December twenty-fourth, 5 PM, Eastern Standard Time. I can't believe ten years flew by so fast.

When they all left- Collins, Maureen, Joanne, Roger, and Mimi- I told them to meet me in ten years. I

believe my exact words were 'Meet me, or I'll assume you're dead.' Now, here I am, ten years older, ten

years wiser.or not. waiting for them to just magically appear on my doorstep, no different than they day

they left. Right, Mark.

They shouldn't have any trouble with the address- hasn't changed in all these years- but it's

different; older. I'm different, I guess. People tell me that I don't look so much the starving artist that I

used to. I smile, and nod my head, not sure whether or not that's such a good thing. Once a bohemian,

always a bohemian. I hope. People pay money for my films, now. I finally have a "real job." Nothing

special, just a small independent company, y'know? I haven't completely sold out... It just pays the

rent. Haha.

A knock comes at the door. My heart skips a beat; I open it and.

"Oh, hi." It's my wife, Julie.

"Nice to see you, too, Mark. By the way, the store ran out of Cap'n' Crunch. I bought some Rice

Krispies instead. Are you sure you wanna serve your friends cereal?"

"Yep." I grin. It just wouldn't be the same without cereal. I always pictured there being cereal at

the big reunion, though preferably Cap'n'Crunch.

"You're weird, daddy." That was our seven-year-old son, Roger Thomas Cohen. Named for, of

course, Roger and Collins.

"Says you." He runs to his room, and picks up the guitar we bought him for his birthday. He's

been taking lessons for about a year, now. Sometimes, he just starts picking out a tune- yesterday, it was

Muzetta's Waltz. It's so creepy when he does that.

Julie tosses me a box of Rice Krispies.

"Set 'em out on the table, will ya?"

"Okay." I do so. "I hope they show up."

"I hope they do, too, Mark. I wanna meet these people you're always talking about. Especially

this Roger."

"Yeah, mom?"

"Nothing, sweetie." From out in the hallway, someone pounds on the door. "You gonna answer

that?" I roll up the sleeves of my sweater. Maybe...

"Here goes nothing." Holding my breath, eyes half shut, I turn the doorknob and pull the door

open. When I open my eyes again, Maureen, Joanne, and Collins are all standing on the doorstep. No

Roger or Mimi in sight.

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