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- Chapter 1 -

Kamiya Kaoru sat as she gazed outside the window. It was lunchtime and she could see a bunch of guys playing football on the field. She gave a sigh. She attended Takatori High School, a prestigious and very expensive private school where only the best and richest could attend. Or so they said. In her opinion it was the most snobbish school in Japan filled with the most arrogant and tiring people. Of course that would mean that she was also one of those arrogant but honestly she was too fed up think about it. Most of her friends had gone outside school to get something decent for lunch. She had stayed because, number one, she wasn't hungry, number two, she was really, really fed up with everything.

She was starting her second year at Takatori and so far it had been the pits. She was having Saitoh sensei for biology again, which would make it two years in a row. He had gone at her like anything today. She had gotten an extra essay to write. She was positive that her biology teacher held a deep grudge against her. Otherwise why would he always pick on her like that?

"Ne, Kaoru!" called someone.

She looked up to see a short, skinny girl smiling at her, her huge blue eyes sparkling with excitement. Her black hair fell in a long braid behind her below her waist. She was dressed in a white collared shirt, a red tie, a skirt and a dark blazer with the crest of Takatori stitched onto the front pocket. The Takatori High uniform.

Kaoru couldn't help smiling at her best friend. "Hey, Misao. How come you didn't go out to lunch with the others?"

Makimachi Misao plopped down on a seat next to Kaoru bouncing up and down, "Nah! It's no fun without you. Anyway I've got the greatest news!"

"What?" Kaoru asked with an amused grin, "did Shinomori-san ask you out?"

"Kaoru, you're so mean," Misao wailed, "I wish!"

Shinomori Aoshi was an extremely handsome guy in their class. Misao had been in love with him since the beginning of their first year, since she had laid eyes on him. In Kaoru's opinion Shinomori-san was way to silent and cold for her liking, despite his incredibly great looks. She couldn't see what Misao saw in him. Kaoru turned in her seat towards Misao. Feeling slightly curious she asked, "So, what's the great news?"

"Guess who's transferring to our school," Misao said, practically jumping up and down in her seat.

"Hmm... let me guess..." Kaoru muttered thoughtfully, bringing a finger on her lip, "Shinomori-san's cousin, who looks exactly like him and is in love with you at the same time?"

"Kaoru~! Stop teasing me!" Misao wailed.

"Sorry," Kaoru said with a sheepish grin, "habit. So who's coming?"

"Himura Kenshin is coming to Takatori High!"

Kaoru gasped in surprise. Himura Kenshin was the latest hot teen idol in Japan. He had starred in many TV series and movies, and had just released his debut album. Kaoru couldn't believe that he would be coming to Takatori.

"Are you sure?" Kaoru asked feeling like bouncing up and down, herself. "Oh my god! Himura Kenshin is coming to Takatori?!"

Misao nodded in enthusiasm as she placed the latest issue of J-pop! in front of Kaoru. It was open to the middle page. The headline read 'NEW TEEN SENSATION HIMURA KENSHIN: TRANSFRRING TO TAKATORI HIGH?' A huge picture of Himura looked up at her with a lazy grin. He was dressed in a tight black T-shirt and slightly baggy black pants. A silver cross hung around his neck. His long red hair was tied loosely in a low ponytail and his large violet eyes stared back at her. Her eyes went to a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. She didn't know how he had gotten it, in fact no one did. It was a really weird shape for a scar. It was even quite disturbing in a way. But Kaoru liked it. The scar gave him a certain something... she just couldn't say exactly what. Himura Kenshin looked totally hot. Kaoru stared at his lips wondering what it would be like to kiss it.

"Earth to Kaoru," Misao said with a mischievous smile, "what were you thinking about? You're all flushed. I can't believe this. Kamiya Kaoru, blushing! It's a scream! Wait till the girls here about this."

Kaoru's hand went to her cheek. Misao was right. Her cheeks did feel pretty warm. She blushed further as she muttered, "shut up, Misao. Don't you dare!"

"Hai, hai," Misao answered good-naturedly, the grin not leaving her face.

