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"It's getting really late…" Sora mused as he looked at the darkened sky. It must have been after midnight, at least five few hours had passed since they had come here. Many people where still at the festival, he could see that from the little island. But he couldn't deny that his eyes started to get heavy and he fought his hardest not to yawn.

Riku yawned.

"Just a little longer…" he mumbled as he did something he used to do as a little boy. Riku's arms were wrapped around Sora and his face rested on his friend's shoulder. Without further warning, he began to gnaw gently on Sora's shoulder, playfully tugging on the shirt.


Sora blinked and stared at Riku in a mixture of shock and amusement. The latter took over eventually and the brunet burst into laughter at Riku's strange behaviour.

"What's gotten into you?" he asked between laughter, wincing slightly as Riku bit down on his shoulder. It didn't hurt, though. Riku was gentle. Nudging his shoulder again, Riku blew out his breath and buried his face in Sora's shirt.

"You know…I think I learned something…" he began, rubbing his nose against the soft fabric of Sora's shirt. The scent was intoxicatingly fresh. Not sweet or anything. Just really refreshing and it made you feel good.

Sora chuckled and tapped Riku on the head. "Oh, now you're starting with the moral of our story or what?"

Sora was rewarded with another small bite that told him to shut up. He sniggered. It didn't take too long for him to be quiet then and Riku heaved a sigh and yawned again. He seemed to have forgotten that he had started to say something and was almost drifting off to sleep as he lay in Sora's arms. Sora's arms…

"You took care of me all the time…" he murmured, forcing himself to stay awake for the sake of his need to state the point he saw in this whole turning into kid thing. He really thought that there was a point in everything, even in this stupid incident.

"No kidding," Sora answered. "You were such a pain in the—"

Riku bit him yet again and this time it did hurt a little. "Ow!" Sora exclaimed, slapping Riku's back. The silver haired boy chuckled and mumbled something like "serves you right."

Then it was silent.

They spent at least half an hour in silence, undisturbed and completely content. Sora's eyes dropped shut and he considered staying out tonight. The way home seemed so long, too long so that it was a lot better to just sleep here. Riku seemed to be of his opinion, as he felt the boy's head dropping limply against his shoulder.

"I dare you to drool on me…" Sora half-heartedly muttered as he shifted slightly to get into a more comfortable position.

When he moved him and Riku, he saw that the silver haired boy's eyes were still open and he seemed wide-awake, at least for the moment.

They looked into each other's eyes and a smile crept up Riku's lips.

"I like you taking care of me," he whispered.

Sora blinked, not quite understanding what Riku meant by this at first. He only realized the meaning when Riku leaned in and--


A voice roared through the air, causing the boys to bump their heads in irritation at the sudden and very loud intruder.

Sora quickly pulled away and snapped his head from side to side, scanning their surroundings for the source of the voice. Riku followed suit and he was soon looking into the right direction, catching sight of two girls and two boys getting out of their boats.

"Oh no."

Sora's ears perked up and he turned to his friend. "What's up?" he asked, blinking his innocent blue eyes in a way only he could do.

Riku had to smile at this and was tempted to lean in again. To hell with the audience if that's what they wanted to be. But then he reminded himself that it might not be the greatest idea to start making out with Sora in front of everyone. Not because he thought they would mind but more because he thought they would get too caught up in it….because he knew Selphie and Kairi's strange tendency to pair up guys with their best friends. He'd known it for a long time and he always wondered how Tidus and Wakka could stand the company of the girls, especially Selphie. She was boy-crazy but in the boy-on-boy kind of way.

"MAYBE WE SHOULD LEAVE BEFORE WE CATCH SOMEONE MAKING OUT!" Kairi hollered again and it was very obvious that she was trying to warn Sora and Riku.

There was a half muttered protest from Selphie; Riku could hear it when he strained his ears. Then the boys, Tidus and Wakka, said something but it was too unclear to understand.

Eventually, the four teens came closer, strolling along the beach and towards the little bridge that led to the isle with the Paopu tree where Sora and Riku were sitting.

Kairi saw them immediately and even though it was dark, Riku thought he saw her winking at them. Sora was just looking around, seeming puzzled as he watched the group of his friends.

"Hey, what are they doing here?" he asked Riku, frowning slightly. It was late and he thought they had long gone home or were at least on their way home. After all, the whole festival thing was always really exhausting.

