Do You Like to Party?


Rogue was laying on her unmade bed, staring up towards her ceiling bored as hell. "Kitty, theirs lahke nothing' tah do."

"Well I'm going downstairs in an hour for movie night. Everyone can go you know."

"Hmm, no thanks Kitty, Ah'll pass. Ah think Ah'll go take a shower."


Rogue walked over towards the bathroom. Good, no ones in here. She went inside and locked the door behind her. She turned on the water, took off her clothes, and stepped in.


Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Like, hello?"

"Hey pretty Kitty." She heard the oh so familiar voice of her ex on the other line.

"Ugh. Like what do you want Lance, I'm not going out with you anymore. So you have to like, stop calling." she replied bluntly.

"Geeze, I wasn't calling for you anyways. Lemme talk to Rogue."

"What? Why?"

"Just put her on."

"Like she's in the shower."

"Ohh, tell her it'll be really quick, I just gotta ask her something."

"No way. I'll tell her to call you back."

"Come on Kitty, don't be a bitch."

"What?! I am not a bitch." He could her breath quicken, like se was moving. "God, I don't want to talk to you anymore, here's Rogue." He now heard running water in the bathroom and a muffled conversation.

"Who is it?"


"What does he want?"

"To ask you something."

"Well Ah'm kinda in the shower."

"I know, I told him that, but he said It'd only take a minute. Just take the phone." Kitty shoved the phone into Rogue hand and phased back out the door.


"Heya Roguey."

"Ah told ya not tah call meh that."

"Sorry, I, we, were wondering if ya wanted to come and hang out with us."

"And what would we be doin?"

"Umm, hanging and uhh." She could practically hear the smile growing on his face. "You wanna party?"

"Ahh, party, man Ah miss ya guys. Sure Ah'll be over, Ah'm almost done with mah shower, then Ah'll head over tah your house, need anythang?"

"I don't know, whatever you can bring. Hey…?"


"Are you naked and wet?"

"Yes Lance, very mature. See ya later." She hung the phone up on him.


Rogue was throwing clothes around, and it wasn't until a pair of underwear fell on top of Kitty's head, did she ask anything.

"So, Rogue, what did he want?" Kitty asked suspiciously. "You actually look excited."

"Oh, he, well they just wanted to hang out."

"They?" Kitty asked confused.

"The Brotherhood Kitty. Lahke Ah would really just hang out with Lance, your ex."

"Oh, yea, I knew that."

"Sure Kitty."

Rogue had finally chosen her clothes, a collared neck ,short -sleeved, button up, black shirt that revealed her midriff and a long black Dickies skirt, with grey tights and her black mary janes.

"Well, Ah'll see ya later Kitty." Rogue walked out of their room.

"Uhh, have fun."


"Hold it Stripes, where are ya goin'? Logan asked.

"Ah'm goin' over to a friends house." Rogue beamed proudly.

"Which friend?"

"Coughbrotherhoodcough." Rogue replied.

"What was that, I don't think I hear ya right? Ya ain't goin over their." Logan crossed his arms over his chest.

"Come on Logan, don't be like this. They are my friends, were just gonna hang okay?"

"Be like what?" Logan asked defensively.

"All over protective and shit." she told him.

"Watch yer mouth young lady, but, if it really means that much to you, then go, just be back by curfew."

Rogue jumped up and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank's Logan."

"I see your wearing that thing Chuck and Hank gave ya."

"Yeah, yeah, see ya later." Rogue practically ran out of the house. "Oh, and tell Scott thank's for letting me borrow his car."

"Have fun."

Just then Scott walked by, "What was that all about?" Scott asked Logan.

Logan smirked and replied, "Oh, Rogue just wanted me to tell you thanks for letting you borrow your car." He walked out of the room trying to hold in his laughter.

"Not again!"


Knock. Knock.

To light knocks were heard from the Brotherhood Boarding house's door. Lance answered. "Hey Rogue! Ya know you could have just kicked the door in."

"Ah didn't want it to fall off."

"HA!" Lance peered behind her, "Nice car, Summers let you borrow it?" He asked, knowing fully well that he didn't.

"Scott?" Rogue snorted. "No way, if borrowing it and not asking is okay." They both laughed.

Lance then noticed several bags under her arms. "Lemme help you."

"Where's everyone else?"

"Watching TV." Lance's eyes grew wide, "BEER! She bought BEER! I think I love you, I'd give ya a hug but your not exactly covered up properly."

Rogue jumped up and wrapped her legs around Lance and began to kiss him. Lance froze, expecting the worse to happen. By now the other members of the household were watching this bizarre scene.

"Kitty always made that look so good." Rogue had pulled her mouth away from his and jumped down. "What?"

Lance just stood their still frozen.

"Ohh, don't worry, Ah don't lahke ya lahke that, it's just Ah've been dying tah kiss someone, and ah couldn' exactly run up to someone at the mansion and kiss them."