"So... urm..." Kaoru asked carefully, "when is he coming?"

"My dad told me that he's arriving tomorrow during second period. We'll be in bio." Misao made a face. "I suppose ol' Saitoh won't mind us missing his class to see him coming in?"

Kaoru laughed. She couldn't imagine her tall, thin and gangly bio teacher giving them time off lessons to gawk at some guy, even though the guy happened to be the hottest most famous guy in Japan. He would probably stare at her coldly and say...

"I suppose I could try asking my dad¡¦" Misao continued thoughtfully, "you know, whether we can skip class to help him fit in or something, show him around and stuff..."

Misao's father owned the school so anything he said went. As Misao rambled on Kaoru stared into space dreamily as she daydreamed that Himura Kenshin would ask her out. They go to a classy restaurant. He'd hold her hand, stare into her eyes and then they would kiss slowly and passionately. All of a sudden Kaoru couldn't wait for tomorrow to come. She was feeling much better already.

Kenshin sat in the limo quietly. He loosened his tie. He felt like he was being suffocated. 'Honestly, why the hell do they make these things so stiff?' he thought to himself.

"Himura-san, we're almost there," said a voice.

"Yeah, whatever," Kenshin muttered carelessly.

'Takatori High, here I come!' he thought silently with a scowl.

"Himura-san, I would like to welcome you to Takatori High School," the principle said with a huge smile plastered on his face, "we have a fine education system which consists of..."

Kenshin groaned inwardly as the principle, Tanaka Atsumori, continued to drone on and on.

'Great, stuck with a long boring speech even before I begin.'

"...I hope you find your time at this school to be a valuable learning experience," Tanaka concluded as he beamed at Kenshin, "do you have any questions?"

"Yeah," Kenshin said as he stood up, "can I go now?"

Tanaka looked rather taken aback. This hadn't been expected. "O-of course," he stammered, "uh... you may go."

Kenshin turned and left the office leaving behind a very bewildered principle staring after him. He glanced at his timetable.

"Biology, room B11, building F," he read slowly.

'Geez, block F! How big is this dratted school anyway?' he thought as he slung his bag over one shoulder. He walked towards his class cursing silently.

"Kamiya," Saitoh called, his wolf-like eyes burning right into Kaoru.

"Yes, sensei?" Kaoru answered trying to look innocent. Damn, what had she done wrong this time?

Saitoh held up the long essay that had been written by her last night, "this isn't acceptable."

Kaoru flushed angrily. She had spent hours on that essay! "May I ask what's wrong with it?" Kaoru asked, her voice as polite as she could master, as she glared at Saitoh.

"Everything," Saitoh answered his yellow eyes gleaming, "this piece of work is so poor I can't bear to even look at it."

"Sir," Kaoru began, her face flaming with anger.

"I would like you to redo it and hand it in by tomorrow," Saitoh cut her off, "also, I don't want you to be working with Makimachi this year. You distract each other too much. Makimachi, please work with Kiyosato this semester. And Kamiya, take this and distribute one to every pair." Saitoh indicated to a large basin full the sheep lungs.

"Sensei," Kaoru asked angrily, "then who will I be working with?"

"You'll find out soon enough," Saitoh snapped, "now will you please distribute a lung to each pair? We will be dissecting lungs today."

Kaoru cursed Saitoh under her breadth as she grabbed the basin. Due to her anger she didn't notice someone coming up behind her. She lost her grip and upset the whole basin over the figure.

"Urrghhh! What the FUCK is this!"

Kaoru froze when she realized that she had just upset a whole basinful of sheep lungs on someone.

Kenshin pulled off the basin from the top of his head. He brushed off bits of sheep lung from his clothes in disgust. He looked at the person who had done this to him. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Kaoru. She looked like an angel with her flawless complexion, pale and soft. Her huge blue eyes were full of apology.

"I'm so sorry," Kaoru wailed. Oh god! What had she just done! It was Himura Kenshin!

Kaoru's voice snapped him back to reality. "What the HELL do you think you're doing!" Kenshin shouted angrily.

