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Last Chapter...

Sakura was desperate, "Can't you at least keep the windows open?" she pleaded.

Syaoran thought for a second, "Only if you do one thing..."

Sakura bit her lip, she didn't like where this conversation was heading. " What?" she managed to squeak.

"You won't resist me anymore," Li's eyes were dancing with glee.

Sakura felt bile rise in her throat, would she sleep with Li for a shot at freedom? Opening her mouth Sakura answered...

Chapter 6- Resistance.

Sakura glared at Li and spat out, "I know you have been totally devoid of normality and don't have an iota of compassion, but do you really expect me to be willing? That is taking it too far. So no-fucking-way,"

Li smirked, "It's not rape is you are willing... Come on , you can't say you didn't enjoy it, You should be honoured to warm my bed."

Sakura felt anger like never before, she could hear his words ringing in her ears. She felt paralysed one second, and suddenly all her feelings came rushing back like an angry waterfall. She raised her hand and struck Li on the cheek. The slap echoed hauntingly in the room. Sakura's eyes widened as she finally comprehended what she just did. She took a step back from Li who was holding his smarting cheek and was looking down, his anger seemed to pulsate.

Li's head snapped up and he eyed Sakura scathingly. "You little bitch!" He took a step towards Sakura, who in her fear tried to escape his advancement by also taking a step back.

Sakura knew she had struck a nerve, and finally the enormity of what she did slapped her in the face. Her little bout of rebellion could cost her life. "Explain, l-let me.." Sakura tripped over her words. How was she going to get out of this little predicament alive?

Li wasn't going to have any of her bullshit, he strode forward and before Sakura could step back he grabbed her wrist and swung her so she crashed into the solid wall before slumping to the floor. Sakura tried to raise her arms and shield her face, but Li grabbed her by her long hair and threw her half way down the room.

Sakura grabbed her head, tears were threatening to escape her closed eyes, she wasn't going to scream. She could resist the pain. It felt as though her scalp was being ripped off. She opened her eyes to see Li standing a foot away with strands of her long auburn hair in his hands. Before she could blink, she saw Li's leg swinging and then she felt a sharp pain in her stomach, knocking her breath, as well as all sense out of her. "You really thought you could STRIKE ME? THE KING?" she heard him growl. "I'll show you a lesson you wench!"

Li kicked her in the stomach again, so she rolled over onto her back. She saw Li's heavy boot come down on her abdomen. Sakura screamed before all went black...

Li sneered in satisfaction as he finally got a scream out of Sakura, but the satisfaction was short lived as it appeared Sakura had passed out from the pain. Not letting this end his callous abuse of Sakura, he continued to kick and stomp Sakura until he felt his anger subdue. He noticed blood was pooling out of Sakura's wounds, but he didn't give it another thought. She was reaping what she deserved. He turned around and walked to the door, leaving Sakura lying in her own pool of blood.

"Guess that was a no to my offer then?" Li said mockingly to an unhearing Sakura before chuckling quietly to himself and exiting the room.

Sakura was fazing in and out of consciousness. She opened her eyes groggily, No one was there to help her as she lay on the cold floor. She felt herself slipping back into unconsciousness, she was too tired to fight so she let the darkness consume her.

"Sakuuuuura..." said a bodiless voice.

Sakura's eyes snapped open and she observed her surroundings. She was still in a thick forest, yet there was still light drifting in from the canopy due to moons illumination. There was a river about 20 feet from her. It wasn't the wide but it still looked pretty deep, not to mention cold. It's melodious sound and the sudden realisation she was thirsty drew Sakura towards it. She took tentative steps, before noticing the silhouette of woman with a babe in her arms on the other side of the river bank.

It's the same woman! Sakura realised. She still couldn't see her face. She broke into a run, all thoughts about being thirsty disappeared. She needed to know who it was. The woman noticed Sakura approaching the riverbank and drew the babe towards her chest. "Wait!" Sakura yelled as she reached the riverbank. She needed to find a way to cross the river. "Wait!" Sakura yelled again, but the woman paid no heed, she slowly retreated from the riverbank, before taking refuge in the darkness of the forests.

Sakura was desperate, feeling that she had no choice, she jumped into the water, before realising her limbs were paralysed from the cold. She tried to float, but the more she bobbed meant the more the water was pushing her down. She felt water enter her mouth, and she choked as she came to the surface before heading back down.

"Saaakuraaa..." Said the voice again. What? Help me please! Sakura prayed and fought against the water... she knew all hope as lost as she felt water enter her lungs...


"Sakura!" Tomoyo thumped Sakura's back as she was spluttering the medication Tomoyo was trying to administer her. Sakura felt her whole body convulse as she tried to get the foreign liquid out of her lungs... "drowning..." she choked out, the after affects of the dream were still very real to her.

"Shhh... It's ok," consoled Tomoyo, "I'm here to help you."

Sakura squeezed her eyes shut before opening them again. It was all a dream. She tried to turn her body towards the window, but nearly screamed in agony as her body was pulsating in pain. She let out a strangled moan. She was currently in the futon-like bed in the kings room, only it was raised up to support her back.

"Don't try to move so much, your bruising was severe but thankfully none of your bones were broken. The healer has already observed you and she thinks you will heal up fine" Tomoyo said as she placed a cool wet cloth against Sakura's abdomen. "Although I do have to admit I am worried about internal bleeding. The King sure did a number on you... he must have been really angry."

"Tell me something I don't know." Muttered Sakura, squinting as the wet cloth grazed over a cut that was smarting a huge ugly multi-coloured bruise.

Tomoyo pursed her lips in worry, "what did you do to provoke him? No one deserves this sort of pain."

"I slapped him." Sakura said shortly. Tomoyo gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands.

