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"Oh..." Kenshin replied, his voice slightly colder than before, "well then, that's to bad. See you tomorrow Kamiya-san." Kenshin stood up and left the room leaving Kaoru staring behind him.


"Urrrggghh!" Kaoru cried in frustration. She felt like kicking something. Why was she such an idiot? Of course she shouldn't have accepted the invitation because if she had she would have had to cancel the date with Yukishiro-kun. But that didn't mean she had to blab to Kenshin she couldn't eat dinner with him because she already had a date with someone else!

Kaoru suddenly stopped in her tracks realizing what she had just thought. Geez, did she like Kenshin or something? Why the hell was she so frustrated about what Kenshin would think about her date with Enishi?

Kaoru shook her head firmly. "I'm only worried because I don't want to get on bad terms with Himura-san again. Because then it would only lead to more trouble with Saitoh-sensei in Chemistry, which I can't really afford to fail. Yes, that's right, that's it," she said out loud, trying to convince herself.

"Sheesh, Jou-chan," cut in a familiar voice, "I always knew you were pretty weird compared to most people but talking to yourself? It's starting to get a little far."

Kaoru scowled and stuck out her tongue at her cousin, "lay off Sano, I'm not in the mood."

"Ohhhhh" Sano cried mockingly, "so little Jou-chan is pissed off now is it?"

"SANO!!!! BAKA!!!!!!!!!"

Kenshin walked slowly as he pushed his hands deep inside his pockets. He wasn't sure why but for some reason the fact that Kaoru would be having dinner with Enishi was really getting on his nerves. He swore under his breath and was about to kick a stone at his feet.


Kenshin looked back. Tomoe and her younger twin brother Enishi walked up towards him. Kenshin scowled when he saw Enishi. "Hey," he muttered.

Tomoe raised an eyebrow questioningly, "is there anything wrong?"

Kenshin shook his head and tried to smile. "Nah, everything's okay. Just a little tired I suppose."

"At least I'm not the only person feeling like shit," Enishi muttered scowling.

"Enishi!" Tomoe gasped.

Kenshin raised an eyebrow. "What the hell's your bloody problem now?" he shot at Enishi, sounding a lot meaner than he meant to.


Enishi scowl turned deeper. He looked as if he was about to say something when he noticed Tomoe's warning glance. He spat on the ground, muttered a few words under his breath, which suspiciously sound like stupid redheads getting on his nerves, and stomped off.

Tomoe turned to Kenshin with an apologetic smile, "forgive him. He's not in a very good mood today. I would be angry to if my date had to be spoilt because of a family meeting."

"Nah, it's okay," Kenshin replied, "I wasn't much better myself. Wait a minute... did you say his date spoilt??"

Tomoe nodded, "We are having a family dinner tomorrow night. Enishi didn't know about it till this morning. He said he already made plans but father wouldn't let him off. He said he was free to invite his date to our dinner but he wouldn't be allowed to miss it."

Suddenly Kenshin's eyes sparkled. "Uh... Tomoe? Do you think I could come to dinner as well? I mean, I know how rude it is of me to invite myself but it's been so long since I've seen Yukishiro-san and..." Kenshin trailed off.

Tomoe's face lit up in a pretty smile. "Of course you are welcome Kenshin. You are practically family."

"Thanks..." Kenshin muttered, feeling slightly guilty about his actual intentions for wanting to join them for dinner tomorrow night. For one thing it was almost certain that Enishi would be inviting Kaoru and if he was there with them... maybe he'd be able to keep an eye on things and see how close their actual relationship was. Kenshin was about to thank Tomoe again when a thought struck him like lightening. Damn... why did he care whether Kaoru and Enishi liked each other or not? Could he be... falling for her?

No way He shook off the thought quickly. He just wanted to be there, because he was angry at Kaoru for standing him up for a brat like Enishi. Yeah, that's it. He nodded to himself as if that would confirm everything. He turned to Tomoe and offered to take her home.

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