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A super kawaii chibi Riku!

Author's Ranting:
I wrote this fic while I was half asleep so don't hate me if it's stupid. Well, I actually think it's cute, so, hah!
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Umm...ok, I should stop rambling, I have nothing to say, really. Just read and enjoy. I hope.


"Riku! Get back here!" Selphie yelled, as she raced after the silver-haired boy.

"No!! I'm not drinking this stuff! Who knows what you put in there!"

Riku dashed towards the beach, intending to jump into the water and swim away from the hellish yellow-clad creature also known as Selphie, the hyperactive rubberball. Unfortunately, he tripped over a log on the ground as he looked back to see if Selphie was still following him, and fell straight on his face. Selphie quickly took the chance to catch up with him and tackled him as he tried to get up.

"Dammit, Sel! Leave me alone! I don't want to drink that green stuff!" he yelled, trying to shove her away. Selphie ignored his struggles and grabbed his nose, squeezing it before she poured the liquid into his mouth.

"And now be a good boy and swallow," the girl chirped, patting Riku's head while she grinned almost gleefully.

Riku glared but swallowed in order to breathe again, coughing as the liquid ran down his throat. Selphie let go off him and bounced up.

"See? Wasn't that bad, right?"

Riku grunted and shrugged.

"I'm still living. What the heck was that, anyway?" he asked, frowning at the strange feeling he suddenly got.

The brunette grinned. "Oh, me and Kairi tried to make a potion."

The silver haired boy raised his eyebrows in curiosity.

"Oh? A potion? For what?"

Selphie smiled mysteriously and then began to giggle. Riku frowned at that, but then Selphie opened her mouth to speak.

"Last night we had a sleepover, and Kairi found some photos of you and Sora when you were little...I mean, you were that tall," she said, gesturing their height with her hands. The palm of her hand was just above her knee, showing that Riku and Sora must have been about two or three years old to be so small.

Riku nodded, expecting Selphie to eventually come to the point.

"You were so cute, Kairi said the same thing," she added, but then stopped talking what so ever. Riku patiently waited but there was nothing. Selphie simply brushed herself off and flipped around to bounce away, just like Riku wasn't there at all.

"H-hey! Wait! Selphie!" he called after her, but the brunette just bounced away, waving at him.

"See ya, little one," she called, and then she was gone, leaving Riku stare in confusion.

"Little one? I'm older and bigger than her, no one calls me 'little one'," he muttered, surprised as he heard his voice. Since when was it so high?

Riku frowned as he suddenly felt that strange feeling again, His clothes seemed to get loose and his surroundings grew. They got bigger and bigger until large aqua eyes blinked in innocent fascination as they stared at a twinkling seashell.

"Woooow...Thas shiny!" a child-like voice exclaimed and small chubby fingers reached to touch the object.

"Hey Riku!"

By the mention of his name, the boy turned around to see a very big Sora. He was almost three times bigger.

"Sora? Why are you so big?"

The brunette stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the person before him. Short silver hair. Large aqua eyes that were blinking at him with such pure innocence, rivaling his own twinkling eyes. Clothes almost five sizes too large and an adorable little body.

"Ri...Riku?" Sora asked with raised eyebrows. Could this little baby boy really be Riku? This boy looked exactly like the young Riku Sora had known...the only problem was, HOW did he turn into a 3 years-old boy?

"What?" Riku gave a snappy reply, crossing his arms in a childish manner. Then, when he attempted to step forward, he tripped over his now much too big shoes and hit the ground rather ungracefully. Sora winced and quickly rushed to help him up.

"Hey, you okay?" He patted the small boy on the back and made him look up. There was a red mark on his forehead. Sora bit his lip, feeling his heart jump at the sight. This was so adorable. On the one side, it must have really hurt and Sora felt sympathetic, but on the other hand, Riku looked so helpless and cute as he sniffled to hold back his tears.

Sora could see that he was fighting the tears with all his strength. The brunette smiled and cupped Riku's cheek, ruffling his hair slightly.

