"You promised...."


"Mom please...you cant do this..."

"Baby he is good now."

"Thats what you said last time Mom..."


"Dont you remember? He came home drunk...AGAIN....He hit you....so many times.....you lost the baby mom. Dont you remember?"

"Lulu...I love him...He loves me.....He is changed....."

"You said that last time to..."


"No mom if your gonna marry him then im leaving..."


Lulu got up and stormed out of the house. She slammed the door shut behind her. She ran down the street until she couldn't run anymore. She fell down on the ground and cried. Why did her mother do this? That man would hurt her and hurt her, but she would always go back to him. Like a dependent women. Who couldn't handle herself. Lulu loved her mom. But her...dad.......beat her and her mom. When her mom was pregnant he hit her and made her have a miscarriage. After that her mother swore never to see him again, but...of course she did. Like always. She took him back. Lulu would hold up to what she said. She WOULD NOT go back unless he was gone. Only problem was she had nowhere to go. She had no friends really. She was so quiet and weird looking. People thought of her as the evil gothic girl. No one really knew her. So basically she had no one to go to. Nowhere to sleep.She would just have to sleep here with the homeless people until she found a home. She looked around and found a spot. Covering her from the rain. She layed down and cried herself to sleep.

Lulu slowly stretched and got up. It was morning. Time to go to school. Damn she hated school. She got good grades and all, but what was the point. She had no friends, and no life. What was the point in living at all. I mean she really wasn't living. Just surviving. Not living though. Defintely not living. She wiped the dirt from her big baggy black pants. She straightened her black shirt and slipped her slipknot hoddie over her top. She slowly began to walk to school. She opened up the doors to the school. She was pretty early. She walked to her locker glancing at everything in the school. Barely anyone was here. She was glad. She didnt want any attention even though she doubted she would get any in the first place. She opened her locker pulling out her back pack and letting her sight graze the picture of her and Samara when they were only 10. Samara had been her bestfriend..but had died....in a car accident. After that Lulu began to change. Rarely coming out of her room to play with other kids. She just cut off conections to the outside world. Afraid of getting hurt...again.

Lulu walked to her first class. Spanish. She sat in her desk. Third row, from the door, first desk. She looked around and saw no one. Perfect time to write. Should she? She finally decided to take out her diary and write. She reached into her back pack and pulled out the small but thick book. It was the size of a normal book. It was tanish brown and had a picture of one black rose on it. Lulu liked it so much because ot reminded her of herself. She opened it up and took a pen from her pocket. She looked down and began to write. Using her other hand to cover the words up. No one was around to see what she wrote but it was an old habit. She wrote:

Dear Diary,

Yesterday me and mom got into a fight....again. It wasnt a normal fight either. It was about...him. She is going to marry him! Can you believe that!? He hurt us both so so much yet she takes him back like he is a helpless baby. Which maybe he is. He cant do anything for himself. He doesnt do anything at all. No job, no house, no money. All he does is eat, shit, and sleep. Sorta like the life of a baby. He has no pride either. No honor. He can say and do the most horrible things and then have no guilt the next day. I hate him. Always will. I ran away. I told her if she doesnt leave him then I leave her. Thats the way its gotta be. Im alone now...truly alone. I guess today is the start of a new horizon. Maybe this is just what I needed to get better. Hmmn...Oh shit...class is starting. Bye....

Love Always,

She closed her journal and sat in in her backpack. Turning to face the teacher. "Hola la Clase. Me dispensa!? La clase ha comenzado." (Hello Class. Excuse me!? Class has began.) It got silent. Still there were small whispers being heard through out the class, but nothing more. The teacher began. "Bueno. ....we comenzará teniendo a cada estudiante realiza un poema pequeño en el español." (Ok.....We will begin by having each student perform a small poem in spanish.) A girl in the back row raised her hand. "Ummm...miss do we get into groups for this one?" The teacher was about to answer when she heard a few boys in the front whispering "What the hell is she saying?" She sighed and began to speak english. "Yes students. In fact we will have boy/girl pairs. These poems will be for the other person. You must write a romantic poem to your partner. Whether you like them or not. Then you translate it to spanish and read it. Each one taking turns with each verse." A few students nodded their heads and some smiled. Lulu just closed her eyes. She hated group experiments. Grrr...and out of these dimwits she didnt know what to do.