"Well, if you could kiss someone, why didn't you kiss me." Pietro asked. "I am a way better kisser than he is."

"Okay, prove it." Rogue put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot on the floor.

Pietro was hesitant. "You sure you won't kill me?"

"Yeah, Ah ain't got all day."

Suddenly Pietro had Rogue in his arms, dipped her back and began kissing her passionately, full on tongue.

"Good enough?"

"Wow." Was all Rogue could say.

"That was weird, yo. Lets just go down to the basement." Todd spoke up.

"Hey, where's Freddy?" Rogue asked.

"Oh, he' out working, yo."

"He's got a job?"

"Yeah, we all do." Lance said proudly. "I'm tired of having our utilities being turned off because that bitch Mystique didn't pay the bills. Oh and don't worry, she's not hear tonight, or tomorrow, or the next day for that matter."

They were all making their way down the stairs towards the basement. When they got their, two lamps were all that lit the room. An old couch and a couple of chairs were placed around an old table, one side being held up by books.

Rogue and Lance began to empty the bags onto the table. Assorted chips and cookies, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, along with the beer were now on the table. "Ah figured we'd get the munchies." Rogue said. "Ohh, and," she walked over to Pietro, "Ah got these especially for you." She handed him a large bag of pixie sticks.

"PIXE STICKS! You bought PIXIE STICKS! I think I love you."

"Down boy." She ruffled his hair.


"Hello?" She stepped of the stairs and began looking in the kitchen, living room, and hallway for her housemates. Then she heard noises coming from the basement and decided to check it out.

"You guys down here?" She called out, no reply. She continued down the stairs. Laughter could be heard. She then saw all of them sitting on various spots around the table. She waved her hand in front of her face to try to clear the smoke out of her face.

"Why the fuck didn't you answer me?" An angry Wanda yelled.

They all turned around.

"Oh heya sis." Pietro greeted her.

"Are you guys high?" She looked around the room and saw someone she had seen before, but never formally met.

Todd noticed this. "Wanda, Rogue. Rogue, Wanda." He said while gesturing to the both of them.

"Ohh, hey." Rogue jumped up from behind the couch, but her leg got caught, and she fell flat on her face. The other's started laughing. She got right back off and dusted herself off. She then walked over towards Wanda. "Hey, join us."

"Uhh, no thanks, these guys are stupid enough already, hanging around them while their high would be like talking to a wall."

Rogue wrapped her arm around Wanda's shoulder's, "Oh come on, Ah need a girlfriend, these boys are dirty."

Wanda laughed.

"Besides, it'll be fun." Rogue pleaded.


"You can sit next tah meh on the couch. Theirs plenty of room." Rogue said while she shoved Lance off the couch and onto the floor.

"Ouch." Lance got up and took a chair next to Pietro and Todd.

"Here." Rogue handed Wanda her joint. Wanda took it. "Ah'll just make a new one." She looked around, "Hey, any one got a zig zag?"

"Oh, here." Pietro said while handing her the paper.

She put it on the table, poured in the pot, rolled it up, and lit. The green bong was sitting in the middle of the table. Todd picked it up and took a hit, then passed it to Lance. They were soon passing it around the room.


An hour later everyone was loosened up and laughing hysterically.

"Ya really never did? She told meh ya always did. Rogue was telling Lance.

"No, she always told me she didn't want to." He replied.

"Yeah, if only you heard how many times he tried, and got turned down by her, 'Oh Kitty come on, I can rock your world' what a lame line. Now I know how to get a girl. All those girls I took to the dance, yup I did em all in record time." Pietro replied cockily.

"Yeah, that's just because you probably got off before they even had a chance to do anything." Lance laughed.

"Hey, fuck you."

"Well it's true brother, I can hear you all the time through the walls of my room, 'Ohh, Pietro, that's okay, we can do it another time, don't be ashamed.'" Wanda imitated.

"Man, I'm bored, yo. Let's make it more fun." Todd said.

"How 'bout strip pocker?" Lance said.

"Dude we don't have any cards." Pietro said.

"I have some." Wanda spoke up.

"Alright!" The boys said.

"Okay, I'll deal. You all know the rules."


A half an hour later.

"I'm out" Todd put down his cards. "You really want me to take off my boxers?"

"Hmm, Ah don't think so, Ah'm out too, and all Ah have left tah take off is mah bra and underwear."

"Rogue, you suck at this game." said a still halfway clothed Pietro, he was just missing both his socks and his shirt. Definitely enjoying the view of Rogue.

Wanda opted to take off her pants, socks, and gloves. And Lance was missing everything but his socks and boxers, he liked showing off his body.

"Fine, no peep show?" Lance asked sadly.

"I don't think so. What else can we do?" Wanda asked while everyone was putting their clothes back on."

