered.

Zelda smiled as she touched Derek's head with the sword. "Then I announce you to be Sir Prince Derek of Hyrule."

As Derek stood, the crowd of onlookers of the villagers cheered, for they loved their Prince.

After the ceremony was over, Zelda hugged her son. "Well done Derek," she said. "You deserve it."

Derek grinned at his mother. "I sure do- knight training is no easy feat."

"Really?" Dahlia spoke up, tugging at her brother's tunic. "What do they make you do?"

Derek laughed. "I'll tell you later when all the raucous of celebrating has settled down."

"Speaking of celebrating," Link said, walking up from behind Zelda, holding Lila's hand. "Have you anything to tell us?"

Derek looked at his father with mock surprise. "What on earth do you mean Dad?"

Link raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were going to announce something."

Zelda looked at Link. "What's going on?"

Link indicated to Derek. "Ask him."

Zelda gave Derek a suspicious look. "Spit it out Derichio- what's going on?"

Derek cringed at the hearing of his old childhood name. "Alright, alright," he said. "I'll tell you." He took a breath. "I'm betrothed."

Zelda let out a cry of joy and grabbed Derek into a bone-breaking hug. "My son is getting married!"

Some of the guests looked over at Zelda curiously, who they thought never was the type to get overly happy about things. Most of them were smiling when they heard the news.

Dahlia and Lila both hugged their brother around the middle in the same amount of strength as their mother.

Zelda smiled openly with happiness, tears forming in her eyes. "Who is the lucky girl?"

Derek smiled, his crystal blue eyes sparkling. "The Princess of Termania, Jamilla the IV."

Zelda's jaw dropped. "Termania?" she squeaked. "Are you sure?"

Derek's smile remained. "I'm sure," he said. "And Jamilla and I love each other enough to not care about the past."

Zelda's slight panic attack disappeared after Derek's explanation.

Derek's smile disappeared into a nervous expression. "I think I'd better announce it."

Zelda nodded in enthusiasm as Derek stepped onto the dais- with the twins following suit, not wanting to miss out on the attention.

The murmuring died as Derek held up his hands. "Guests, fellow knights, friends and family," he began. "I have wonderful news to announce: I am to be wed to Princess Jamilla of Termania!"

The crowd erupted into applause as Derek was showered down with pats on the back and one-armed hugs by his fellow newly knighted friends.

Then, to everyone's surprise, a red-cloaked woman stepped forward onto the dais and removed her hood. There stood the Princess Jamilla, her black hair gleaming in the light as her emerald eyes twinkled with excitement. Her contrasting navi-blue dress embroidered with copper-coloured flowers along the hemming. A copper crown of Termanian Royalty sat across her forehead, with a single sapphire in the centre.

Derek stepped towards her and wrapped her into a passionate embrace, much to the crowd's delight for him.

Zelda looked at Link as the crowd continued to clap and congratulate the couple. "We're going to become grandparents soon," she commented.

Link jumped jokingly. "I'm too young to be a grandfather! I'm just getting the swing of being a Dad!"

Zelda hit him lightly on the arm. "Get used to it," she said. "Our son will marry and have children. Then our daughters will do the same. We can't stop it."

Link wrapped an arm around Zelda's shoulders and kissed her forehead. "I think about the present dear- not the future."

Zelda rolled her eyes. "You never know," she said. "Some people might turn you around."

Link smiled as he leaned in towards Zelda. "Well, I'm thinking about what I'm going to do this present moment."

Zelda leaned forward as well. "And what is that?"

Link grinned. "This." And he passionately kissed Zelda just as Derek kissed his own love.

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