Avalon: {sigh} We don't own Final Fantasy VIII.

Ace: We don't know where this came from.

Avalon: Yeah. We were just looking for something to write and we got two cups, put names of t.v

shows, video games, and anime in one of them and then settings in the other, and then we drew out

of them.

Ace: We ended up picking Final Fantasy VIII and Museum. So, here you go.

~~~~~~~~~~At The Museum~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today was a day for first times. It was the first time Seifer had ever eaten a triple scoop,

double fudge, brownie sundae in under three-minuets. It was the first time Seifer had spent an hour

at a park looking at flowers. And it was the first time Seifer had willingly went to a museum. Why

had he done all these things? The reason was right next to him.

"Man, chicken-wuss, I didn't know you even knew what a museum was."

"Shut up, Seifer! I come here all the time to get my thoughts together!"

That's right. The one and only Zell Dincht was the whole reason he was here.

"Thoughts? Chicken-wusses don't think, Chicken-wuss!"

"I said, shut-up, Seifer! If you don't stop it I'm gonna knock the shit out of you!"

Ah, young love! So sweet, so beautiful, so...violent.

"Ow!!! Chicken-wuss has got bite!"

" I'll show you bite, you over grown la mhpmm mmhhhp!!"

See, even though they fight and argue there's no doubt that they're in love. Do you see the way

Seifer lovingly rubs small circles on Zell's back, and Zell gently runs his fingers through Seifer's

hair? There can be no doubt that they are made for one another.

"Look at that idiot! Kissing MY Zell, who does he think he is?!"

"And in such a public place, too. Some one might think they're together, but they're not!

Seifer's mine!"

But even the most perfect of relationships have problems, and these problem are named Squall

Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly . Both of whom are extremely jealous. Squall wants nothing more

than to take possession of little Zell and Rinoa wants nothing more than to be taken as a possession

by Seifer. To bad they both already missed their chances.

"Look who it is, Seif, scary and scarier hiding behind those statues."

"They're spying on us again. Let's really give them something to watch!"

Now ,now! If they're not careful they're going to get kicked out of the museum. But then again,

I'm sure the looks on Squall and Rinoa's faces are worth it.

"Oh, how can he do that to my Seifer!! I can't watch!!"

"Rinoa, wait!! Hey, he can't do that here! I can't stand to see him defile Zell like that!"

Well, it looks like that got rid of them. Mission accomplished.

{pant pant}" I hope they spy on us more often."

{smirk} "Let's head home and I'll show you what I'll do next time they spy on us."

What a perfect ending for a perfect story! Well...maybe it wasn't all that great of a story, since it

didn't really have a plot or anything, but it's Zell and Seifer! How can you go wrong?

~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~

Avalon: Go Zell and Seifer!!!

Ace: Whatever. Review.

Avalon: Please?!