"Ohh, hey, let's play spin the bottle." Rogue put down her empty beer bottle and shoved things off the table to clear the way.

"Dude, there's two girls and three boys, I don't like those odds." Lance said.

"Ohh don't be a pussy, just kiss whoever the bottle points at. You only have to do It for 10 seconds."

"I'm not a pussy."


"Fine, I'll show you." Lance slapped the bottle and nervously watched it spin. Round and round. Everyone watched anxiously. It started slowing down, slower, slower. And finally stopped. Wanda looked up wide-eyed. "Alright!" Lance said while pulling his fist down in a 'yes' motion. He leaned over the table and began to kiss Wanda, she either didn't mind or was too high to care.

"Okay, my turn." Pietro spun the bottle. It landed on Rogue. "Yes" he jumped up. He then leaned over and began to kiss her. A minute passed and Lance and Wanda had to pull them off of each other.

"Hmm, let's see." Wanda hit the bottle. Todd sat their praying it would land on him. Wanda sat their praying it wouldn't land on Todd.

"YES!!" Todd hopped up.

"NO WAY!! I'm not that high." Wanda cried.

"You have to." Lance said.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have to kiss a Toad." She got up and leaned over. "I swear, if I feel any tongue, I'll hex you through the roof."

"Fine by me, now lay it on me baby."

Wanda rolled her eyes and the shut them tight and pressed her lips onto Todd's. She kissed him for ten seconds, then broke away.

A huge smile formed on his face and he sat back down.

"Okay, Roguey's turn." Lance said.

She grabbed it and spun it hard. Not really hoping for anyone in particular, but who it stopped on shocked even her.

"Alright! Fem slash." Lance yelled out.

Rogue looked at Wanda, and they both just shrugged their shoulders. They began kissing, and ten seconds later they stopped.

"Ohh man, that was hot, do it again." Pietro said.

"No, it's my turn, maybe it'll land on both of them."

"Sure Todd."

"I can dream." He spun it and it landed on Rogue. "Cool." He stood up and leaned over and kissed Rogue. His eyes widened and he quickly pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Lance asked.

"Sh..she..used tongue." Rogue just sat back and smiled.

Wanda turned to her, "Ewwwe." she playfully slapped her shoulder.

"My turn." lance said.

"Everyone already went." Wanda told him.

"So, I wanna kist you or Rogue again."


Lance spun it so sure that he'd get either her or Rogue. It stopped on Pietro. "Umm, okay, I don't wanna play anymore."

"No, I insist, oh, wait, you're the one that insisted, besides I had to kiss Wanda." Rogue said.

"So, but it's okay for girls to kiss girls." Pietro joined in.

"Oh, I agree, you have to kiss each other." Todd happily stated.

Rogue turned to Wanda and cupped her hand around her ear and began whispering, "Okay, Ah'll tell ya what, ya'll do that, and we'll do something even better."

The boys could only imagine what they had said. "Okay, your on." lance said. "Okay, just close your eyes and don't open your mouth."

They both closed their eyes and tightly shut their lips and pressed against each others. They held that for ten seconds. "Okay we did it." Pietro said.

"Nuh uh. Not good enough." Wanda crossed her arms over her chest and turned away.

"Well what do you want?" Lance asked.

Wanda and Rogue looked at each other . "Eight seconds, with tongue."

"No way." Both boys replied.

Todd turned to them. "Come on, be reasonable. They are both two very hot chicks that are high and just kissed each other. Imagine what else they'll do."

"He's got a point." Lance said.

"Okay, we agree." Pietro told them.

They both closed their eyes and opened their mouth's. You could see the tongues moving around, along with the disgusted expressions on their faces. Eight seconds later.

"Done!" They all said. "Your turn."

Wanda and Rogue finished taking several hits of the bong. "Okay." Smoke came out of Rogues mouth as she said that, and she began to giggle. "Okay, were gonna make out on this couch, and you can watch." Rogue said calmly.

"Awesome, wait, how high are you?" Lance got up and looked into her eyes, her pupils were fully dilated. This caused her to giggle a lot. "Dude, she is so high, I wonder if she'll remember any of this?" He then turned to Wanda, hers were the same as Rogue's. Now they were both giggling. "This should be interesting." Lance sat back down and took a large sip of his beer. Pietro right next to him downing a pixie stick while hitting the bong. And Todd laid back, smoking his joint.

Rogue grabbed Wanda and began kissing her, she pushed her down on the couch and shoved her tongue down her throat. Wanda was now groping Rogue. Rogue, still kissing, began to take Wanda's shirt off and threw it towards the guys. Rogue sat up and grabbed the can of whipped cream and sprayed it in a line, from her navel to her neck. Rogue placed her tongue onto Wanda's navel and began licking off the whipped cream. Rogue made it up to her chest and Wanda began to moan. Rogue was now kissing Wanda's neck and began to giver hickies.

