Yuna leaned backwards. Placing her head softly on the pillow behind her. The phone continued to ring. Yuna needed to call the only friend she had left right now, but Rikku was acting unusually happy.



"Oh!! Hey Yuni Wuni whats up?"

"Rikku? Oh...umm...I called to see if you could come over and we could just talk. Ya know?"

"Actually, I dont know. Where's Tidus?"

"Tidus is gone. Its not what you think though. Him and Wakka left to go find Lulu."


"Yeah. They are so brave. I pray they find her poor soul."

Yuna heard a sigh from the other end of the phone. "I must go now Yuna. Bye." "Wait..." She heard a click and knew Rikku had hung up. Whats her problem? Something has been really different about her. Yuna looked down at her stomach. She picked up the phone again and dialed the doctors number.

"Hello, Dr. Gutiano's office may I help you?"

"Oh. Yes please. I'd like to scedule an opointment. For next week."

"Ok dear. What do you need to be checked?"

"Uhh....I need to have a pregnancy test."

"Oh. Ok. Good bye."

"Ya. Bye."

*A week later*

Wakka and Tidus were tired of doing this. So much work it was. They had been searching everywhere for Lulu. Where the hell could she be? They both were tired. They decided to stop by Rikku's Dads house. Noone seemed to be there though. Wakka leaned forwrd on the door knob and the door swung open.

"Umm. Ok."

They wlaked in slowly. Studying the debri everywhere. Trash was everywhere.What happened here? They walked around and found nothing but things spewed across the room. Food all over the place. They reached for the phone.


"Rikku. Its us. Tidus and Wakka. We just stopped by you fathers house a nd it loks like you've been robbed."

"Oh. Well. Dont worry about it."

"No. Your our friend. Take catrre of Yuna. Please go over there and watch her while we look to see if anything important was taken."

"Ok. Bye."

They walked outside carefully. Looking around the house. They looked through the bushed when Wakka saw something. "TIDUS COME HERE." "Yeah?" "Look. Little notes." Tidus reached for one and opened it. They both began to read. 'Help me please. They are torturing me. Wakka save me please. I love you.'. Tidus dropped the note. Wakka ran inside and Tidus ran to the car. Both men thinking about one thing only. Their girlfriends.

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