"How should I know?" Riku absently replied as he got up to dust himself off. He wobbled slightly from side to side, indicating that he was indeed sleepy already. Kairi was the first one to reach them, running towards the boys with a big smile. She hugged Riku as soon as she was there, tackling him slightly with the force of her run.

"Hiya! I haven't even seen you ever since you changed back to normal!"

Selphie giggled and came bouncing after Kairi, swaying her head from side to side. Riku backed away from her almost instinctively.

Sora smiled and decided to stand up, too. He walked to Kairi, gave her a hug and whispered something into her ear so that Riku felt a little jealous when he saw that. It seemed… intimate.

"Mine…" he subconsciously muttered, edging closer to Sora to get a hold of his sleeve.

When Kairi noticed that she looked over to Riku and smiled, reaching out to pat his head.

"Still not quite, huh? But I admit you're cute when you act like a three-year-old."

It caught Riku off guard when he realized he was indeed acting very much like a child. He blinked, then shook his head and frowned. He must get back to normal. Back to his old self. Seemingly the potion had some side effects on his psyche and now he was acting like a retard.

"Shit…" he muttered, banging his hand on his head. It was aaaaalllll Selphie's fault.

Sora laughed and caught his wrists to stop him from hurting himself. He gave him an affectionate smile and leaned in to his ear, whispering softly, "I just thanked her for her help. Nothing to be jealous about, I'm all yours."

He stopped pounding on his head and gazed at Sora with a little awe glittering in his eyes. Riku blushed. He looked down and shuffled his feet in embarrassment. "It…I know…I wasn't…" he mumbled, sounding cutely sulky. Sora melted. This was more than he could have ever imagined. Riku was ten thousand times cuter when he was 15. Who would have known?

"So, who's the girl?" Tidus suddenly asked, drawing the attention to himself as everyone turned to stare at him.

"Huh?" Sora scratched his head and looked around. "What girl?"

Tidus grinned and crossed his arms. He then drew his lips together to a fine line as though he was thinking it over again but then he nodded and grinned again.

"Nah, who's the girl in your relationship? You know, who's the one getting carried and held and stuff?"

Kairi snickered at Sora's puzzled expression. Could a fourteen-year-old boy really be that clueless? She sighed dreamily at the boy's adorableness. She had always known why she liked him.

Selphie laughed and pointed at Sora. "Obviously it's Sora! He's younger, he's naïve, he is so uke!"

Tidus raised an eyebrow. "Uke?"

Selphie nodded her head vigorously. "Yeah, that means he's the submissive one. He's the girl! That's the term you use when talking about yaoi and every fangirl knows that. And, and usually it's the younger and smaller one who's the uke, you see, so it must be Sora, ne? Ne?"

Sora immediately opened his mouth to protest. "Heeey! Wait a second! Riku is much girlier than me!" he exclaimed, flailing his arms into the air in irritation.

"I think you meant more girly, ya?" Wakka asked in amusement, cocking his head to one side. Sora rolled his eyes and clenched his teeth. Who cared about poor grammar. He was not a girl.

But all his protesting seemed lost as his friends suddenly started arguing about whether it was "girlier" or "more girly" and then the topic changed completely because the next thing Sora picked up from their conversation was something about hot dogs and mustard.

All the while Riku was standing there, just kind of staring off into space. Sora glanced at him with a bit of worry and decided to nudge him, just to make sure he was still here.

Riku was startled, obviously, and jerked away as Sora nudged his arm. He narrowed his eyes and then stared at Sora as though he was sizing him up. At last he gave him a nod and began to smirk.

"Yup, you're definitely the girl," he stated, somewhat smugly so that all Sora could do was pout and stick out his tongue. But all of Riku's teasing only made him love the boy more and more. Riku took his hand then and they held hands, smiling slightly as they glanced at each other out of the corners of their eyes. Something about this was really comforting. The feel of someone's hand in your hand. Sora loved the emotions passing him when he squeezed his friend's hand. A simple touch could be so magical and it was all so exciting because it was Riku.

Suddenly, however, the beautiful dream-like idyll was destroyed.

A high-pitched scream ripped them out of bliss and they saw a flash of yellow before their eyes and a very distressed Selphie bounced in front of them.

"YouYouYouYouYou!!" she squealed, having a troubled look on her face. "YouYouYou! YouYou! Theretherethere!" She then pointed at the Paopu tree and made wild signs and gestures with her hands, as though she couldn't talk anymore. And indeed, her voice didn't seem to work all that well, for all she could do was utter some half-choked syllables.

