Hamster Huey And The Gooey Kablooey: Final Chapter

Jose Philipe Mendola

Legal Notice: I don't own Calvin And Hobbes or any of its respective names. They are copyrighted material of Bill Waterson. If you are/ know Mr. Waterson, please don't let him onto what I am doing, or dont sue. Instead, how about an autograph?

Authors Note: Another rainy day, so I've decided to stay out of the pool for now. I was recently reading the fic 'Hamster Huey And The Gooey Kablooie, and I decided to write the story that Calvin's Dad read to him, ending it with a certain plot twist. I'm not sure if this has been done already, if it has, I apologies for it. Anyway, hope you like it.

(To be read fast like an annoyed father forced into reading Hamster Huey And The Gooey Kablooie while doing the Happy Hamster Hop would.)

Once upon a time there was a hamster named Huey. He lived in a small town surrounded by the Yavamian forest. I that forest lived a ton of different creatures, some of which came into Hamsterville to buy goods and services.

On this particular day, a mage walked into town. He was less fortunate, one could tell, just by his comparison to the other human-like creatures that came out of the forest. It turned out that this mage wanted to occupy someone's home for the night before he continued he trek to the seacoast.

The path he took out of the forest led him to the main entrance of the local Marshmallow factory. It appeared the bell had just rung that signaled that all hamsters quit for the day, so he waited outside for the first person to walk out.

The first to walk out was Hamster Huey.

The mage approached him and told him his sad tale of his long travel. Hamster Huey had just finished a bad day, so he denied the old man welcome into his home. . The old man gave Huey a sour look, and. While Huey was walking away, he began to chant an ancient spell of Yavamia.

Now, everyone knows that if a mage asks you of a favor, you should comply with it and no bad will come to you for a year. But to refuse a mage a small request, well.. Bad things start to happen, really fast.

The mage finished his chant, and walked on.


The next morning, Huey did not show up for work. His boss, Boss Tweed, thought he might be out sick and let it slide. For a week after that day, Huey had not come into work. Boss Tweed finally got fed up and went to see Huey himself.

He finally reached Hamster Huey's door, muttering something about giving him 'what-for', and he opened the door and went it.

A few hours later, posters were being put up allover town with a reward for Hamster Huey's missing head.

The mage, he had found a friendly host to house him, walked out of his temporary home and walked down the street that would lead him to the waterfront. On the way, he saw a poster advertising a missing head, and he chuckled to himself.

He reached into his pocket and patted his book labeled Dark Magic.

The End

Authors Final Words: hey, it was raining, and I was bored. Give me some credit. You hate it? Did you love it? Think it was a mistake to allow me a pen name in the first place? Let me know.. Please Review.