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Allies and Rivals

The Rowdyruff Boys are back! But instead of trying to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, they compete with them instead, and thus starting a rivalry. They occasionally helped each other, but only when necessary. Disliking the girls, the boys became both Allies and Rivals to the girls.

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Chapter 1

The Resurrection

The Town of Citiesville was an altogether an unpleasant town. But it still attracts the nation's most brilliant minds, and one of them was working in his suburban home, in his laboratory in his basement.

Dr William Edwards was full of anticipation. As one of Citiesville's leading scientists and businessman, he was one of the country's renowned scientists. He was also the richest man in town, CEO and chairman of Edwards Technology Corporation, the largest technology corporation in the country.

"At last, all the ingredients are in place. Now, I shall prove once and for all that that Utonium is a fake. Imagine, trying to create powerful girls using sugar and spice and everything nice and combined with Chemical Xymperchite," Dr. Edwards said to himself as he readied his ingredients. There are snails, snips and a puppy dogs tail. "Not only does such a claim have no scientific basis, it in fact is ridiculous and more of a fairy tale than even science fiction!"

"Now, all is in place. Now, I, Dr. William Edwards, a renowned scientist, and head of the Edwards Technology Corp., will shortly conduct the experiment which once and for all will prove that Professor John Utonium misled the scientific community and the public in general when he announced that the Powerpuff Girls are composed of sugar, spice and everything nice with Chemical Xymperchite, or Chemical X, as I will from now on refer to," he said as he turned on the camera that he had installed to record the event. Behind him are various mathematical formulas.

"However, I will not begin with the so-called ingredients, sugar and spice and 'everything nice. Instead, I have procured from one of my informants the ingredients of the so-called Rowdyruff Boys who were created by the genius of a monkey called Mojo-Jojo, using the same Chemical X with new ingredients. They were destroyed, but their basic ingredients have not been lost, and I was able to procure it. Now, in trying to redo the experiment, I am one step ahead in proving that John Utonium is a fraud."

He said it with no trace of any emotion whatsoever, saying it in a cold detached way that nevertheless would send chills to the nerves of anyone who happens to be listening. A hint of anger and hatred could be deduced, but by and large, his tone didn't betray the emotions conveyed by his words.

Dr. Edwards began mixing the ingredients, and he then prepared to make the fateful step of adding chemical X. He mixed the chemical, and stepped back. He sincerely expected it to fail. He could not convince his logical and scientific mind that Professor Utonium's formula was correct. And the fact that he intensely hated the professor didn't persuade him either. So, he started the experiment, that in a way that neither he nor anyone else at that time would intend, would change the lives of the Powerpuff Girls and the City of Townsville, and would alter the course of his life.

He expected failure, and it was in vain, for he unexpectedly succeeded, thus crushing his hopes for humiliating his hated rival. For in a flash of light, a light and harmless explosion, there stood the Rowdyruff Boys, resplendent in their poses and possessing their arrogant smirks, forever crushing Edwards' hopes of disproving his rival. The boys themselves looked as they appeared when they were destroyed. They were three, one with black hair, green shirt and black pants, one blond and blue eyed and dressed in blue, the third a redhead with a red cap with matching eyes. However, the use of refined Chemical X, unlike the raw form that Mojo Jojo used to create the original Rowdyruff Boys, made small but noticeable changes in the boys. For example, Brick's had has its brim forward instead of backward, and his voice is higher, but lost none of its original lucidity, an in fact made it more beautiful. Boomer's voice is the same, while Butch is higher. And in due time, more changes in their personalities would be apparent.

"Who are you and where are those sissies?" Brick, the leader, said.

Dr. Edwards was in shock. He fully expected the experiment to fail, and when he unexpectedly succeeded, he was taken aback, astonished, stunned. He could not comprehend why he had not failed. He had followed the Professor's steps, if only to make sure he got it right so he could throw the results to his face. But his incomprehension of his success didn't prevent him from communicating with his recreations.

"I am Dr. William Edwards and I have recreated you," he said, the tone of his voice betraying his nervousness. "As for the Powerpuff girls, they are alive and are presently in Townsville."

"Well, since you are so kind as to tell us where those girls are, we won't kick your butt," Brick said as he and his brothers prepared to attack their enemies.

