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Chapter 18: The Trouble with a Stupid Weasley


It was the night after Yules ended, and Harry and Draco were taking their presents and putting them in their rooms. They had spent the entire day out riding in the freshly fallen snow, Draco on a large, dappled gray mare and Harry on Morgan. His steed provided a very smooth ride, as though they weren't on the ground at all, but flying. Of course, Tom was always one for extravagance, so he had made a custom saddle and tack for Morgan as well as (to Harry's surprise) a small chariot. It was quite an impressive thing, light and speedy but durable. Harry and Draco had both gotten in the chariot and had quite a fun time while Morgan towed them through the air with ease. With Tom's help, he shrunk the chariot and tack and packed it into his bag carefully. He was definitely planning on bringing his new familiar with him to school somehow.

For now though, Harry sat in front of his fireplace, gazing thoughtfully into the flames in the grate. He wondered if they would harm him like they would a normal, full-fledged vampire? Of course, he and Draco were still performing their little ritual. Harry was thinking, however. Wouldn't it just be easier to be a complete vampire? He was already drawing blood, already had some of the strength, the persuasive abilities over others, and yet.... it didn't satisfy him. He was tired of taking those metallic potions and couldn't be touched by a mere crucifix like some of the low level vampires in the world. What if he were to become one? How would it affect his schooling? How did Cicila (for she had actively told him to call her by first name when not in her guise) keep from being destroyed by the sun during the days she taught their classes?

This wasn't the only thing on his mind. What had Cicila and Tom meant that first night about the prophecy? 'Neither can live while the other survives' had a big idea to go with what they were saying. What was so important about it? Right then he wished he had his pensieve with him.


The boy in front of the fire turned around in his armchair to look at the figure at the entryway to his room. It was Tom.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure, Tom."

As Tom sat in the armchair across from Harry's, Harry realized how odd this scene was. A year ago, he would have committed a person to St.Mungo's for even suggesting he would be sitting down in a room with Lord Voldemort and not be trying to kill him. That was far from the truth now. Tom had become through his letters and the last week a sort of brother figure to Harry, giving him advice or someone to just be able to talk to. Of course, no one at Hogwarts would believe him; everyone just thought he was the evil Lord Voldemort. They would probably never get to know him for what he really was like.

"Boy, holiday cheer wore out of you really quick, child," said Tom, looking at Harry through red eyes with something like concern. "What has you so anxious, if I may ask?"

Another thing Harry liked about Tom. Unlike people and certain staff at school, he gave you the choice of telling things.

"Oh, a lot of things, Tom," he sarted, looking into the fire again with weary eyes. "For one thing, the prophecy and what Cicila told me to consider about it."

Tom nodded in understanding.

"The thing is, I can't figure out what she's trying to make me see in it. I can't solve the problem she has so clearly laid out in front of me."

"Child, it's not a problem she has laid out for you, it is a solution. You've been looking at it too hard."

"Then," said Harry with a sigh," I'm having issues with this whole vampire thing. I mean, if you work out advantages and disadvantages for being what I am and what Cicila is, wouldn't it just be better for me to be a full vampire? I mean, there is the whole bad part about the sun, but somehow she surmounts that problem... how does she do that by the way?"

Tom chuckled, "Witch and wizard vampires have many advantages over Muggle vampires, one being the sun. The magic that resides in them protects them, and they are among the few vampires that can walk the land during day or night. It's rather funny that you would bring up this subject, Harry."

Harry turned tired but curious eyes on Tom, the fire dancing in his emerald eye and milky eye in perfect unison like a well-rehearsed play. "Why is it a funny issue to bring up?"

"Well, it could be a part of the solution to your earlier frustrations regarding the prophesy," said Tom, quite nonchalantly stroking Black Ruby's head as the black raven had flown over to him during the conversation.


"Take a moment to think on it."

So Harry did. What did the issue of becoming a full vampire have to do with the prophecy solution? 'Neither can live while the other survives'...

Tom smiled as Harry came out of his ten minute think and began pacing the room, muttering to himself.

"Of course! No one considers a vampire really alive! The prophecy was made without knowledge to any sign of vampires! Technically, the body does go through a type of dying when you become one... 'Neither can live while the other survives' ! Tom and I won't have to finish one or the other off if one of ourselves 'dies' in the sense the prophecy says!" He turned one excited green eye on the young man sitting in front of the fireplace. "Am I right, Tom?"

Tom got up and strode to the door and grinned at Harry. "You are correct. You must get some rest now, however; it's very late. Good night, child."

Harry turned mischievious eyes on Tom. "Why do you call me 'child?'"

Tom said amusedly, "Harry, as old as I am and the fact I could be your grandfather by all rights, you are a child compared to me."

Harry just shook his head as Tom left the room and turned to his bed. He was going to go talk to Cicila tomorrow.


"Well, Harry, let's get going!"

"Wait up!"

Draco and Harry emerged onto Platform 9¾, laughing and chittering as they found a compartment to themselves and stuck their heads out the window to say their goodbyes to their deliverer.

"Bye, Tom!"

"See you later!"

The man with a face hidden by a cloak turned red eyes on them full of mirth. "What, you don't think I can visit you guys in school?"

"Now, Tom!" said Harry, in a mocking authority voice,"Do you really want to ruin your reputation in the wizarding world as one evil badarse?"

Tom threw his hands up in frustration and replied,"No, I really don't want to, but-"

Draco laughed and said,"Don't worry! We'll send you lots of letters! After all, we'll have to let you know who is stupid enough to insult or embarass us! Have to know who to put on the weekly hit list!"