"You don't have to cry. Remember what my mom always says? You'll grow whenever you fall, so don't cry."

Riku's expression immediately changed, and Sora saw the bright eyes glare at him.

"I'm not crying! Crying is for babies. I'm a man! I'm already thwee years old!" He showed Sora three fingers to emphasize his statement.

Sora laughed at that, melting at the pure sweetness of this boy. He couldn't quite remember if Riku had been like this when they were little, because Sora had been too young to remember, but he knew that this Riku was too cute for his own good. Sora wondered what might have happened to turn Riku into this, but he couldn't find any logical answer. It was impossible, he thought, but then he looked at the boy before him, who was staring at Sora's gravity defying hair as though it was something magical. It was possible. Somehow. Because Riku was there, and he was three years old.

Sora shook his head and crouched down to Riku.

"I don't know how you got like this, but you'll come with me for now, okay?"

He smiled and picked the silver haired boy up, cradling a kicking and punching Riku.

"Lemme go! I'm not a baby!" he wailed, trying to wriggle out of Sora's arms. The brunette chuckled and only tightened his arms.

"You can't walk in these clothes. Come on, I'll get you to my house. My parents aren't at home for the next week. I think you should stay with me until we found out what happened and how to get you back to normal, ok?"

The words, however, were nonexistent for Riku, for the little boy was too caught up in the magic of Sora's necklace. As Sora looked down, he saw how Riku watched the pendant bounce whenever Sora took a step and he almost laughed as Riku leaned too close so that the silvery object hit his face. Riku mewled and glared, trying to hold the thing in place by scowling at it. Of course, it didn't work, and Riku eventually gave up, leaning his head on Sora's shoulder.

"..I'm hungry.." he murmured, starting to chew on Sora's shirt.

The brunette swatted Riku's head away to stop him from biting him and nudged his nose with his index finger.

"Stop eating me until we're home and then you'll get something really good."

Riku sulked, considering the words, and eventually nodded. He rolled his eyes heavenwards and sighed, leaning back on Sora's shoulder.

Sora carried Riku to his house and placed him on the kitchen counter while he prepared a bowl of cereal for his little friend.

"So," he began as he poured the milk over the Choco Crispies. "Do you remember what happened?"

Riku beamed at the bowl that was almost as big as him. He shook his head in answer to Sora's question and began to stuff the cereal into his mouth. Being a little child, he started to make a mess with the milk and Sora quickly took the spoon. He wiped at Riku's mouth and cleaned the little mess before he began to feed his friend, preventing the kitchen to turn into a battlefield.

"You don't remember? Well, what's the last thing you know?"

Sora paused feeding Riku to let him think. The silver haired boy put a finger to his chin and knitted his brows in thought. He was obviously thinking very hard and absently let his legs dangle from the counter.

"Mmm....still hungry!" he eventually whined, tugging on Sora's arm to make him feed him.

Sora smiled and fed him a little more until Riku shook his head and pressed his lips together.

"Full," he said, letting his hands rest in his lap.

Sora finished the rest and put the bowl in the sink.

"Now come on, Riku. What do you remember? There must be something."

Riku sighed and stared at his small hands. He couldn't remember. Everything was fuzzy, and the only thing he remembered was Sora.

"I dunno..." he murmured, inspecting his hands. Sora heaved a sigh and placed a hand on Riku's head.

"Do you remember your friends? Selphie? Tidus, Wakka, Kairi?"

Riku looked up, a small frown on his baby-like features. "I remember you," he answered, reaching out to poke Sora's cheek.

The brunette chuckled and shook his head. "But the others? Do you remember them? Your parents? Anything?"

Riku was obviously more confused than Sora and the little boy's frown got deeper with every word. Sora noticed that his mind couldn't grasp what was going on, and that he probably didn't remember a thing.