The teens turned to look at the tree and expected to see the Paopu fruit hanging there. Instead, there was nothing, though. The yellow fruit was gone and it had been the last of this season, too. Not that anyone ever ate it but it was always some kind of symbol that the colder season was coming when the last Paopu fruit fell off the tree.

Kairi was the first one to realize what Selphie thought and turned back to Sora and Riku.

"Have you seen it fall down? Or…did you…purposely take it down?"

She had the feeling the boys had done something with the fruit, something she wasn't sure whether any of them would have done. But of course it could have also been that the fruit just dropped off the tree because it was time and Sora and Riku had seen it fall into the ocean.

But the look on Sora's face (and he was such an open book) told Kairi that the former theory was very much more likely. Riku's face was also not very concealing, which was a bit out of character in her opinion. Riku could keep a mask sometimes. But not always, as she just saw.

The boy's blushing complexions told her everything. Selphie was slowly regaining her senses and her power seemed to come back very quickly, for in the next second she was bouncing wildly again.

"You shared it, didn't you?! You shared the Paopu! Oh my God, you shared a Paopu! Awww it's like you're married already!" She clapped her hands together and squealed in what seemed to be delight and shock at the same time. Riku almost feared she was going to burst from…whatever she felt.

Then they were showered with questions. Riku couldn't even understand half of them and Sora was clutching to him helplessly as Kairi and Selphie, and even Tidus and Wakka bombed them with questions about whether the legend was true and how they felt and what it was like to share one and and and…

"So what did it taste like?" Kairi cheerfully inquired, eyes sparkling in excitement.

Riku shrugged, eyeing the yellow-clad girl on the right a little suspiciously. He had to admit that Selphie scared him... Turning back to Kairi he shook his head and shrugged again.

"It tasted awful. Just awful. Like, you mix toothpaste with mud or something."

Sora shook his head. "Nah! That's not it! I think it tasted like…like…" He crossed his arms and thought a little on it, chewing on his lower lip as he did. Kairi watched him with great care and expectation.

Meanwhile Tidus and Wakka had somehow found a way to amuse themselves with throwing logs into the water. They seemed to be easily entertained. Selphie was watching them and cheering on Tidus to throw the logs farther than Wakka.

"So, what did it taste like, huh? Come on, Sora, tell me," the auburn haired girl urged, putting her hands to her hips.

Sora frowned and unfolded his arms to let them fall back to his sides.

"You know that foul taste when you've just woken up in the morning?"

Kairi nodded.

"Yeah…take that…and…and…add the taste of raw onions. Kind of like that…" he mumbled, grimacing at the memory of the terrible fruit. He hadn't complained before simply because he hadn't really noticed. The whole atmosphere had been so magical and so romantic that he didn't even realize anything beside Riku. But now that he was talking about it, casually talking about it with his friends… It tasted gruesome. Like onions.

"Onions?!" Selphie suddenly squeaked, jumping up from her position next to Wakka and Tidus.

"You mean the star-shaped symbol of love that entwines our destinies tastes like onions?!"

"And mud," Riku meekly added, hiding behind Sora when Selphie seemed to go berserk.

"ONIONS?! I can't believe it tastes like onions!" And then the girl began to ramble about her lost dreams, about the now disappearing mythos of the fruit of love. And she was swooning for show only to get up and ramble again; it was quite a show.

Wakka meanwhile stopped competing with Tidus and scratched his head in wonder. Hadn't there been this part of the legend that said…

"Hey, aren't Paopus supposed to taste like your lover?" Kairi suddenly asked, turning to her friends with questioning eyes. Tidus raised his eyebrows

"Really? Never heard of that," he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

Wakka, however, nodded at Kairi. "That's right, ya. The legend says, 'Those who share the Paopu will share one sky, one destiny. Their love shall bind them together and as evidence of their connection, they will forever hold the taste of their lover in memory…' …or something like that, ya."

Wakka wasn't a genius when it came to quoting old legends but he knew that passage of the story everyone always talked about. He had always wondered how you were supposed to 'hold the taste of your lover in memory' since…how was a person supposed to taste like something?

Sora and Riku exchanged a look as the words sank in.

They stared at each other and both had slightly worried looks on their faces. Somehow, this couldn't be right. Somehow, Sora couldn't just taste like toothpaste mixed with mud and Riku couldn't taste foul and like raw onions. Right?