Kaoru looked taken aback, "I said I'm sorry. It was an accident."

"You clumsy idiot!" Kenshin yelled as the horrible stink from the lungs reached his nose, "why don't you watch where you're going?"

Kaoru flared up angrily. Who did this guy think he was? Pop star or what Kaoru didn't care anymore. He was so obnoxious and rude it was unbelievable. "Well, if you would have kept your fat head out of the way this wouldn't have happened!"

"What?!" Kenshin spluttered clearly shocked. No one had talked to him like that before. He felt his anger rise. Who the hell did this girl think she was?

The class stared whispering and sniggering. Misao watched looking slightly worried. Saitoh watched the scene with an amused grin. "Well," he said out loud in a firm voice hushing the whole class, "Kamiya, looks like your lab partner has just arrived."

Kaoru stared at Kenshin in disbelief as he stared back at her with the same expression.

"But, sensei..." they both cried out in unison then stopped to glare at each other.

"No buts," Saitoh said, his wolf-like eyes glittering with fun, "Kamiya, Himura shall be your lab partner for the semester."

Kaoru stared with her jaw dropping. No way... she'd be stuck with this guy for the rest of the year. Him and Saitoh in one lesson. She groaned.

Kenshin looked as if he was thinking the same thing when Saitoh said clearly with a smirk, "welcome to Takatori High, Himura-san."

Kenshin dried his hair with a towel. Stupid, clumsy girl... He had asked to be excused from biology so he could take a shower. Luckily for him the school locker rooms were filled with showers and happened to be relatively clean. He had called Kamatari, his manager, to send someone with another set of uniform. Unfortunately, Kamatari told him that he would be unable to stop by at Kenshin's house to pick up his uniform. So Kamatari had given him the clothes that he was supposed to wear after school, when he'd be going to give out autographs to his fan club.

Kenshin pulled on a fitting black T-shirt with long sleeves. His pants were a dark, faded gray and slightly baggy. He stepped into his black shoes and looked at himself in the mirror. He pulled his hair into a loose ponytail and clasped a small hoop on his left ear. Takatori High had very strict uniform policies but Kamatari had explained the circumstances to the principle.

He admired his reflection. At least he looked good. In fact he didn't just look good. He looked totally hot. With a grin he left the locker room and headed towards his Japanese Lit. class. It was already halfway into the period. He'd be late – again. At least he'd arrive in style.

"Kenshin!' called a tall, gorgeous figure.

Kenshin looked up, "Kamatari. You're still here?"

"Well I have to pick up your dirty uniform and send it to the cleaners."

Kenshin shook his head, "I'd be crazy if I wore that again. Kamatari, it's covered in sheep lung! Can you just chuck it and get me a new set?"

"Fine," Kamatari said with a shrug, "you know where your next class is right?"

Kenshin shook his head.

Kamatari sighed, "Building B, room F10. Are you sure that you'll be able to find it, sweetheart?"

"Yeah," Kenshin muttered grabbing his backpack, "see you after school."

As Kenshin walked away Kamatari called, "sugar!"

Kenshin scowled as he turned to Kamatari, "what?" He hated it when she called him sugar, darling, honey or whatever else he managed to come up with.

"Don't be too hard on the girl. What was her name? Kamiya?"

"Fine," Kenshin muttered, turning to leave, "see you."

Kamatari smiled as he watched Kenshin walk down the hall. Honestly, he was so kawaii~! Kamatari thought of kenshin as a little brother. In fact he had known him for practically forever. He couldn't help feeling slightly worried. After all, Kenshin wasn't a very people person. And in addition to that once he got pissed at someone, it pretty much stayed that way. He thought of the conversation that they had had last night.

"Kenshin, darling, are you feeling okay?" Kamatari asked.

"I'm fine, Kamatari," Kenshin muttered as he took a sip of his tea.

Kamatari picked up a schedule as he sat down in front of Kenshin, "honey, I've known you since you were a little bundle and I can tell exactly how you feel just by looking at you. So what's up?"

