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Chapter Three: Maybe Friends, Definately Enemies

Bleary sunlight spread and illuminated foreign grounds. Ginny, Neville, and Luna leaned out over the ornately carved sill. The stonehedge on the broad plateau threw up long dark shadows. The sharp, black silhouettes of the towers cut up their view of an expansive meadow just bordering the huge trunks and tangled limbs of the forest that seemed to close in around the school's walls. The ornate stained glass windows, flying buttresses, weathered statues, and hunched gargoyles gave the building the ironic appearance of an ancient cathedral. Neville shuddered and sat back down on the window seat.

"It's so quiet," he whispered softly. In this place he didn't want to raise his voice. Someone might hear him. Though who that someone was and why he didn't want them to hear him he didn't know.

"Too quiet," Ginny agreed softly. There was no breeze, no early birds singing... No sounds of insects or the gentle murmur of the waters from the moat below. The walls stifled any sounds from their classmates' bedrooms. Luna said nothing, but her dreamy eyes were not as blank as usual as she nodded. Ginny crept over the polished marble floor back to the luxurious bed she had slept in for the rest of the morning hours. Not very long, but adrenaline wouldn't let her feel sleepy. Neville and Luna, who had the bedrooms to either side of her, had tiptoed in a little while ago.

"I'll say this for them," Ginny sighed, "I love the beds." Neville grinned and fingered the satin border of Ginny's comforter. Her room was decorated to aristocratic perfection, as was his and Luna's. Everything was a dark wood and deep colors of purple, green, and red. Well-made oaken furniture, two floor length mirrors, thick carpets, walk in closets, and the hugest beds the Hogwarts students had ever seen. Ginny gave a little bounce and to her surprised delight the mattress sent her flying several feet in the air.

"Wonder what it's made out of," she wondered aloud.

"I don't know. I can ask." The trio spun around to see Harry's slim frame in the doorway. He walked in grinning with Ron and Hermione just behind him.

"Were you able to sleep?" he asked.

"Only a little," Neville admitted. Ron was looking about.

"Wow, Ginny. Your bed is even bigger than mine is!"

"Well, do you want to go get breakfast or do you want to eat it up here?" Ron stared at Harry.

"Wha-They actually let you do that?" he gaped. "The teachers must be a load of softies!" Harry shook his head.

"No, Ron. I'd like to hear what you have to say after Physical Defense. You'll want to curse them into oblivion."

"Well," piped up Ginny, "We're all dressed so let's go down. Is everybody else ready?"

"I already showed Ernie, Dean, Dennis, and Colin where to go. I'll get the rest after they wake up." The six of them made there way down the bedroom corridor around to a set of steps, going down several flights. Luna and Ginny were conversing as the made their way down, eager to see more of the castle. Ron was joking with Harry. He hasn't changed a bit, Ron thought, except that he's not so depressed. This school can't that bad. Hermione followed last with Neville, who was as silent as she was. Harry had changed in some way, she realized. She couldn't see it, but in some way he was different.

"Harry, is that the school uniform? asked Neville suddenly; motioning to the robes Harry was wearing. They were made out of some black material that seemed to absorb light around them. If Harry had been standing outside of the torchlight, no one would have been able to distinguish him from the shadow. It made not a sound as the cloth brushed the floor and clung slightly, accentuating Harry's slimness and newfound height.

"No, there is no uniform, so you can wear whatever you want to, or anything you find in the wardrobes. Some of that stuff is very interesting." Ginny made a mental note to check out the closet as soon as possible. At the bottom of the steps the doorway opened into an expansive underground room. Circular tables set for five or six were scattered about. Circles of cushions with small tea tables were set near the couple of fireplaces set along the wall. There were also random armchair for those who wanted to eat alone. Dean waved them over to a table off to the right.

"Weird place huh?" he commented as they all sat down.