"Wait boys," Dr. Edwards shouted at the boys as they left. They stopped just short of the ceiling of the basement laboratory.


"Where are you going?" asked Dr. Edwards.

"Why should you know?"

"Well, first of all, I am you creator, your second father so to speak. Thus I am responsible for what you do. Second, I can provide you with a home and we could be a family. What do you say?"

Brick began to think.

"Let's take it Brick. I always wondered how those Powerpuff's lived, with all the family and all, and now we get to enjoy it!" Boomer suddenly said with much anticipation. Although he can be capable of great cruelty and heartlessness, in reality, he had the heart of a little boy, only doing despicable things because he thought they were fun. He acted and talked liked a bully because he thought it was cool.

Brick seemed to be taken aback by his brother's enthusiasm. He decided to ask Butch what he though of the matter.

"What 'bout you Butch?"

"Well, it a pretty good idea to me. Why not? I'd rather stay with him that with Mojo, at least we can have a place to stay and not be ashamed of our 'father.' Of course, Mojo's cool, but I'd rather live with a human than with a monkey with an oversized brain," Butch said.

"Well, then, Doctor, we'll accept your offer. But only after we destroy those annoying pests," Brick said. "Come on, boys, let's destroy them so we can go back and start our new life!"

"Wait," Dr. Edwards shouted. "Why do you want to destroy them?"

"Well, duh, they destroyed us, we want revenge!" Butch said with much sarcasm.

"Well, you can't destroy them," Dr. Edwards flatly stated, which sounded like an order.

"Look, we need to defeat them. How else could we regain our pride as a group if we don't destroy them," Brick reasoned.

"Besides, they cheated. We won fair and square, and they cheated to destroy us," Boomer said, remembering the fight.

"In short, we hate them," Butch said, summarizing the feeling of the group towards their female counterparts.

"Look boys, I understand how you feel. But I do have a better solution," Dr. Edwards proposed.

"Well?" Boomer said.

"What if, instead of destroying them, why don't you just beat them in a fight without destroying them?" Dr. Edwards proposed.

"Now why would we want to do that?" Boomer asked, his childlike tone gone at the mention of the Powerpuff Girls. "They destroyed us. It's only fair that they get their just desserts!"

"Well, wouldn't it be better if they would live knowing that they were beaten, instead of going down in a blaze of glory in a fight? What would be more humiliating than somebody who has never been beaten before to be defeated, and with the knowledge that they continue to exist due to the fact that they were spared?"

Boomer and Butch had blank expressions, Brick smirked more, and his eyes brightened.

"Oh I get it!" the red haired leader exclaimed. "You're right Doctor, this is much better than destroying them. Much better, and more enjoyable!"

"What are you talking about?" Boomer and Butch asked.

They understood the words, only they could not comprehend their meaning.

Dr. Edwards sighed. "Let me put it this way. If you let them live, you could always brag them and tease them on how you kicked their butt."

"Yeah!" Boomer shouted. He is the most peaceful of the three, yet violent compared to the Powerpuff Girls. He was just relieved that he could have revenge without killing or destroying anyone.

"What the heck?" Butch said, his reaction quite different from that of his Blue eyed brother. "I rather blow them to kingdom come!"

"Butch, don't you get it?" Brick exclaimed. "We could kick their butt over and over if we let them live. If we kill them, it would be boring, for we have nobody worth our power to kick around. With them, we could always have a decent fight."

"Well, if you put it that way, I'm in," Butch said, though he was still unsure of his brother's plan. Still, he was willing to trust his brother and his new father figure on this.

"Okay, Doctor, what your plan?" Brick asked.

"Excuse me?"

"What do we do now?"

"Well, you haven't eaten yet, so I'll have the maid fix you some snacks while I prepare your room," Dr. Edwards said. "In the meantime, you could roam around the house and do whatever normal six year old kids do…with superpowers of course," he said. "Then, tomorrow morning, we'll plan the future."

The boys quickly scanned the house, while the doctor went to his room and packed all his things except for the bed. He then put packed boxes in the storage room and set to remodel his room to fit the boys. Luckily, he used an oversized bed for himself so that all three boys would fit.

