Q Me? - Disclaimer and Introduction

I do not own Highlander, Kindred the Embraced, Star Trek, Star Gate, Richard Sharpe, James Bond or any other copywritten character that might choose to stop by. This story is for not for profit. I am deriving no monetary gain. Please don't sue me. I would also like to acknowledge two fanfics that I read several years ago (and so no longer remember the authors' names () that helped inspire this story. One in which Q did not get his "Powers" back and another in which Duncan MacLeod was working with James Bond and British intelligence when he met Tessa.

While I have adhered closely to Highlander canon I have done some shuffling of the Star Trek timeline thus the story is somewhat AU. The story is divided into what amounts to two "books" the first beginning in the near future (2008) and the second picking up in about the third season of DS9 (though we will be meeting up with some Next Generation Characters as well.)

I have chosen to rate this story PG-13. I don't think that there's anything worse than what you might see in a typical Highlander episode but there is a fair amount of violence, the insinuation of both sex and rape (but no on stage sex of any kind) and mild cursing. If anyone feels that this story should be more strictly rated please email me at bcdant@hotmail.com or include your reasoning in a review and I will certainly take it under consideration.

No beta readers were harmed during the writing of this story (cause I don't have a beta reader). All errors are completely my own (and I wouldn't share them with anyone else anyway ()

So without further ado please proceed to Book I Chapter 1 - Grumpy Old Men..