Kenshin brushed his hand through his long hair, "why do I have to go to school?"

Kamatari looked rather taken aback. Kenshin continued to whine, "I don't see why I have to go to school. Why can't I just make do with tutors the way I've been doing so far?"

Kamatari sighed, "your uncle and your mother wants you to lead a more normal life."

"But what if I don't want to..."

"You don't exactly have a choice," Kamatari replied as he highlighted some things on Kenshin's schedule, "but don't worry. You'll do fine. It's a great school."

Kenshin nodded silently as he stared into his teacup. He didn't say anymore but he looked discontented.

'I guess he can deal...' Kamatari thought as he turned towards the other direction with a shrug.

Kenshin walked into his literature class. As he walked in he could feel stares on him as some girls giggled.

"Nice of you to join us, Himura-san," said a friendly looking female teacher.

"Uh... I'm sorry I'm late. I had to wash up," Kenshin answered, more girls giggling in the background. Kenshin blushed thinking that it should be made illegal for girls to giggle. Oh well. At least it was a flattering giggle, right? They were probably giggling because they found him really hot. Which he would have to agree with.

"I understand," continued the sensei, "I heard from the class. Now please take a seat. There is an empty seat behind Kamiya-san."

Kenshin looked towards the seat and his eyes met with Kaoru's. She looked away quickly looking rather huffy. Kenshin frowned slightly but he remembered Kamatari's words, so he sat down quietly without another word.

Kaoru scowled to herself. She couldn't believe that he was in her class again. But she had to admit, when he had entered the room, she had gasped in surprise. He looked extremely hot in his black top and gray pants. His bangs fell perfectly in front of his eyes elegantly, yet his hoop earring had made him look somewhat rebellious at the same time. Jerk or not she had to admit, Himura Kenshin was hot. This came as a surprise to her because Kaoru normally had very high standards when it came to men. She couldn't believe that she was falling for someone that she had met less than 2 hours ago, goodlooking or not. Especially, someone who had yelled his head off at her for something that had been an accident.

She glanced back slightly so he wouldn't catch her looking. She was very surprised when she found Kenshin looking straight at her.

"What do you want?" he asked.

Kaoru tried to figure out whether he was still angry. She wanted to apologize again. It was hard to tell what he was feeling from his voice. It didn't show any emotion. Well he was an actor after all. Instead Kaoru just turned her head around.

Sagara Sanosuke who had been sitting in a behind her to the left (next to Kenshin) grinned at her in amusement. Kaoru stuck out her tongue at him and tried to concentrate on her work. Sano was her cousin and they were incredibly close despite the fact that they argued all the time. She wondered whether Sano could tell that she found Himura Kenshin hot. She wouldn't put it past Sano to find out. She sighed as she started to read the haiku by Matsuo Basho once again.

Sano stared at Kaoru, his eyes dancing in amusement. So... Jou-chan found Himura attractive, huh? He glanced at Kenshin who was staring at Kaoru with a confused expression. Sano grinned. He was sure that Kenshin would like Kaoru too once they got to know each other. He smiled. He'd just have to push them together. Things were starting to look very interesting indeed.

"Yay!" Misao shouted happily, "it's lunch time! Finally. I thought it would never come."

Kaoru shook her head feeling amused. She then spotted Kenshin walking towards them with Sano. Kenshin was surrounded by a bunch of girls who seemed to be asking for his autograph. Kaoru suddenly felt something flare up inside her. Why was she so angry that Kenshin was surrounded by a bunch of girls?

"Yo, Jou-chan!" Sano called as he came up to her with Kenshin. They were followed by the crowd of girls who Kenshin had chosen ignore.

"Hey, Sanosuke," Kaoru said curtly before turning to Kenshin. "Well," she said coolly, "it's good to see that you aren't covered in sheep lung anymore. It's a pity though. Because you looked so much better under it."

Sano and Misao stared at her in surprise. Kaoru was pretty shocked herself. She couldn't believe that she had just said that!

