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Timmy grabbed Castle and stuck her in Wanda's lap. "Thanks Wanda, it's been fun," he said hurriedly as he ran out of his room and down to the living room.

Mrs. Turner was leaning up against the couch, grabbing her large stomach and gasping in loud, shaky breaths. Mr. Turner grabbed Timmy as soon as he saw him.

"Timmy! Your mother's in labor! What should I do?"

"Uh… take her to the hospital?" said Timmy, with a "no duh" look on his face.

"Right! The hospital!… where IS the hospital?" cried Mr. Turner.

"I'll help you with the directions," said Timmy, leading his mom to the car. Mr. Turner ran after them. Timmy stared at his dad. "Dad, I think maybe you're gonna want the keys."

"Right! The keys!… where ARE the keys?"

Timmy sighed, ran into the house, picked up the car keys, and ran back outside. He gave his dad the keys and helped his mom into the car.

Mr. Turner stared at the keys. "Okay… now what?"

"Dad! You need to drive us to the hospital! Get focused!"

"But Timmy, I'm so anxious that I've forgotten how to drive!"

Timmy took a few deep breaths. "Dad," he said slowly and calmly, "you need to focus. You CAN drive a car. I'm sure you were focused when I was born."

"Actually, I wasn't!" said Mr. Turner. "You were born in the back seat of the car because I couldn't remember how to turn it on!"

"I didn't know this!" cried Timmy. Luckily and very coincidentally, a taxi was driving by. "TAXI!" he cried. The taxi pulled over net to the house.

"We need to get my mom to the hospital! She's gonna have a baby!" Timmy yelled to the taxi driver.

"Why doesn't your dad drive her to the hospital?" asked the driver.

"He forgot how! Just get us to the hospital!" cried Timmy. He pushed his mom and dad in the taxi, jumped in after them, and the taxi drove to the hospital.


"I can't believe that they won't let me in there," muttered Timmy. He was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, unable to even talk to his parents until after the baby was born. He tapped a nurse walking by on the shoulder. "Excuse me, but why can't I… Commander?"

Commander grinned. "Yep, in the flesh!"

"What are you doing here? Dressed up like a nurse?" asked Timmy.

Yakko and Wakko Warner appeared out of nowhere. "Helloooooooooo nurse!" they cried out. Commander pushed them aside. "Well, I wanted to be here so I could write about it easier. And this outfit makes me look like I work here. They probably would've freaked out if they'd seen someone who looks like she stepped out of Star Wars land walking around the hospital."

"Yeah, a nurse with copper red hair, yellow eyes, and huge cleavage," muttered Timmy. "I'm sure you just blend right in."

"Also, I'm the author, and I can make people ignore me if I want them to," said Commander.

"Well then, since you're the author, YOU should be able to answer my question. Why can't I be in there with my parents?"

"Hospital regulations, of course," said Commander with a shrug. "The only people who can be there when the baby is born is the parents. I'm surprised, with the way rules are getting stricter and stricter, that they even let the father in. And a lot of hospitals don't even have that room where you can look at all the newborn babies anymore."

"Does this one?" asked Timmy.

"Yeah, I'll keep it in this story," said Commander, smiling. "It's so adorable seeing all the new babies sleeping in little pink and blue blankets…"

"So they won't even let me in, even though it's my sibling being born?" cried Timmy.

"No. They didn't let my older brother in when I was born, or my younger brother. And he was fourteen years old when my younger brother was born! So of course they won't let you in."

"Darn it," muttered Timmy. "What am I supposed to do until the baby is born?"

"Sleep?" asked Commander. "It is 9:30 P.M."

Timmy looked confused. "Why hasn't my small boy metabolism kicked in yet?"

"For one thing, you've been listening to Wanda's story, which kept you awake. And also, it changes when you're eleven years old. You are able to stay up longer." Commander stood up and walked away. "I'd better go. See you later, Timmy."

"See you," muttered Timmy. "You're sure a lot of help…"

A receptionist walked in the room. "Timmy Turner?"

"That's me," said Timmy. "What do you want?"

"Someone named Wanda Uhsmith is here to see you," said the receptionist. "Shall I let her in?"