The guys were just sitting their. Most definitely turned on.

Wanda now shot up and pushed Rogue down onto the couch. In the heat of the moment, Wanda ripped off Rogue's shirt. Exposing her black lacey bra, that barely kept her large breasts in. Wanda grabbed the chocolate sauce and drizzled it from her navel to her neck also. She had licked it all off. And started to group Rogue's chest while kissing her neck and giving her hickies.

By now the boys stood up, trying to hide their boners. They ran out of the room. "Man, I..I..gotta go to my room, or something." Todd yelled.


After they had finished jerking off they went back down to the basement.

"Man, that was good." Lance said.

"So, Pietro, you got turned on by your sister?" Todd asked teasingly.

"Gross, no. Come on, two hot chicks making out. Who wouldn't get turned on?"

As they approached the bottom of the stairs Lance spoke up. "Hey, do you guys hear anything?"

"No, why?" Pietro asked.

"That's just it, their not making any noises, you think they stopped?"

"Aww, man, it was getting good too." Todd whined.

When they were finally at the bottom, they saw the two girls both sound asleep on top of each other.

"Now what are we supposed to do?" Lance asked. "What time is it any ways?"

"Uhh, 12:27" Pietro said while glancing to his watch.

"Ohh, shit, didn't Roguey have to be back at eleven?" Lance said.

"Yeah, we should take her home, yo." Todd said.

Lance scooped her up. "I'll put her in the jeep."

"Didn't she take Scott's car?" Pietro asked.

"Oh yea, even better. Well, pick up Wanda, we'll bring her with us. I don't wanna leave her hear alone." Lance said.

Pietro scooped up his twin sister. The both walked up the steps and out towards the cars. Todd hopping behind them.

"I'll drive Wanda and Rogue up in the jeep. And you and Todd take Scott's car." Lance said.

"This night just keeps getting better." Pietro cracked his knuckles and revved the engine.


They pulled up to the mansion with an angry looking Wolverine standing at the door. The boys were afraid, very afraid. Lance scooped Rogue up and walked towards him.

"Were sorry, we fell asleep and." Lance stuttered.

"Yeah, we just lost track of time, were sorry." Pietro interjected.

"Yeah, what he said, yo." Todd laughed. Pietro elbowed him.

"Come here." Logan told them.

They all stepped forward cautiously.

He looked them in the eye, "Are you boys high?"

"Uhh, no?" They said, unsure of what was going to happen.

"Yeah right, give me her." He said sticking out his arms towards Lance.

Lance looked down and muttered under his breath to Pietro, "Dude, what about her shirt, gah! And her neck."

"I don't know hand him to her and run."

Lance gave her to him. He looked down and saw her shirt. He raised his eyebrow. "What happened? If you boys did anything to her I swear I will kill you myself."

They all gulped loudly. " It wasn't us, yo. Her and Wanda had a make out contest." he grinned. Although he wasn't all there.

"Todd, shut up." Lance and Pietro both snapped. Of course, he waits all night until now to experience the side effects.

Logan knew they were telling the truth, and scared shitless. "Okay, just leave before anyone wakes up. Thanks for bringing her back home safely, and Scott's car."

They all turned to leave.

"I hope you all know she won't be coming over for awhile."

"Yeah we figured." They yelled back.


Logan carried the sleeping Rogue up the stairs and into her room. He didn't really know what to do about her clothes, so he just put a blanket over her.

As he left, he sighed and chuckled slightly. "Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow."

He shut the door.


Rogue walked into the busy kitchen with a big headache and a huge case of the munchies.

All heads turned and all eyes focused on her. "What?!" she asked.

Kitty walked up to her and whispered into her ear. Rogue looked down to see her shirt ripped open. Her eyes widened as she quickly tried to shut her shirt. She turned and ran out of the room.

She came back down in her night shirt, people whispering, then stopped as she walked in. "What now?"

"Busy night?" Kurt said.

"Uhh." Was all she could say. Trying to think, but couldn't remember most of what happened the previous night. "Hmm, strip pocker and spin the bottle? Ah think Ah did that? But Ah can't remember anythang after that." she hadn't realized she had said that out loud. She quickly gasped and covered her mouth.

"Woooooo" All the students began singing.

"Where'd ya get those hickies from?" Tabitha asked.

"Hickies, Ah don't remember that?" she stood their thinking.

Just then Logan walked in and knew the answer. "Coughwandacough." Then he walked back out.

Rogue eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. "Oh. Mah. Gawd." Now fully remembering what had happened. She grabbed an apple and ran out of the room.

Everyone almost chocked on their food when they heard that.

"She sure knows how to party." Bobby said. Then everyone busted out laughing.


Okay The End. Just a silly little fic I felt like writing.