Kenshin's eyes widened. He couldn't believe this girl! First she had dumped a whole basin full of lungs on him, now she had just insulted him. He felt very much like saying something worse back at her when he remembered Kamatari's words. He sighed. Why did he always listen to Kamatari anyway?

Kaoru stared back at Kenshin defensively not knowing what else to say. She watched as Kenshin pulled out a CD and a black marker from his bag. He carelessly signed "Himura Kenshin" on top on the CD and tossed it to Kaoru. Kaoru caught it in surprise. An autographed CD? What the hell was this?

"Look, I don't like you either, right?" Kenshin said slowly, "but I'm not in a mood to fight with anyone especially on my first day. Keep that and stay out of my hair."

Kaoru watched with an open mouth as Kenshin walked away.

"See you later, Sano," Kenshin shot back as he continued to walk.

"Yeah..." Sano muttered. As soon as Kenshin had gone (along with the bunch of girls stalking after him) he turned to Kaoru.

"Jou-chan. What the hell was that for? What's wrong with you?"

Hearing Sano's voice made her angrier. She clutched the CD in her hand.

"Who does that arrogant fool think he is!" she spluttered angrily, "like anyone would want his autographed CD!"

"Actually I would," Misao contributed hopefully.

Kaoru glared at her. Sano shook his head before he continued, "yeah, but you were totally uncivil to him. He didn't do anything wrong this time. You started it. And I thought you said you liked Himura Kenshin."

Kaoru shot Sano a dirty look. "Pah! Fine. If you're going to criticize me then good bye!"

Kaoru walked off in a huff with Misao following behind her. Sano looked at his cousin feeling puzzled. What was wrong with her? It looked like he had his work cut out ahead of him. He ran after Kenshin. He'd better go patch things up before it got worse.

"Yo, Himura!"

Kenshin looked up in surprise. When he saw who it was, he grinned, "Okita-san. How was calculus?"

Okita made a face, "horrible." His cousin, Soujirou came up behind him.

"Okita-san, it wasn't that bad."

"Sou, you can drop the Okita-san," Okita muttered, "I'm your cousin for god's sake. Just call me Soushi. I don't go around calling you Seta-san, do I?"

Soujirou smiled without a word. Okita shook his head exasperated, and turned to Kenshin, "you can call me Soushi too."

Kenshin nodded, "and you must call me Kenshin."

Okita nodded with a smile, "so Kenshin, if you come with me I'll introduce you to the rest of the gang. You've met Sano and Sou. I'll introduce you to Aoshi and Amakusa."

Kenshin nodded and followed Okita to the cafeteria. Aoshi nodded when he was introduced to Kenshin. Amakusa shook Kenshin's hand before asking, "hey, can I get your autograph? My little sister is crazy about you."

"Sure," Kenshin replied good-naturedly. He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from his backpack. "What's her name?"

"Sayo," Amakusa told him.

Kenshin scribbled quickly. 'To Sayo. Love Himura Kenshin.' He passed it to Amakusa who received it thankfully. Just than Sano came up.

"Hey, Kenshin," he called, "sorry about Jou-chan. I dunno what's wrong with her today. Usually she's pretty tolerable."

Kenshin frowned. He didn't like being reminded of Kaoru. She had humiliated him like shit and it was only his first day. "Really? Tolerable would be an understatement."

Sano sighed. He wasn't looking forward to dealing with Kaoru and Kenshin's bickering. "She's really not that bad. I think she's just that way because she's embarrassed about what happened today in Bio. Don't be too harsh on her."

Kenshin didn't look too sure. "I'm not so sure. I don't like her at all. I just hope she'll stay out of my way."


Kenshin turned around in surprise. Ken-san? What the hell was that? He saw a tall girl coming up to him. Her skirt looked awfully short, as though it had been hitched up. He glanced at her unfavorably. "Do I know you?"

Megumi giggled. She batted her eyelashes, hoping that it made her look ultra sexy. "Not yet," she purred, "but you will soon."

Kenshin groaned inwardly. He hated girls that threw themselves all over him. Didn't she have any pride at all? At that moment Kaoru passed by with her friends. When she saw Kenshin with Megumi she scowled. Kenshin didn't know why but he found himself smiling at Megumi flirtatiously.