Harry said,"Never thought there's be an upside to being friends with Voldemort, did you, Draco?"

"Hey, I'm right here, you know!"

Just then the train started pulling out of the station. Tom managed to get out,"See you soon!" and the train was gone.

"Well," said Draco, as the two boys settled back into their little compartment,"Back to school we go."

Harry hit himself in the head. "Goody, Draco. I get to deal with everyone staring and pointing and trying to ward me off with crosses and garlic. Fun."

"You forgot Weasley is going to try and kick your arse the minute you set foot in school. Besides, you should be used to all the staring and pointing, mate. You've dealt with it since day one."

Draco could only laugh as his friend hit himself in the head again.

Part of the way back, they talked about the Sect of Angels and what to do with it. After all, they hadn't added anyone to their ranks and it was currently just sitting there collecting dust. Harry said he had an idea for it but wouldn't tell Draco just yet.

No one bothered Harry through the trip, but a few Slytherins dropped by for a few minutes to talk to Draco, including fellow sixth year Pansy Parkinson, fifth year Obsidian Trentworth, and the mysterious Blaise Zabini.

"Is Blaise a boy or girl, Draco?" Harry questioned after the subject in question left.

Draco shook his head and said,"Honestly, I have no clue. The entire Slytherin house has been trying to figure that one out for five years. Doesn't sleep in either the girl or boy dormitories. I have no idea what Blaise gets up to."

Eventually, they pulled into Hogsmeade station, the cool Friday evening breeze promising a chilly weekend. Draco and Harry climbed into the last carriage and were followed in by Blaise and Obsidian, finally heading off toward the school, Harry wondering if the two sitting across from him would be there if they knew what he truly was. 'Well, no matter. They'll know the instant we step into that school anyways.'

Draco and Harry barely made it into the Entrance Hall before Harry was tackled by two someones; of course, his supernatural strength would have held him up if he had been expecting it, but he hadn't. He was tackled to the ground while Draco stood laughing.

"Very funny, Draco, hardy har har," said Harry as he pulled up the two who tackled him as though they were nothing. He found himself face to face with Ginny and Hermione.

"Hi guys, I-"

Hermione interrupted, looking hurriedly around," No time, Harry! We care to warn you-"


"-about Ron," finished Ginny. "He really got a walloping from Mum. He's super pissed that she chose you over him in defending. I'd watch yourself. Here he comes!"

"And here comes the man of the hour,"sneered Draco as Ron came over, face as red as hair. Everyone who had gotten off the carriages had stuck around the hall, not bothering to go into dinner; there was going to be a fight, and damned if they were going to miss it! Harry never noticed the few people leaving dinner running back in to tell everyone.

"Ginny, get away from Potter and his Slytherin croney!" commanded Ron. "I'm going to make him hurt!"

"Screw you, Ron! I'm sticking with Harry, and so is Hermione!" yelled Ginny, and the two girls moved to Harry's other side while Draco smirked.

"What are you going to do, Weasley? I doubt you could even give Harry here a bruise!"

"I'll do this!" snarled Ron, and before Harry could make a retort, Ron was pressing something metal to his face. The crowd gathered was muttering, and Ron was looking in horror between Draco and Harry. The few teachers that were currently in the castle were trying to get through, but the crowd wouldn't let them.

"What's he got on me, Draco?" asked Harry, quite ignoring Ron's face while smirking.

"Well, Harry, I think he was trying to burn you with a crucifix. Stupid Weasley!" chuckled Draco.

Ron was now backing away, but the crowd wouldn't let him escape. Harry was smoothly walking towards him at the same pace he was retreating with.

"Now, _Weasley_ , if we're going to resort to surnames, why did you do that?" asked a calm Harry, one good eye dancing in glee.

"B-But in y-your story, i-it hurt you, a-and," stammered Ron.

It seemed now the entire school was in the Entrance Hall, and as Harry listened to the gasps going around the crowd, he guessed newcomers were finding out his exposed secret.

"Silly, silly Weasley," said Harry, shaking his head. Then, moving so fast no one could see, he seemed to appear again with a fistful of Ron's robes in hand, having pulled Ron to a standing position. He was about to have fun.

"How'd you do that? The cross and just now?" asked Ron, terror in those blue eyes of his.

Harry chuckled,"Well, Ron, if you remembered the part about the cross burning me over the summer, surely you'll remember one Cicila Sachol?"

"Yes, I do. She was the clan leader, the one that turned your mum-"

"Exactly," said Harry. "Well, surprise of surprises, I met up with her over the holidays. Her present for me was one even your little mind should be able to guess." Harry smiled wickedly, purposely smiling toothily. The crowd around them and behind Ron backed away.

"She turned you..."

"Correct, Weasley. I shall not be affected by a crucifix like vampires of old. Now, if you will kindly leave my friends and I, they would like to get to dinner." Harry turned back and started walking toward his group of supporters when Ron pulled out his wand and hit Harry square in the back with a Body Bind spell. To Ron's unfortunate luck, it seemed to have no effect on Harry.

"Bad move, Weasley," proclaimed Harry, and he took the wand Draco offered him. Before anyone knew what Harry had done or said, hundreds of spiders came pouring out from nowhere and were surrounding a shrieking Ron, eventually completely covering the redhead. Harry handed Draco his wand back and escorted the group of Draco, Hermione, and Ginny into the Great Hall.


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