"Wanda? What's she doing here?" asked Timmy. "Oh yeah, let her in."

The receptionist walked outside and a moment later Wanda walked in. She was in her human disguise, of course. She was also holding Castle, who seemed to be wondering where her wings were.

"Wanda! What are you doing here?" asked Timmy, after getting up to hug her.

"I just thought that Castle and I could keep you company until the baby is born," said Wanda comfortingly.

"Great!" Timmy's smile faded. "But what about Cosmo? He won't know where you are!"

"I left him a note saying we were at the hospital," said Wanda.

"But will he be able to get here?" asked Timmy.

"Hmm… I don't know," admitted Wanda. "Hopefully he'll spend the night at his mother's house…"

"Well, now that you're here, I want you to tie up some loose ends," said Timmy.

"Okay," said Wanda, sitting down next to him. "Like what?"

"I want to know what happened to your parents, and Sarah, Tony, Luden, and Davy. Are they still around? Do Sarah and Tony have any other kids?"

"My parents are still around, yes, and they're very proud of their new little granddaughter," said Wanda, fondly stroking Castle's hair. "They're godparents now too. And technically, they could still have kids, but they're too busy. Also, they only wanted to have three, I guess."

"How long can fairies have kids?" asked Timmy.

"Till they're about twenty-five thousand years old," said Wanda, "so for most of their lives. Fairies usually die when they're around thirty-thousand years… give or take a thousand years or so."

"When can they start having babies?" asked Timmy.

Wanda sighed. "Same age as humans. Some could have children when they're eleven or twelve. Basically when girls start having their period, they can have babies."

"What's a period?" asked Timmy.

"Well… boys don't normally like to hear about it," said Wanda.

"Whatever," muttered Timmy. "So what about your brother and sister?"

Wanda sighed again. "Timmy, have you ever heard of the Black Death?"

"You mean when half of the world's population was wiped out in the 1300's? Yeah, I know about that. Why?"

"Because it also wiped out half of the fairy population as well. We had already had declining numbers, since no one was having children, but that just even worsened our situation. Anyway… it killed Sarah and Tony."

Timmy gasped. "Sarah and Tony are dead?"

Wanda nodded. "Luden's still around though. And he's very fond of his cousin, too, if you're wondering."

"So Sarah and Tony never had any other kids?"

"Nope," said Wanda, shaking her head. "And Luden hasn't gotten married or had kids, either… or Davy, for that matter. He's still around, too."

"And let me guess, he likes his niece too, doesn't he?"

Wanda smiled. "Exactly."

Timmy leaned up against the back of his chair. "Wanda… I'm worried about my mom. She's forty-three years old! That's way too old to be having a kid."

"Not necessarily," said Wanda. "Your mom's in good health, so I think she's at an okay age. Besides, if she doesn't have one now, this is about her last chance."

"Mom always did want another kid," admitted Timmy. "And you're right. If she didn't have one now, it would be almost too late."

Wanda hugged Timmy. "Still worried about being an older brother?"

"Yeah, a little," admitted Timmy. "But… after you told me your life story, I realized that you've been through way more than I'll probably ever have to deal with, and if you managed to get through it all, then I can too!"

With a poof Cosmo suddenly appeared. Timmy and Wanda looked up in surprise. Wanda quickly turned Cosmo into a human. Luckily there weren't any other people in the room.

"Cosmo! You figured out where we were!" cried Timmy.

"Duh," said Cosmo. "I can read! Wait a minute! This isn't the sausage factory!"

"Come sit down!" said Timmy, grabbing his godfather's arm and sitting him down in a chair.

"So how did things go at your mother's?" asked Wanda.

Cosmo looked upset. "After you left, all she did was say bad things about you! I told her to stop, but she wouldn't. Then she said that Castle was a demon offspring, whatever that means. I didn't know, but the way she said it was kinda mean, so I told her I was leaving… and then I left! Can I hold Castle?"

"Sure," said Wanda, handing Castle over to Cosmo. Timmy curled up in his chair.

"I'm so tired," he murmured, and with that, he fell asleep.