"My parents are mean. They never come home," Riku quietly said, looking a little hurt. The brunette raised an eyebrow. Of course! Riku's parents were both working and they always came home at night when he was already sleeping, and in the morning they were gone before he woke up. It had been that way since he was a little child.

"Stay with me and I'll take care of you," Sora assured, smiling affectionately. Riku looked up and nodded in agreement. Sora grinned and the ruffled soft silver hair. Riku pouted and tried to swat the hands away.

"Don't be mean!" he whined, desperately trying to get the hand out of his hair. Sora chuckled and continued to ruffle the hair.

"You're so cute," he laughed as Riku crossed his arms and sulked.

"Aw come on," Sora smiled, hugging his little friend. Riku was surprised but also enjoyed the feeling since he had never been treated this way by his parents.

After a while, Sora pulled away.

"Oh right, I need to make a call. Stay here, all right? I'll be right back."

Sora rushed into the living room and picked up the receiver, dialing the number of Riku's house. No one answered. Sora rolled his eyes and dialed the number of the place where Riku's mom was working.

Someone picked up.


Sora mentally cheered.

"Hi! This is Sora. I just wanted to tell you that Riku is going to stay over at my place for a few days, is that all right?"

A laugh was audible and Riku's mother replied, "Of course, honey. You two take care of yourselves, Riku's father and I are very busy at the moment. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Sora nodded, although the woman couldn't see it and before he could say anything else, Riku's mother hung up.

He rolled his eyes. Riku's parents were even worse than workerholics. They probably wouldn't even notice that Riku turned into a child. Sighing again, Sora made his way back to the kitchen where he found that Riku was no longer on the counter.

"Riku? Riku," he called, wondering where he had run off to. Grinning, he took a deep breath.

"Riiiikuuuuuu! Where aaaaare youuuuu," Sora sang.

He stopped, listening for any answer.

"In your rooooooom!" came a reply, equally melodic. Sora snickered. They used to do that when they were kids. He made his way to his room, only to find that Riku wasn't wearing any pants even more, but only his shirt that covered him like an extra long cloak. His clothes were much too big, but Sora had nothing to give him instead.

"Whee! Come on and jump, too!" Riku squealed as he began to jump on the bed. Sora slapped his forehead and heaved a long sigh.

"Don't jump on the bed, Riku. You're ruining it," he said in a tone that reminded of an annoyed parent.

Riku stopped immediately and stared wide-eyed.

"You..." He slowly lifted his arm to point at Sora.

"You....sound like mom!" Riku yelled, sticking his tongue out before he began to bounce again. Sora's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to deny it, but then he realized that Riku was right. He remembered the time when the two of them played and their parents always told them to stop because they'd ruin or break something. Of course, he now knew that they had been right, but for a 3 year old, it was simply inconceivable.

Deciding that a little fun wouldn't kill them, and that Riku was simply too adorable to resist, Sora joined him jumping on the bed.

Riku smiled at him and they jumped until Riku was too exhausted to go on. His little chest was heaving and his hair was damp and messy. Sora had stopped awhile ago and was lying sprawled on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Riku finally managed to catch his breath and decided to lie down too...

...on Sora.

Giggling at Sora's protesting sounds, Riku lay on Sora's stomach, resting his head on his hands to look directly into Sora's eyes. He was smiling.

Sora stopped protesting and looked back, seeing how wonderfully pure and innocent Riku's eyes were. In this state, Riku was simply an angel.

Sora raised an eyebrow as Riku began to move again. He pushed himself up and crawled a little bit father until he reached Sora's cheek. The brunette felt something amazingly soft press against his cheek, so shy and timid, yet so full of honest affection and he smiled as he watched Riku withdraw and crawl off him to curl up beside him.

He didn't know what had happened to Riku, but he certainly wouldn't mind if he stayed like this for a little longer. Riku was such a cute little kid, and Sora enjoyed that for once, he was the older and smarter one while Riku was the cute and innocent one.

He would gladly babysit this darling little angel until he was back to normal.

~To be continued.....?~


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