The boys discovered the TV, and soon, they were attached to it. Butch wanted to watch gore and violence, so he wanted to watch one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies, Boomer wanted to watch Sponge Bob, while Brick wanted to watch the Discovery channel. In the end, before they could watch anything, the Doctor called them to eat.

"We should have watched Terminator 6! At least we could have watched something, but you wanted to watch Sesame Street," Butch said derisively.

"The movie you want to watch has too much gore and violence Butch. And the so-called plot is so poorly done that it is obvious that they inserted it just to make sense of all the bloodshed," Brick replied.

"You're the one to talk. Well at least it's better than watching a documentary on whatever you wanted to watch. And besides, how'd you know about the plot? We never did watch it because both of you wanted to watch shows for sissies and nerdies," the green rowdyruff replied.

"For your information, the documentary I wanted to watch is about Machiavelli and his ideas, the plot I read at Dad…I mean Dr. Edwards' movie guide, and Machiavelli's ideas are not for nerds," Brick asserted.

"Yeah, and Sponge Bob is not for sissies," Boomer added.

"Now boys, let's not fight over TV shows, okay?" Dr. Edwards interjected. "Besides we have more important matters to talk about," he said as they all settled down around the dinner table.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for one thing, tomorrow, we'll go back to Townsville," the Doctor answered.

"What do you mean, 'go back', Dad…I mean Dr. Edwards," Boomer asked. "And where are we?"

"Well, you were first created there, so you are, in a sense, going back there. I grew up there, and left Townsville when I went to college, so I am going back."

"But where are we?"

"We're in Citisville," Dr. Edwards replied. He then continued. "I own a large track of land the edge of Townsville's suburbs. In fact, I own the largest track of land in Townsville. I own a house at that piece of land, and we'll move in there tomorrow."

"Cool," Brick said. "Then we'll kick the Powerpuff Girl's butt tomorrow!"

"Not so fast Brick," Dr. Edwards said. "You need to train first so that you could fare better against them. And we still don't know if them kissing you will destroy you."

Brick, Butch and Boomer cringed at the memory. It was all too clear how they were cheated out of their victory. They instantly began to make coughing sounds and began wiping their cheeks with their hands.

"Yuck, yuck, thanks for reminding us," Butch sarcastically said as he ran to the bathroom and frantically started washing his cheeks with soap.

"We have cooties!" Boomer panicked, then started after Butch trying to wash of the 'stain'.

Even the normally cool and controlled Brick took a handkerchief from his pocket and started wiping his cheek.

"Now why all the fuss? Is it because you were kissed by little girls or due to the fact that those little girls were the Powerpuff Girls," Dr. Edwards said in an amused tone.

"We were kissed by girls," Brick said as he cringed at the thought.

"Well, aside from the fact that it caused your destruction, it seemed to me that you liked it," Dr. Edwards teased, he was by this time laughing out loud.

"Ha! NO WAY! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS DAD I mean Doctor!" Brick shouted. "I would never ever like being kissed by any girl ever," the six-year-old declared.

"US TOO!" Boomer and Brick declared.

"Well, you'll change your minds about girls when you grow up," Dr. Edwards said.

"Na-ah, girls have cooties, especially those Powerpuff Girls," Brick said, his tone in saying 'Powerpuff Girls' full of hatred, disgust and contempt.

Dr. Edwards detected the tone and decided to steer the conversation back to where it was supposed to be. "Anyway, regardless of whether or not you liked the kiss…"

"We do not!" The three interrupted.

"As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted," he then stared down his boys, "that kiss triggered a chemical reaction which in a few seconds caused your basic ingredients to revert back to original form. My guess is that the kiss made the Chemical X already dangerously unstable to disintegrate, thus leaving you only with your basic ingredients, ultimately making you three non-existent."

Butch and Boomer had blank expressions in their face. "What?"

"What the professor said is that the kiss destroyed us," Brick said as a matter-of-factly.

"Oh," Boomer and Butch said with the look of enlightenment in their faces.

"Anyway, I used a different form of Chemical X, one which is more stable than the one Mojo used. I am not sure whether or not kissing you again will destroy you. If you wanted to fight now or tomorrow, you will have to take the risk of being destroyed. But if we plan ahead, I could research and test if a kiss from a girl would affect you any way in your present composition. I'll also show you tapes of all the girls' fights. I want you to study all of them, see their weaknesses, and plan your strategy."