They gave each other doubting and worried glances.

Kairi, however, managed to pull them out of their misery. "Oh come on! It's just a legend! It's probably not true so don't worry about it! I bet it's meant like…when you share the Paopu, you kiss the person and theeeen you'll know what they taste like. Right?"

She smiled in that easy-going way of hers and patted both Sora and Riku on the back to reassure them. It didn't quite work, though. Sora gave Riku a slightly anxious look while Riku grimaced slightly at the thought of kissing Sora only to find he tasted that terrible.

Selphie still hadn't got over the fact that Paopus tasted like onions and only talked incoherently and gibberish when Kairi took her hand to lead her away.

"We're going home now. Selphie just wanted to check on you, and I wanted to see how things are going…" Kairi turned to Sora and gave him another friendly smile.

"Seems like everything went according to the plan, huh?" She winked at the spiky haired boy and then turned around to drag Selphie away, followed by Tidus and Wakka.

It looked funny, the way those four kids left the island. Kairi was leading them, dragging a half traumatized Selphie with her while Tidus and Wakka went after them like two bodyguards.

"They're strange…" Sora murmured with a smile, regaining his wits and forgetting about his worries of foul taste. Indeed, they were strange people. But he liked them and all of them were his friends, no matter how weird they really were.

It was about 2 in the morning when Riku sneaked into his room, pulling Sora along. His parents had been at home but they were sleeping on the living room couch, probably having fallen asleep while watching TV after a day full of work.

Sora supposed his parents knew he would spend the night with Riku. It wasn't unusual for them to stay somewhere during the night. Sometimes they would just sleep outside on the beach, their parents never really minded.

This time, however, it was a bit different.

Riku smiled lazily when he went to sit down on his bed. He patted the spot beside him to tell Sora to sit down next to him, which the boy immediately did.

Arms came wrapping around him and soon the boys were locked in a tight embrace, causing Riku to fall backwards on the mattress so that Sora was lying on top of him. The younger boy leaned down.

"I love you," Sora whispered against Riku's lips, not quite touching them yet.

Riku shuddered and tightened his arms around Sora, crushing him closer to him.

"I love you more," he hurriedly whispered back, as though he meant to say something better so he could win against Sora. It almost seemed like a competition when they caressed each other and nuzzled each other.

Sometime during their little competition, when Riku was trying his best to keep awake, Sora had to chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. They were both dead tired, exhausted, and on top of it all they were both inexperienced with things like that.

"Riku, just stop it for now," the brunet suggested, rolling off his friend to settle beside him. The bed was narrow so they had to lie really closely together.

"So you're giving up already, huh?" the silver haired boy teased, smirking slightly, even though he had to strain every inch of his body to stay awake.

Sora rolled his eyes and snuggled up with Riku. Leaning to his ear, he kissed it gingerly and smiled.

"No, I won already. And now let's sleep 'cause I'm tired…"

Riku blinked and raised his head.

"What? When did you win?" he complained, truly worried that he had missed something.

A grin suddenly spread over Sora's face and even though his eyes were already closed he knew exactly where Riku's face was. And so he raised his head, too, leaned in and pressed his lips to Riku's in a swift movement.

Riku gasped, parting his lips involuntarily. He mouthed Sora's name against the soft, plumb lips and the friction it created was unbearable. They kept moving their lips and occasionally their tongues licked across the lip but then the boys drew away in need for air.

Riku's heart was racing when he pulled away and he suddenly seemed wide-awake again.

Sora, on the other hand, seemed truly exhausted now, just as though this…kiss…had cost him all his power.

Smiling slightly, Sora inched closer to Riku until his lips were right at his ear again.

"See? I just won," he slyly whispered, eyes dropping shut in contentment.

Riku blushed.

Licking his lips in wonder and sleepy excitement, Riku noticed the strange taste on his tongue and lips. It certainly did not taste like mud. In fact, he knew that strange taste, now that he thought about it. He knew it well, and Sora knew it too.

It was the taste of that cereal! Choco Crispies, or whatever it was called.

Riku blinked. It was logical when you thought about it. Sora ate those things 24/7 so he must taste like them. It was still strange, though. Riku knew that he didn't like the taste of that junk food. He just knew he hated cereal even though Sora made him eat it every time they came across it. He even kept some in his house but only for Sora, who would come to him early in the morning to have a second breakfast since his mother had thrown him out, complaining that he ate way too much and should better start training before he got chubby.