"Why, I'd be glad to get to know you better, urm...?" He looked up at her questioningly.

"Takani Megumi," Megumi answered looking thrilled, "call me Megumi."

Kenshin grinned. Out of the corner of his eye, Kenshin could see Kaoru fuming as she stomped off. He didn't know why but that made him feel slightly better. Megumi stood closer to Kenshin. Kenshin felt like running away. Now that Kaoru was gone he had no reason to flirt with this slut.

Just than a teacher called, "Takani-san, come here immediately! The length of your skirt is atrocious!"

Megumi sighed disappointedly. She winked at Kenshin before trailing after the teacher. Kenshin heaved a sigh of relief. When Sano saw that he laughed.

"Hey, she isn't that bad, you know."

Kenshin raised an eyebrow, "really?"

Sano nodded, "you'll get used to her. Anyway, why don't you come over to my place after school today?"

Kenshin shook his head, "sorry, but I've got a really tight schedule. Maybe some other time."

Sano was disappointed. He had been planning to ask Jou-chan to come along so, she and Kenshin could patch things up. Oh well. There would be plenty of chances in the future.

Kaoru bit into her tuna sandwich fuming. She didn't know why but seeing Megumi all over Kenshin like that had really irked her. Stupid Kenshin! What was his problem, anyway? She had been pretty glad when she heard that Megumi had been punished for hitching her skirt up again.

"Urm Kaoru?" Tae looked at her with a worried expression, "are you okay?"

Kaoru munched on her sandwich as she answered, "yeah, why?"

"You've got a huge scowl on your face."

Kaoru scowled harder as she shoved the rest of the sandwich in her mouth, swearing under her breath. Why was she so angry anyway? Kaoru jumped up from her seat in anger.


Kaoru turned back in surprise. She had hit someone. Great! Now she'd have to apologize. She looked at the person she had just hit. Oh no. It was him.

Kenshin rubbed his eye painfully. His eyes had started watering. He wiped his eyes trying to look at the person who had done this to him. His eyes opened in surprise, "you!"

Kenshin felt his temper rising. Did this girl follow him around deliberately, trying to make his life a living nightmare? He didn't care about his image anymore. Or what Kamatari had said. He felt himself losing his cool and he didn't care. It was about time someone put this girl into her place.

Kaoru felt like kicking herself. Why did he always seem to be getting in her way? It was hard to believe that it had only been yesterday, when she had been so thrilled to hear that Himura Kenshin was coming to Takatori High. Now she found herself fervently wishing that she had never met or heard anything about Himura Kenshin. She wanted to hide under the table. Kenshin's eyes had turned amber. He looked really ticked off.

Sano watched the tense atmosphere between Kenshin and Kaoru. It would only be a matter of seconds before either would blow up. He had to stop this! He knew Kaoru to be rash and jump into her actions, only to regret it later.

Kenshin grabbed the nearest thing he could get – a milk carton. Kaoru's eyes widened in fear. She smiled weakly, "hey, you seriously aren't going to..."

Kenshin gave her a strangled smile, "and what makes you think I'm not?"

'Oh no!' Kaoru thought in despair, 'he's going to drench me in milk!' She shut her eyes tightly waiting for the unavoidable.

Sano saw what was about to happen. Oh no! He had to stop them! Groaning he ran through the crowd of girls surrounding Kenshin. He was about to call Kenshin when someone else beat him to it.


Kenshin looked away from Kaoru. He's face broke out into a huge smile, "Tomoe!"

Kaoru opened her eyes. Tomoe? Did he mean Yukishiro Tomoe? Why would Tomoe be saving her? Her eyes widened in surprise. Eh? Why was Kenshin giving Tomoe a hug? He looked pretty happy to see her. Kaoru suddenly found herself overcome with a strong emotion. Something that felt a lot like jealousy.

Sano ran up to Kenshin confused.

"Hey, you didn't tell me that you knew anyone in the school."