"Oh I get it, if we wait, we would gain time and would surely defeat the Powerpuff Girls, while if we attack tomorrow, we couldbe beaten," Brick said.

"But we kicked their butts last time!" Butch protested.

"Well Butch, you three fought brilliantly, but as I saw it, you three kinda had a hard time before ultimately defeating them. Now, the Powerpuff's Girls' skills improved considerably since that time, and I'm not sure you could beat them using the same strategy. Now, if you train first and observe how they fight in all their battles in record, you could revise your strategy or make new ones. And also, I'll teach you all I know on everything so that you could be superior to the girls in every way, not only in fighting."

"What do you mean?" Boomer said. "How will that help us in our revenge?"

"You see, if there's one thing the three girls believe themselves to be, it's that they are the best citizens in all Townsville, among the kids at least. Though they don't tell it out loud, they feel, either consciously or subconsciously, to be superior to everybody. Their actions all show this. Besides, wouldn't it be great to have their ego shattered when they discovered that they were surpassed by three boys who were their former enemies, that they're not the best like they always believed themselves to be?"

"You're right, Doctor, they won't be high and mighty once we get through with them," Brick concurred.

"Then you agree, of course, to my conditions?"

"Yeah, Dad…I mean Doctor," all three shouted just before they devoured the last of the meal.

It was about bedtime. All three were dressed in the huge pyjamas of Dr. Edwards. And considering that Dr. Edwards is over 6 feet tall, they were huge and very loose. Anyway, the boys happily accepted them, and soon, were tucked in by the Doctor in his bed.

"Goodnight boys," William Edwards said, as he finally tucked the covers over the boys.

"Goodnight Doctor," all three said in unison.

As the doctor was about to leave, Boomer suddenly said something.

"Doctor, could we call you Dad?" the Blue Rowdyruff requested.

Dr. Edwards was shaken at this suggestion. True, he had grown to love the three in just a short span of time, a few hours in fact. Yet he always felt that the feeling was not mutual. True, he always heard the Boys slip and call him Dad, but he regarded them as mistakes on the part of his boys, and resigned himself that the boys would feel nothing for him as a father figure.

So he was visibly shaken, and visibly pleased. After a twinge of nervousness, he smiled, and said, "sure Boomer, and that goes to the three of you," he then paused, look intently at his sons, sleepy yet awake, then said, "my sons."

"Thanks Dad," Brick said, this time without any hesitation. "Does that mean that we are a family?"

"Yes son, yes," Dr. Edwards said. "Goodnight," he abruptly said and turned around. Before leaving, he turned around to ask if they would like the door to be closed. Yet it was all moot for they were all asleep, and he closed the door.

'Professor Utonium, how wrong I am in assuming you faked the creation of the Powerpuff Girs,' he thought as he ascended the stairs to brush his teeth and wash his face. 'Now I can't expose you as the fraud you are. No matter, thanks to you, I had gained something far more valuable than the satisfaction of seeing you humiliated. Yes, the boys, though an accident, are still my sons and nothing can change that. You gave me a purpose in life other than making you pay. But remember Utonium, I still hate you with all my heart for what you did to me before, and I will always do. I'm sure, no, I know the feeling is mutual. To Boomer, Butch and Brick, though I didn't expect you, I welcome you nonetheless. You brought joy into my lonely heart and a new purpose in life. In all my life I hadn't to learned to love anyone I met to within six months after I first met them, yet you managed to make me love you in just a few short hours. I can't explain why that is so, but no matter. I promise that you will have the best of this world. You will be my heirs, and will inherit the wealth and the land and honor of my family. I shall love you as a father shall love his sons, unconditionally, and would make you into respectable members of the society. I will also allow you to have your revenge on those girls, for it is obvious that you hated them. But I would make sure that what you do will be within the bounds of the law.'

By this time, he had finished washing, is in his pyjamas, and is walking towards the couch. He then lied down, and slept.

'Yes, tomorrow would be an interesting day,' Dr. Edwards said as he fell asleep.