Coming out of his thoughts, Riku then noticed that his tongue was repeatedly lapping over the lips just as though he was trying to get more of the taste. And then it hit him. He was addicted to it! Riku wanted more of that taste and if he hadn't been so dead tired, he would have gotten up and made himself a bowl of Choco Cripies right now.

That, or kissed Sora again.

But both things were above the things he could do. He just couldn't move anymore, and sleep was certainly taking over.

"You don't taste like onions…" Sora suddenly mumbled, exhaustion clearly audible.

"Sshh…just sleep," Riku whispered, reaching out to caress the younger boy's sleep. Somehow Sora was fighting to stay up even though he was practically half asleep already.

The brunet made a small sound of protest and nudged Riku's hand away, shaking his head ever so slightly.

"No…lemme get this straight…"

He cracked one eye open, yawning in the progress.

"The legend can't be true. The Paopu tasted like onions but you don't. You taste like…like…" he paused suddenly, the one open eye threatening to shut again as the silence threw its shelter over the boys. Riku was on the edge of falling asleep, too and the silence was really not helping to stay awake.

Outside the wind was howling, not much but enough to be audible. It was a soothing sound. After all the noise from the festival it was quiet again, quiet and peaceful.

"…bubblegum…" Sora yawned, burying his head in the crook of Riku's neck. Then he was really asleep. And all was quiet.

The silver haired boy lay awake for another hour while Sora had decided to steal his blanket, take almost all of the space and mumble about

"Bubblegum?" he kept wondering. Why would he taste like bubblegum? And what kind of bubblegum? Well, at least he didn't taste like onions…he had been really afraid of finding out that he tasted awful. He would never be able to kiss Sora.

He then remembered when he had asked Sora to 'play the game' the night he'd seen that embarrassing movie on the adult channel. He blushed deep scarlet when he remembered all the things he had done as a little kid. He wondered how Sora had been able to put up with him.

Turning a little to get a better view on the adorable boy, Riku reached out his hand. He stopped inches before Sora's face, just above his cheek. Sora was sleep talking, mumbling unintelligible things. Riku watched the lips move and before he knew what he was doing, his lips were on Sora's.

He kissed the boy, tasting that sweet cereal again and pulled away after a few moments to see that Sora was smiling. He didn't seem awake but he must have felt the kiss.

Riku remembered the week once again. He replayed all the past experiences, everything he had said and done with Sora that week. Tao Tao came to his mind and he raised his head again to see that Sora had really taken care of him, as he was lying on the floor, next to the bed.

As he was thinking and remembering, another thought passed in his mind.

What would it have been like when their roles had switched? What if the whole thing had happened to Sora and Riku would have been obligated to take care of him for one week?

It intrigued him somewhat but then he thought that he didn't care. What's done is done and now it's over, he sleepily thought.

At the feeling of Sora snuggling closer to him, Riku let his mind shut down right after he wrapped his arms around his adorable friend. The blanket had fallen to the floor but the boys didn't care.

Riku would have liked to give Sora one last good night kiss, but he only reached the stage of thinking of it, for in the next moment, he was asleep.

And in the morning, no one came to disturb them.

Riku's parents were early gone as usual. Well, not quite. Riku's father had come into the room for a short moment, shortly before he left for work.

He'd seen the boys lying together and for some reason it didn't bother him as much as he thought it would. Walking over to them, he picked up the stuffed panda, whom he knew as Tao Tao, the little thing Riku had loved so much when he'd been little, and put it between the boys. Not to separate them but only because it looked nice.

He chuckled and shook his head, turning around to leave the kids. Whatever they'd been doing, he was sure it was nothing bad, considering that they had their clothes on. Shrugging, he strolled out to get to work.

"They're probably sleeping till noon again," Riku's mother mumbled as she passed her husband, walking out to go to work herself.

The man smiled. "Just leave them. They're young."

They smiled at each other, kind of remembering the time when they had been their son's age.

"You think they're doing…you know…things?" the woman suddenly asked, blushing a little at the thought.

Her husband shrugged. "They're young," was his only answer and then he left.

In the bedroom, the two boys slept contently. Sora was finally getting his well-deserved rest and Riku could finally claim Sora as his.

And when they woke up, fully rested and full of energy… they would make out like there was no tomorrow!


...to be continued in "Blueberry Sky"...

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