Kenshin smiled, "I didn't know Tomoe was in this school. I guess that Enishi is here as well then?" Tomoe nodded.

"How do you know her?" Soujirou asked.

"Her father directed my last movie," Kenshin replied. He turned to Kaoru with a sour expression, "you're lucky Tomoe came when she did. I wouldn't have minded seeing you covered in milk."

Kaoru felt her temper rising, "like I would have just stood here and let you do that!"

Kenshin gave her a crooked grin. "That's exactly what you were doing." With a smirk Kenshin walked away with Tomoe and the rest of his friends. Kaoru heaved a sigh of relief and sat down. She was still rather angry with Kenshin but she was glad that she didn't get any milk over her. She sat down weakly and stuffed her face with another sandwich.

Kenshin walked towards his locker with Tomoe and Sano. They were talking when Ito Haruki of the drama club ran up towards them.


Kenshin looked at him in surprise, "is there anything wrong?"

"No," Haruki answered, "I just wanted to ask you for a favor."

"A favor?" Kenshin raised an eyebrow.

Haruki nodded, "the drama club decided to enter our school in a competition. We have to do a play. Lots of schools in the area are competing. If we win, we'll get $500 prize money. We want to use the money to get more resources for the drama club."

"Carry on," Kenshin said slightly interested. Tomoe and Sano looked interested as well.

"We've already chosen Romeo and Juliet as out script. Now we have to get the cast together. We were wondering whether you, Himura-san could play Romeo. You've had plenty of experience and you look perfect for the role. This competition is very important to us."

Kenshin smiled, "sure! It'll be fun."

Haruki smiled gratefully, "thank you Himura-san. Now we have to hold auditions for the other parts."

Sano cut in, "are you going to let the school know that Kenshin will be playing Romeo?"

Haruki nodded, "there won't be any harm in that right?"

Sano chuckled, "I guess not. I can't imagine how many girls will turn up in hope of kissing Himura Kenshin."

Kenshin turned pale. Uh oh. What if someone like Megumi auditioned? And got the role! He turned to Haruki, "Haruki, don't tell anyone that I'll be playing Romeo until the auditions are over. I don't need half the school trying out just because I'm in it."

Haruki nodded, "I understand Himura-san. Thank you very much."

Kenshin nodded. He turned to Sano and Tomoe as Haruki walked away. "You two, don't breathe a word of this to anyone." Sano nodded with a laugh. Tomoe nodded. Kenshin blushed slightly before asking. "Tomoe, are you going to audition?"

Tomoe looked surprised but pleased, "do you think I should?"

Kenshin nodded encouragingly. "You're a great actress."

Tomoe nodded, "sure. I'll go for it. Like you said, it'll be fun."

Sano frowned slightly. He didn't want Kenshin getting together with Tomoe. They were just wrong for each other! Suddenly he got an idea. He grinned. Yeah, that's exactly what he would do.

"Sano," Kenshin called, "are you okay? You've got a phony grin on your face."

"Uh yeah," Sano muttered still smiling. He couldn't wait to go see Jou-chan.

"Kaoru!" Sayo called excitedly, "they are going to perform Romeo and Juliet!"

Kaoru and Misao looked at Sayo surprised. Misao grinned, "really? That's great! I can just imagine me and Aoshi-sama as Romeo and Juliet."

Kaoru and Sayo groaned. Sayo asked, "are you going to try out? Lots of people we know are. It's going to be really fun!"

Kaoru frowned, "I don't like Romeo and Juliet."

Sayo looked at her surprised, "why not? It's a great story! I love it. It's so sweet and romantic."

Misao grinned, "Kaoru doesn't like Romeo and Juliet ever since we performed it in elementary, our sixth year."

"Why?" Sayo asked interested. Kaoru frowned. Misao ignored Kaoru's frown and continued.

"You see, Kaoru's really good at Kendo right? She was the best at Kendo in out class. Even better than all the guys. So everyone asked Kaoru to be Romeo."

"No!" Sayo gasped.