"I'm on your side Sakura, but you really shouldn't do that, it's just asking for pain. The King is known for having a short temper and inflicting pain or death regardless of however small of an incident provoked him." Tomoyo said as she continued cleaning Sakura's wounds.

"Hmm... Sakura said distractedly, she turned her head towards the window, grimacing as she felt her bruises protest the movement. It looks like in was late afternoon. The light didn't look very intense, but she couldn't be sure. What if Li wanted to do use her tonight? Her body wouldn't be able to take it.

"What time is it?" Sakura asked, panic infiltrating her voice.

"It's about 6 in the afternoon, but don't worry Sakura, I'll be giving you a sedative so you'll be out cold for the rest of the night," said Tomoyo, knowing what Sakura was implying when she asked the question. Sakura breathed a sigh of relief, Li wouldn't be able to do jack shit tonight.

"You're back from visiting your mother early..." Sakura turned and looked at Tomoyo.

Tomoyo sighed and ran a hand through her dark hair. "Well let us just say that the King isn't too lenient when it comes to time off, even if it comes down to sick family. I could only go for half the day."

Sakura forgot her own problems for a second and felt sympathy for the pretty girl in front of her. It took a lot of courage and strength to work in the Li castle, even if you weren't being tortured.

"So you're effectively living your whole life for the kingdom in order to care for your mother financially?" Sakura enquired. "What about your life? Don't you think about YOUR future? Your family, your love, your happiness?"

Tomoyo smiled sadly, " I guess I'm only thinking about the present, and that means mother. Love will come on day... I hope..." She drifted off, a her cheeks turning a faint pink.

Sakura perked up, "why, is there someone you've left back home?"

Tomoyo shook her head, "No, I met him here, but he's too upper-class for me, I'm sure he only considers me a lowly servant, besides I don't believe in his objectives."

Sakura widened her eyes in horror, 'You're talking about Li are you?"

"No!" Tomoyo cried, "Definitely not him, but Eriol Hiiragizawa is just as bad. He is the military advisor to the King, he is the one strategizes the advancement of the Li kingdom and the conquering of others."

"So you're in love with the monster who was behind the conquering of my kingdom and my imprisonment?" Sakura asked angrily and she clenched her fists.

Tomoyo bowed her head in shame, "I never meant to love him, but he wooed me into his bed. I know what he does is wrong, and also that there is no point pursuing him, but I just can't get him out of my head. I'm probably one of many that he has done this to."

Sakura put her hand on Tomoyo's, "You'll make it through this, just follow your heart. Just be happy you still have a future." Sakura tried to consol Tomoyo, but deep down she wished she was the one who still had a future. Even if she survived this ordeal, once the king got bored of her no man would ever want to touch her. Princess or not, she was spoiled goods. A lifetime of abstinence wouldn't bring back what Li forcefully took from her.

Noticing Sakura's sad eyes, Tomoyo said nothing, but gave a small nod. She got out a small glass vial, and poured the contents into a goblet of water and pressed it towards Sakura's lips, "Drink this up, it will render you unconscious for about a day so your body can recuperate. That monster won't be touching you tonight."

Sakura complied and allowed the contents to be poured into her mouth. She swallowed and waited for the sedating effects to take effect, she closed her eyes and 5 minutes later darkness still had not

consumed her. Sakura heard a door open, she immediately squeezed her eyes shut, praying that Li didn't find out she was awake.

Li walked down the hallway and approached the doors to his room. The two guards watching over his room bowed and muttered a quick "Your majesty" before opening the door to let the King through. Li stepped into the room which was illuminated by candles. His anger towards Sakura had dissipated and tonight he would use her for his "services" as usual.

Li was greeted by the sight of Sakura sleeping on the futon, while the servant girl was sitting beside her on a chair, her head lolling in front as if she was trying not to sleep. Her head snapped up as she saw the king enter the room, "your majesty" she murmured as she too bowed.

"What's this?" Asked Li as he gestured to Sakura all the while glaring at Tomoyo. "I said I wanted her cleaned up, not asleep!

Tomoyo flinched, she felt tiny in front of the King, "she's out for the night, I h-had to sedate her, she was d-distraught from the pain of the injuries inflicted upon her." Tomoyo stuttered before continuing, "even Healer Ariel thought Sakura would need to be sedated in order to recuperate. " Tomoyo obviously thought that the sedative had rendered Sakura deaf to the world.

Li glared as the girl shook in fright, "her injuries were not that severe! I don't see any broken bones."

Summoning up all her courage, Tomoyo spoke, "Her injuries are internal, I haven't told Sakura yet..." Tomoyo said, not realising Sakura could hear every word, "but healer Ariel thinks that her internal injuries are so severe, she can never be with child."

Sakura felt her heart drop, she wished the sedative had an effect on her already so she wouldn't feel. She didn't want to feel. Why didn't she just die? Her worst fear was being infertile , and now it was true... Being raped was bad enough, but losing the ability to bring another life into this world? She didn't want to live, why wouldn't the darkness consume her already? She wanted to cry in frustration, at the unfairness of it all. To have her ability to bear children be ripped away from her, much like her virginity, was too much for Sakura.

She continued to close her eyes and block out the rest of the world. She thankfully didn't hear Li comment that he was grateful for her infertility, as now he didn't have to worry about a bastard heir. She also didn't hear Tomoyo's sad sob as she left the room.

Sakura went to sleep wanting to dream, wanting to escape her reality, and maybe find out who that woman haunting her dreams was.

Unfortunately, all Sakura experienced was darkness. No dreams, or even nightmares would infiltrate her sleep. Tonight she was at peace even though when she would wakeup her world would still be in chaos, and she still would be broken...

Next chapter: Sakura comes to grips with her infertility, she blocks out the pain by going back behind the tapestry, what will happen when she opens the red book?

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