Disclaimer: These characters and some parts of the story belong to George Lucas, this is just my own speculation.

Note: This takes place during Episode III and is just my own speculation on one possible outcome. It's going to have more chapters coming soon, and is going to be pretty angsty because hey, it's Episode III. However, also because it deals with some issues not usually considered with an Obi- Wan/Padme relationship.

This is my first real attempt at a fic in this genre and I desperately need some feedback seeing as I normally don't get much. Thanks ;)


It was a secluded planet. He was sure he'd be able to protect Padmé and her newly born twins there, at least for a while. But it wouldn't last long. They'd have to take more permanent action to keep Anakin's family safe, and it would have to be done soon. The Emperor knew. He knew that Anakin had a child, and he would stop at nothing to get the child for himself. The child would be strong in the Force, and a powerful ally if turned to the Dark Side. The Jedi order was all but extinct now-the work of Palpatine and Vader's purges. Yet there was always a chance that Anakin's child could be a threat, could become a Jedi. The Emperor knew this, but so did Obi-Wan. But Obi-Wan knew something more- there were two. This made him all the more apprehensive as he struggled to find a way to hide the strong young ones from the Emperor. and from Vader.

Vader. The name made him shudder subconsciously. When he had seen him, he could scarcely believe that inside that dark, menacing machine was the man he had called his friend and protégé. To think, that trapped inside that rigid machinery was a human being. To think, Anakin was trapped in there. Did he want to get out? Did he want to free himself from the prison of his own body and his ever darkening mind? A prison he had been put in by his own master, and friend. Obi-Wan shook away the thoughts. No, Anakin was dead. He had to remind himself of that. Even though his body remained partially, the man that was once Anakin was now nothing more than a speck in the mind of Darth Vader, if even that. Still, Obi-Wan couldn't help feeling that wasn't entirely true.

Walking through the halls of their hidden dwelling afforded him little solace. It was a small building with the bare minimum of living comforts and nothing to do to pass the time but mull over the same bleak thoughts over and over again. Obi-Wan had been around the circular hallway several times, each time passing the door to Padmé's room. He knew she must be in there with the twins, and Sabé was probably helping her. They were the only other people within hundreds of miles, and he was desperately eager for someone to talk to so he wouldn't be lost within his own dim thoughts. Yet, he knew how precious little time she had with her children, and what joy they brought her. He didn't want to disturb that small amount of peace which still existed. Hesitantly, he stopped before her door and knocked lightly.

"Hello Master Kenobi," Sabé said with a slight courteous bow.

Obi-Wan returned the greeting and followed the young woman inside, closing the door behind him. Padmé was sitting by the window, rocking gently in the light of the setting sun as she held one of her children in a small bundle. She turned and smiled at Obi-Wan as he approached. "He likes to be in the sun where it's warm," she said, stroking the boy's soft cheek gently. Obi- Wan watched quietly, a melancholy smile crossing his weary features. Padmé stood and offered Luke to Obi-Wan. "Here, hold him."

After a moment of reluctance, the Jedi gently took the child in his arms. Luke's small, round face beamed with innocence and promise.

"He reminds me so much of Anakin," Padmé said with a reminiscing happiness.

"Yes," Obi-Wan said sadly, "very much." The boy had such great potential shining in his crystal blue eyes, but that potential could still go either way. It could still be used for such a great evil. He could easily turn out like Anakin. "He looks tired," Obi-Wan said, searching for an excuse to get rid of the child. He handed Luke to Sabé.

"It's getting near his bedtime," Padmé explained. "Leia's already asleep, but Luke always seems a bit more restless." She turned to her handmaiden. "Sabé, would you go put him to sleep? Then you can get ready for bed yourself. I'm sure you're tired."

"Of course, milady. Goodnight Padmé, Master Kenobi," she nodded to them each before heading back to her room where she stayed with the twins.

"I haven't seen you much lately, Obi-Wan," Padmé said as she studied her old friend. He had changed so much in the last two years. His light hair was now shorter, his beard more trimmed- a look more befitting a General. Yet he still dressed like a Jedi- tan tunic, heavy brown robe, and the ever- present lightsabre clipped to his belt- though he and Yoda were all that remained of the order. A twinge of sadness struck Padmé as she realized how Obi-Wan was clinging still to the Jedi- after all, it was all he'd ever known. And she knew the sadness he felt must be much greater. He never smiled anymore. Not so long ago, he had possessed such a wonderful dry sense of humor that you could see in his eyes and his half-grins, but it seemed like that man was someone else. The Obi-Wan with her now seemed so hollow.

"Yes, I know I should have told you I wasn't coming to dinner last night," he said apologetically. "I didn't feel like eating. I was taking some time to myself."

Padmé's face fell into a sad frown, and her eyes lowered. "That's understandable," she said softly. "I think we all have a lot on our minds." They both stood in bleak silence for a moment, until she couldn't stand it anymore. Lifting her eyes to his and lightening her tone some, she said, "But at least we are here, alive, and not alone." She smiled slightly, but Obi-Wan remained solemn. "Anyway, was there something you came to talk to me about?"

"No I was just." He couldn't remember why he'd come in the room anymore. Was it to escape? If that were so, it had failed miserably- now he was worried about other things, like Luke. Still, maybe he should stay and talk for a while, he thought, then quickly dismissed the idea. What was there to talk about? He knew the conversation would inevitably get around to Anakin, or something else he felt just as deeply sorrowed about. "I just wanted to make sure you didn't need anything."

She sensed his hesitation and his lie, but decided if he didn't want to talk she wouldn't force him to. Instead, she smiled politely and said, "I'm fine, thank you."

"Well, in that case I'll be heading off to bed." He bowed reverently. "Goodnight, milady." Silently, he turned and walked out the room and down the hallway. Padmé thought she felt an almost tangible sorrow in his wake.