"Ok I will began by reading the pairs outloud. Remember you can not change your partner." Miss Kuki and Mister.....Ruben. Miss Yuna....and Mister...Tidus. Miss Lulu and.....Mister Wakka." WAKKA! She got Wakka. How could she get Wakka. Out of all the chances. He was a...a moron. She hated to admit it but he was. He was the biggest jock ever. Him and his friends always party hopping and getting low grades. Always paying other people to do their work. GAH! They were idiots. She didnt know why she had such a big cru...yep she had a crush on him. When she was smaller. They were friends for awhile til Samara's...death. She turned and looked at Wakka, He did seem to happy either. "Ok class is almost over now...I want you to talk to your partner. Talk about what angle you both will come from. You cant have two totally different poems. They have to...match. Now don...." The bell rung interupting her she sighed and sat down as the class got up and ran out. Lulu made it down the hall to her locker to get her stuff for English. As she walked by she saw Yuna and Rikku. The two most popular girls...EVER! They were so...pretty. Yuna had such pretty shiny hair. It was highlighted lightly with blonde streaks. She wore a short blue jean mini skirt that was faded. Her shirt was a pink tight shirt that said in blue letters Innocent. Her diamond necklace hung from her neck, and her white addidas and tube socks fit perfectly for her perfect tan legs.

Rikku on the other hand wasnt as...girly as Yuna. She pair of khaki short shorts. Her shirt was baggy almost making it look like she had no shorts at all. It was white and had signatures all over it form last year on the last day of school. She had a arm full of bracelets and was doing her lip gloss in the mirror in her locker. Another girl walked over to them wearing a pair of tight dark jeans and a spaghetti strap shirt that said 'i get what i want' on it. The girl had long bleached hair. It hung down to her butt but was pulled into pig tails right now. Her eyes were a peircing green and her freckles showed through her frowning face perfectly. Lulu recognized this girl as Kuki Anderson. Kuki was new at the school but was already known all over. Lulu smiled briefly and wlaked faster. She opened her locker and tried not to listen in to the person next to hers conversation. "I cant believe it...Lulu....Who da thought..." Lulu? They were talking about her. Ok now she had a right to listen. She listened in. Trying her best not to look it. "I know..she is such a....freak.." "I cant believe your paired with her. Sucks to be you." Lulu sobbed alittle holding back tears. She was a strong girl why did she wanna cry? People called her freak before but why was it so important when he said it. She looked over and confirmed it. It was Wakka and Ruben speaking. Tidus walked over. "Hey guys!?" "Did ya hear? Wakka is paired with Lulu.." "Guys..You shouldnt talk about her...She is right there." They both turned around and saw the locker door. They pushed it alittle further and saw Lulu head against the locker. She looked at them and frowned. She slammed the locker shut and ran to her class. Ruben laughed, Tidus sighed and looked on in worry , and Wakka ran after her.

"LULU WAIT!!" She kept running. She didnt feel like SCHOOL ANYMORE. She just wanted to be alone. She sat down on a desserted bench. She put her head in her hands. She looked up when she felt the bench shift. She saw Wakka. He looked at her with concerned eyes. She started to get up but he pushed her back down. "Lulu....im sorry for what we said. We were just joking around.." She didnt say anything. "I understand if you hate us....." She didnt say anything. "Fine..." he got up and was about to leave when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "I forgive you..." He was surprised at her voice. He rarely heard it and it sounded so much more...quieter...more...sweet then he expected. He just then realized how pretty she really wsa. Her dark hair always put back in those exotic styles, her dark eyes, her pale face, her clothes, her lips, her....He smiled and sat down. "Hey ya wanna skip school and maybe go get something to eat or go see a movie. Im HUNGRY!!! And we need to talk about our project anyway." Lulu was stunned was this boy..this..moron...asking her out..no he just wanted to talk about the project, but what stunend her more was that she took his hand and let him guide her to the movies. She looked at him and smiled. Yes today was defintely the start of a new horizon.


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