Castle was almost asleep too, but she managed to give her father a small smile. Cosmo grinned and hugged her closely. Wanda smiled at the two of them, the two people most precious to her in the whole wide world.

Wanda sat down next to them. "Cosmo… do you still think I'm an angel?" she asked.

"Yes," said Cosmo instantly. He gazed into her eyes. "Why?"

"Just wondering," said Wanda, pulling him towards her and kissing him.

Cosmo put his arms around his wife while Wanda snuggled in closer to him. "I guess there's nothing for us to do except sleep, too," said Wanda, resting her head on Cosmo's shoulder.

"What did you and Castle do while I was gone?" asked Cosmo, stroking Wanda's hair.

"I told her and Timmy my life story," said Wanda. She closed her eyes quietly and slid her arms around Cosmo's waist. "Goodnight, Cosmo."

Cosmo closed his eyes too. "Goodnight, Wanda. I love you."

"I love you too," whispered Wanda. Cosmo continued to stroke her hair with his right hand, while his left arm still held a now fast asleep Castle. Soon, Cosmo and Wanda were fast asleep too.


Timmy's eyes fluttered open at about three in the morning. He thought he could almost hear a baby crying, and Brahms's lullaby playing over the intercom...

Commander walked in the room. "When you hear Brahms's lullaby being played, it means that a baby has just been born," she said with a smile.

"What?" gasped Timmy, sitting straight up.

"TIMMY! COME QUICK!" yelled Mr. Turner from one of the rooms.

"Coming!" cried Timmy, running down the hallway. Cosmo and Wanda slowly woke up, too.

"What's happening?" asked Cosmo groggily.

"I think Timmy's got a new baby sibling," said Wanda, smiling.

Timmy ran into the room his parents were in. Mr. Turner was freaking out, of course. "Timmy! It came out!"

"Lemme see!" cried Timmy. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Mrs. Turner smiled at Timmy, looking tired yet happy. "It's a little girl. The nurses just took her to give her shots. She's perfectly healthy."

Timmy sighed. "Commander, why are all your original characters girls?" he asked.

Commander walked in the room. "Because I can draw females better than males. Also, it's easier to come up with creative names for girls." One of the nurses handed Commander the baby girl. She took it to Mrs. Turner. "So what are you going to call her?" she asked. "I already know, of course…"

"Call him Rastis!" cried Mr. Turner, popping out from nowhere.

"It's a girl," said Mrs. Turner. "Besides, even if it was a boy, I wouldn't name him Rastis. I think we should name her… Terri. Terri Turner."

"Is that it?" asked Timmy to Commander.

"Yep," said Commander. "And now I am going, for good. I need to get that author's note written."

Timmy looked at Terri, who had stopped crying for a moment. She had blue eyes and a rather full head of brown hair, both the same color as Timmy's. Mrs. Turner handed Terri to Timmy, and he held her and smiled. "Hi, Terri, I'm your older brother," he said. Kinda cheesy, but like Terri knew that.

A nurse suddenly picked up Terri and gave her back to Mrs. Turner. "Okay, now OUT!" she cried, pushing Timmy out the door.

"Hey!" cried Timmy, but he soon found himself back in the waiting room. Cosmo and Wanda looked at Timmy expectantly.

"Well?" asked Wanda.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" asked Cosmo. " Does it look like you? Does it like cheese? Does it--"

"Alright, be quiet!" cried Timmy. "It's a girl. Her name is Terri, and she's got blue eyes and brown hair, just like me. And I don't know if she likes cheese or not! She was just born!"

"Ssshh, don't yell so much," scolded Wanda. "You'll wake the baby!"

"I think Terri's already awake," said Timmy.

"No, I mean ours," said Wanda, looking at Castle, still asleep in Cosmo's arms.

"Congratulations, Timmy!" cried Cosmo happily, hugging Timmy. "I always wanted a little brother or sister!"

"Yeah…" said Timmy, smiling. "I think this little sister thing won't be so bad, after all."

Wanda smiled at Timmy. "I'm sure you'll be a good older brother."

She smiled inwardly as well. Maybe someday Timmy would have a child of his own, who he would tell his own life story to. A life that was sure to be full of great things.


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