All right.  What you should know/what I feel like rambling on about for a minute:  1) I started this on my first vacation this summer and wrote the first and last segments.  Then, on my second vacation, I wrote the middle segment.  So that should account for any technicalities with flow or continuity, but I think it's ok, because I've read it over a few times and I didn't see any problems.  (But, of course, I wrote it, so why would I?)  2) This will consist of three segments, and I say segment because I think they are too short to be called chapters.  I'll be posting the following segment soon, I promise.  3) It's AD/MM.  I love Albus and Minerva together, and I know that others out there do too, and others that are repulsed, or at least a little baffled, by reading about them as a couple.  If you are going to flame me—I hope you don't, but if you have to—don't flame me about the pairing.  It's fanfic; strange pairings are what it's all about. : )  I think that's it.  And I promise I won't ramble at the beginning and end of each segment like I do in all my other stories.  It was just this once. : )

Disclaimer: Not mine, but I sure do wish it were.  Was? Hmm…

Rating: PG-13, for some sex talk 

Pairings: (In case you didn't read my ramblings up there) Albus/Minerva

Summary:  Minerva and Albus are student and teacher.  Anything more than a friendship would be wrong… right?

"Wrong" is a State of Mind

            Cool, calm, in control.  Head Girl, star Gryffindor chaser, studying to be the youngest Animagus in a century.  Overachiever extraordinaire.  Minerva McGonagall.  Losing her head over a boy.

            Well, not a *boy*, she mused, curled up in an armchair in front of the common room fireplace.  A*man*.  She smiled faintly, seeing him instead of the flames in front of her.  The smile faded.  A man more than five times my age!  With a soft groan she let her head fall forward and land with a muffled thump on the arm of the chair.

            Minerva knew it was wrong, knew many people would consider it disturbing, but the situation was out of her hands.  She was in love with her professor.

            It wasn't just lust.  Minerva was sure of that.  She loved being near him, listening to him talk about anything, just looking at him.  Even just knowing that he was somewhere nearby filled her with such a sense of contentment.  It was love.

            Which is not to say lust wasn't a part of it.  March was upon them; the end of the school year was drawing nearer, the end of Minerva's time at Hogwarts.  And Minerva found herself falling prey to her hormones more often.  The sound of his voice as she walked past the staff table at meals made her breath quicken.  When he leaned close to her during lessons, his scent and body heat rolled over her and made her heart race.  Sometimes she would catch his eye during a class and he'd smile and wink, and she'd be grateful she was sitting.  She wanted him to see her as a woman, to know his love, before she had to leave him.

            With another groan, Minerva let herself fall out of the chair and sprawl melodramatically on the floor in front of the fireplace.  Madeline Hooch glanced up from the textbook she was studying.

            "You okay there, Min?"

            Minerva kept her eyes closed but turned her head toward Madeline.  "Peachy," she said flatly.  "Just marvelous."

            Madeline raised an eyebrow—ineffectively, as Minerva couldn't see her.  "Him?"

            Poppy Pomfrey joined them, sinking into the chair Minerva had vacated.  "Of course it's him.  It's always him.  Only he could make Minerva McGonagall act this way."

            Minerva opened her eyes to glare half-heartedly at her.  "That's lovely.  Mock me in my time of need.  Such wonderful friends I have."

            "Oh, you drama queen," Poppy said, laughing.

            Madeline shook her head and rolled her eyes.  "You see Minerva, this is what happens when you can't prioritize."

            Minerva sat up and faced Madeline so Poppy could play with Minerva's long, black hair.  She snorted at Madeline's words.

            "So I should spend every free moment I have on the Quidditch pitch like you then?"

            Madeline grinned. "I wouldn't suggest you do that.  I know you'd miss him to much."  She ducked the pillow Minerva sent flying in her direction.  "I meant you need to tell him, and not sit there—well, sprawl there—pining for him.  Besides," she added, smiling wickedly, "I've heard sex is better than Quidditch."

            Poppy gave a strangled squeal and covered her face with her hands, but Minerva raised an eyebrow.  "You've only heard?"

            Madeline smirked.  "Well it certainly wasn't when I tried it.  Although that could have had more to do with the pos—"  She failed to duck the pillow Poppy flung at her.

            Minerva laughed as she stood up.  "Come on, children, time for bed."

            "Yes, must get our beauty sleep for our classes tomorrow," Poppy agreed mockingly.

            "What class do we have tomorrow morning?" Madeline asked, feigning innocence.

            "Oh, I do believe it's Transfiguration tomorrow," Poppy replied hiding a smile.

            "You mean with that dear Professor Dumbledore?"

            "The very one."

            Minerva gave her friends a strained smile.  "Are you two quite finished?"

            Poppy and Madeline looked at each other and shook their heads.  "Nope."

            The banter continued as the girls made their way up the stairs to the dormitories.

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