"Yes!" Misao answered with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "You should have seen her face! She did it but deep inside she hated it! I know this because I'm her best friend. I could just see the hate and disappointment printed all over her face. I too was rather disappointed with my role. I was a tree. Part of the chorus."

"Misao," Kaoru snapped, "thank you for discussing my life in front of me." Misao shrugged still grinning.

"Kaoru that's terrible," Sayo said, "did you want to play Juliet?"

"Of course I did!" Kaoru snapped, "I was looking forward to it so much! I'll never forget the humiliation."

Sayo grasped Kaoru's hand, "Kaoru-chan! I think you should go for Juliet! I'm sure you'll make it!"

Kaoru shook her head, "no. I don't want to suffer from the humiliation again. Sayo, you should try out. You're really pretty. You look perfect for the part and you're a great actress. They'd never choose an ugly tomboy like me to play Juliet."

Sayo shook her head, "I'm way too shy. Besides, Kaoru, you're not ugly! You're one of the prettiest girls in the year! I heard that Yukishiro-san has the hots for you!"

"Sorry but no," Kaoru answered firmly, "and Tomoe has the hots for me?"

Misao punched Kaoru, "no! Her twin Enishi! It's really cute Kaoru! Do you like him? He's pretty hot you know."

Kaoru made a face, "I don't care whether he's hot or not..."


Kaoru turned around and blushed, "Yukishiro-san!" Enishi smiled at Kaoru.

"I wanted to ask you something," he said. Kaoru nodded. Enishi continued, "would you like to join me for dinner this Friday?"

Kaoru smiled. She felt pretty flattered. After all Yukishiro Enishi was one of the most popular guys in school. He was incredibly hot as well. After the way Kenshin had treated her, it was a nice change. She nodded, "that would be nice. Thank you for asking."

"My pleasure," Enishi muttered as he walked away.

Kaoru turned to Misao and Sayo who were smiling at her. "What?"

"Oh..." Misao said teasingly, "I thought you didn't care whether he was hot or not."

Sayo grinned. Kaoru groaned.

"Guys, please." Kaoru groaned. Today was such a long day!

"Jou-chan, pass the chips," Sano muttered. Kaoru was at Sano's place for dinner. They were in Sano's room hanging out as usual. She passed her cousin the bag of chips.

"Hey, Sanosuke," Kaoru asked, "who sang this song? It's really nice."

Sano grinned, "I'm surprised you're asking. Himura Kenshin. It's his newest single You. I thought he gave you a free copy."

Kaoru scowled, "hmmm. No wonder it's such a horrible song! That jerk sang it!"

Sano shook his head with a laugh, "you just said it was really nice."

Kaoru stuck out her tongue at Sano. She listened to the music. His melodious voice rang out from the CD-player. She had to admit, Kenshin could sing. Jerk or not, he was seriously talented.

"Jou-chan," Sano's voice interrupted Kaoru's thoughts, "did you hear about the Romeo and Juliet thing? They're going to..."

"I know," Kaoru muttered, "Sayo and Misao were trying to get me to audition for Juliet. Crazy right?"

"I don't know," Sano replied, "I'd say you were scared."

"Scared?" Kaoru flared up, "why would I be scared?"

Sano shrugged, "I bet you'd never make a good Juliet. You're to ugly and tomboyish to be Juliet."

"Sagara Sanosuke!" Kaoru shouted standing up, "I can be a good Juliet! I'll show you and the rest of the world that I'm the best Juliet there is! I'm auditioning and if I don't get the role, I'll, I'll eat my shoe!"

"Okay!" Sano said sitting up with a twinkle in his eye, "let's make a bet on it. If you become Juliet I'll treat you lunch for a month. If you lose, you have to treat me. And you know how big my appetite is."

Kaoru nodded determinedly as she shook on it with Sano. Sano grinned triumphantly. Sano one, Kaoru zero. He figured that losing a month worth of free food was definitely worth it, if it would bring Kenshin and Kaoru together. It was a little sacrifice he'd have to make. They'd better thank him for it. He smirked as he watched Kaoru stuff a fistful of chips into her mouth.

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