"Uh huh!" responded Ron fervently. The chandelier above them was radiating blue light. Hermione got the feeling she was in one of those out of the way coffee houses that were decorated with the weirdest pieces of furniture and accessories that all seemed to fit together somehow. All around a couple of students were pouring over books as they ate, or sitting with a couple others murmuring softly. There appeared to be a boy sitting cross-legged in mid air, reading over someone's shoulder as he munched a chicken wing. The food, they realized, tasted even better than it smelled. Ron had never seen some of the stuff present: biscuits with that resembled spun sugar in the way it melted in your mouth, all types of roasts, little pies with peppermint cream and fruit, every kind of breakfast dish, and a few others that didn't look native to planet Earth. Just as Ernie finished shuffling the last of breakfast into his mouth Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, and Parvati and Padma Patil hurried in with Professor Lupin. Lupin gently steered a shaken Parvati into a seat.

"What happened?" asked Neville. Lupin responded with a fierce growl that made him jump in his seat.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Neville," mumbled Lupin distractedly. He handed Parvati a glass of juice after sniffing it cautiously.

"There's no need to do that, Moony," Harry spoke quietly. "There are rules about attacking new students, so there most definitely won't be any poison."

"And if there is no one around to enforce those rules?" Padma snapped fiercely. Harry got up and poured a light honey-tinted liquid into a goblet and handed it to her sister, setting her glass of juice on the table.

"What do you mean?" He questioned softly.

"We met some character on the way here," Angelina explained. "He sent...glass swords spinning out somehow into the wall behind us. One shattered and almost hit Parvati. She freaked him out."

"You hexed him, I hope?" Ginny said.

"We all tried to except for Parvati. He just dodged them all except for Katie's and said that we reached expectations."

"Good," Harry muttered. Everyone stared at him.

"How is that 'good', Harry?" Hermione and Lupin demanded in unison.

"That was Touya. He is an ice elemental," Harry decided to ignore their gaping mouths and continue. "He is also incredibly fast. If you managed to hit him your very quick indeed. The others in the school that know him-personally that is-will see that even if you are beginners, you're not completely helpless. They'll back off until they see just how good you really are. By then you'll be better prepared."

"ICE ELEMENTAL?!" Lupin bellowed attracting a few harsh glances from the others in the room. Harry looked sheepish.

"Uh, yeah...He is not the only one. Attolia, over there, is a fire elemental." They followed Harry's gaze to where a tall buxom woman with fiercely curly scarlet hair was curled up beside a groaning young man. After a moment they realized it was the same man from the train ride: the vampire Darkflight. The conversation drifted across the room to where they were sitting.

"I warned you not to drink so much wine, blockhead," Attolia was scolding. "But did you listen? Noooo..."

"Oh, shut up, 'lia," Darkflight sputtered holding his head. "You chatter hurts even worse. And I can't remember what I hit my nose on..." Neville glanced back to see Harry smirk.

"Probably your bedroom widow when trying to get back in!" was the young woman's retort.

"You'll be tested for elemental abilities in your first class. If you do have the 'talent' as they call it, they'll fit that training into your schedule."

"Ohh..." was all they could think of to say. Neville gulped.

"So, Harry... Is this guy you talked about on the train... Jennor, here?"

"No. After he made himself a nuisance, a couple of the students kicked him out."

"They can do that?" Hermione asked, astonished.

"There are two kinds of students here," Harry sighed. "The kind that wants you to mind your own business, and so pretty much tolerate and ignore you; then there's the kind that has a set anarchy where they consider themselves at the top and throw their weight around. Very few of these, though. They make themselves such a nuisance that the others... well, let's just say they make life very difficult for them." The others exchanged glances.

"So we're all going to have to stay on our toes until we know the ropes," spoke Lupin.

"Yeah," Harry replied. "But I'll help you as much as can, and there are a couple students you can ask for help, too without they're biting your head off."

"Like who?" asked Ginny.

"Well, believe it or not, Attolia and a sober Darkflight are okay, Touya as well. You see they guy over in the corner?"

"The huge macho?" Ron asked.

"Yes, him. That's Touguro. Ask him a question and you'll probably just get a grunt, but he'll point you in the right direction. Bryron isn't here, but as he's the only other vampire, you'll know him if you see him. He often hangs out with Hideki, she's ten-"

"Ten? They actually allow little-" Lupin sputtered, but Harry cut him short.

"-Just don't call her little to her face. She'll kill you. Kamui's sister Kotori is a bit of a blonde, but nice. As for Kamui himself... err, just don't bother him."

"So there's vampires Bryron and Darkflight, fiery Attolia, icy Touya, macho Touguru, don't-call-her-little Hideki, and Kotori is nice but not Kamui," Hermione rattled off.

"Yes, there is another, the one who came with me last night, Kali, but I'll introduce you later." Suddenly a soft tone filled the air.

"What's that?" Katie Bell asked.

"Signal for classes," Harry explained. "I'll show you to your first rooms. If you need me later in the day, I moved to the bedroom at the end of the hall, so you can find me."


Harry braced himself before the doors to his bedroom burst open and Ginny, Ron, Neville, and Hermione tumbled in, Snape, and Lupin on their heels.

"Harry what-"

"They can't do that-"

"What kind of school is thi-"

"I'm going to kill-"


"Mr. Potter will you please explain-"

"Oh, Harry I like your room," Ginny finished. Everyone stopped shouting abruptly. Harry was sitting cross-legged on the bed; dress in gray sweatpants and shirt, a huge book opened in his lap. He was laughing.

"Not a good day, I take it?"

"NO!" was the fierce response. Hermione heaved herself up from where she had fallen facedown Ron nearly on top of her. Harry's room was filled with bookshelves of heavy volumes and a few scrolls. Over the biggest fireplace any of them had seen (It could have been another room it was so big) were hung several strange swords. One was a saber, another some samurai blade, one with gems imbedded in its hilt, many long daggers, and one had what looked horribly like a small silver skull at the top of the handle. But most noticeable was a crystal stone set on a small table near the bed. It threw off light sending flashes of color over the walls. Harry had come towards them slipping the book back on the shelf.

"Harry, what in bloody hell did that guy teaching us meant by 'having enough magical awareness ability'?" Ron asked.

"Err, it's one step to completing wandless magic mastery," Harry explained.

"There is no such thing, Mr. Potter," Snape said coldly from where he stood in the doorway. It was obvious he wanted nothing to do with Harry, but curiosity won over. Harry decided to ignore him.

"You went through several tests didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes," answered Neville for all of them.

"After you get the results you will get your schedule. That was just to see what you would be taught in. Like are you an elemental, can you do wandless magic, are you good with poisons and detecting them, do you work well with animals, do you have good reflexes for Physical Training, do you have the ability to tesser. Stuff like that."

"What's tesser?" Ginny asked, as everyone else was silent.

"You remember how I left you last night after the train? Well that was tessering. It's a form of apparating."

"I'm just confused, Harry," Lupin spoke quietly. "So tomorrow they'll be going to the actual classes? Today was just testing?"

"More or less." Harry watched them all intently. Lupin looked exhausted. Snape just stood there his lip curling before turning heel and stalking out the door. Ginny and Neville looked about ready to droop and fall asleep on the bed. Ron had zoned out and Hermione was gazing at him intently, as if she wanted to read his mind. Well, she'll learn how to do that too, Harry thought. "Come on, there is something I'd like to show you. I found it on my first day."

They followed him towards the large stone fireplace. As she passed the bookshelf Hermione looked at the title of the book Harry had been reading: The Nine Gates of Necromancy. She shuddered. What in the world...? Harry had step towards the roaring fire and said a single word, "Out." Immediately there was no fire to speak of, only black ashes that looked quite cooled. He stepped over these and pressed the back wall of the fireplace. A soft grinding sounded before the entire thing swung inward to reveal a passage. Harry vanished inside it. Ron couldn't see a thing as he followed. Where was his wand? He needed some light. Suddenly the passage way was illuminated and Ginny gave a muffled shriek.

"Harry, what is that?!" A ball of blue light hovered a few inches above Harry's palm. There seemed to be a mist rising off of it.

"It's a werelight. I don't need a wand to create it. You'll be learning how in the next couple of lessons, it's simple." He continued till they came to a spiral staircase, but Harry didn't stop. After they had gone several flight Neville began to wonder where Harry was taking them that took so many steps to get to. Finally they reached the top. There were three small oaken doors; Harry chose the second. They all stepped in to a circular room that gave way to rafters and shadows as you followed the walls upward. Off to their left were the remaining shards of a huge circular stained glass window. It was snowing outside.

"Wait a minute, it's snowing inside?" cried Lupin incredulously. It took him a moment to realize that it wasn't snowflakes, but thousands of little feathers. They all looked up. Perched among the rafters were owls, pigeons, hawks, falcons, and...

"Fawkes, Hedwig," Harry called softly. A gentle flapping of wings announced the bird's presence. Hedwig perched comfortably on Harry's shoulder. Fawkes alighted on the floor, sending up a little storm of feathers dancing across the planked floor. Ginny offered the scarlet bird an arm, to which he quickly transferred.

"You know," spoke Hermione in a small voice, "This place is actually... nice." The last rays of sunset filtered through the stained glass shards, casting flashes of color across the blanket of snow white feathers.

"Yeah, I like to come here to think. I found it wandering after the first lessons. Bumped right into Miss Ri-Kali, literally. Said I might like to take the door in the center. I'm glad I took her advice," Harry answered. Lupin watched his face. Miss... who? What had Harry been about to say? Now he could see the worries the boy still carried from the past years, yet there was a spark of contentment that suppressed them. He was cooing to Hedwig as she cocked her head at her master. Harry grinned and looked up directly at Lupin. Yet again, Lupin thought he saw a flash of light over those emerald eyes just like when he observed Harry on the train. This time however, he was sure he had seen it.

"I'm all right, Moony," Harry smiled. "I'll be just fine." Lupin nodded slowly. Was his concern that easy to read? It was like Harry had read his mind... He had thought last year Snape was to teach him Occlumency; did the hateful Professor also teach Harry Legilmency? Neville interrupted his thoughts.

"This place is really neat, Harry. Better view than the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts!"

"Don't let Professor Sinastra hear you say that Neville," Ron chuckled. "But it's cool to see over the clouds rather than up at them. How high are we anyway?"

"Roughly fifty stories."

"WHAT? There wasn't any tower that high when we saw the castle from the outside... And the climb wasn't that long..."

"Spells on the staircase," responded Harry dismissively.

"Ron, I think it would be a good idea to stand away from that window," called out Hermione, sounding extremely worried.

"Hermione, it's not like I'm going to-"

"RON!" Harry dived forward as someone appeared next to his friend, knocking him off balance. Harry grabbed the back of his robes and yanked. Ron came flying back in. Neville scrambled over.

"Ron, you ok-"

"WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA, JENNOR?" startled, all eyes turned to Harry and the person who faced him. This man, if it was a man, towered over Harry slightly. Shaggy brown hair twisted around a domineering face and covered the wiry frame not hidden by the open robe. A sneer revealed broken, yellowed canine teeth just below a fiercely prominent nose. There was a wand gripped in a hand of grime and split fingernails. Behind him stood two monstrous cronies that looked half mountain troll and would have put Crabbe and Goyle to shame, also with ready wands, all together a scary sight. Hermione then glanced at Harry and saw something that really did scare her.

She had only seen an expression like that on Harry's face when he had chased after Bellatrix Lestrange in the Department of Mysteries: a mask of complete fury and hatred. His hair suddenly became wilder as flashes of lightning ran through it and over Harry's frame coming down to snap and whirl dangerously from his fingertips. Harry's eyes were glowing a burning white... glowing... Everyone in the room could feel the power dammed up behind those eyes.

"Not to get so worked up over a little accident, Potter," Jennor sneered.

"That was no accident and you know it!" Harry snarled. "You are constantly causing trouble. Why don't you just bugger off and leave the rest of us alone! It's annoying even the teachers, and that's really saying something!"

" I DON'T TAKE THAT KIND OF CRAP FROM A SNOT-NOSED BEGINNOR LIKE YOU! I can take you on any day!" growled Jennor.

"That's not a good move, Jennor," a cool voice spoke up. Out of thin air a black swathed figure appeared behind Harry. For a moment Jennor seemed to be taken aback by the new comer. Ron recognized it as the voice of the person that was with Harry on the Express.

"GET OUT, JENNOR!" Harry spat coldly. Jennor raised his wand.


Even those down in the cellars of the castle could hear the thunder echo from the owlry tower...










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