Okay, yeah I know its been like FOREVER, but I had like half of it written and was in the mood to do the rest. Please don't hate me if its not that good. I need to get back in the swing of things. Side's I'm just like a tv show, lil' gimmicks to grab ya'll attention, no not, really, you know you love that place. Anyways on with the show, I mean story. Yeah, anyways, sorry, I'm tired.

Ch 10



"You see……"

(And on with the story)

"It all started last Tuesday. Remember when I came home late?" Jamie began his epic tale.

"Yeah, yah ran in with a red forehead, then straight up to your room. What was that all about?" Rogue stifled a giggled as she remembered that evening.

"Yeah, I'll get to that later." He took a deep breath. "Well, after my school lessons with the adults at the mansion…"

"Man, I still can't believe you geeks got a freaking mansion." Lance said, absent mindedly into the air.

Jamie ignored and pressed on, "Well, after my school lessons, Mr. Xavier lets me have free time. Like wander around down town. Look at all the little shops and baby shit like that he thinks I enjoy. That's why Mr. Xavier got me my bike. To peddle my ass around town since none of the 'older' losers will take me anywhere. Now you see why I've taken a certain liking to my bike." Jamie snarled towards Todd.

Todd held up his hands in defense.

"Anyways…." Jamie rolled his eyes. "Around five or five thirty, my sweet tooth was screaming at me to satisfy it, so I stopped inside the Oasis Ice Cream parlor and got myself a scoop of cookie dough ice cream. I then proceeded to go out back and sit at my table and eat my ice cream. No one really goes out there, too cold and dark, you know, from all the trees."

Everyone nodded for the sake of all things good and continued to listen to the young mans story.

He took another deep breath, "Well, I was busy licking the sides of my ice cream, I mean it was dripping all over the place, hands were getting sticky, shoes messy. And that's, when I saw Her." Jamie had stopped talking and wore a dreamy expression on his face.

"Who!?" Lance and Pietro yelled in unison.

"The Love…….of My Life." Jamie's answer was simple, and he continued to stare on into empty space with that silly look plastered on his face.

"Yo kid….er…man." Todd waved his hands over Jamie's face. Jamie's face hardened when he said kid, but quickly softened.

"Well, as I was saying." He turned to face Rogue and Wanda. The guys just rolled their eyes. "Man, when I saw her, she was so beautiful. I just couldn't keep my eyes off her."

Jamie was interrupted by Wanda and Rogue's "Awwe."

He smiled, then blushed, then quickly hung his head down. "Well, I wasn't really watching where I was going and I, uh, I, grhmbshmrmbshmd." He had gracefully began than warp sped through.

"What was that last part?" Rogue asked, raising an eyebrow and leaning in.

"I RAN INTO THE GLASS DOOR!!" He belted out.

This was received by an uproar of laughter coming from the three guys and stifled giggles from the girls.

His face flushed red but quickly turned to an evil smirk. "Man, shut the fuck up! That's right, I know you losers mess up everything you manage to get your hands on." He began.


"I'm actually quite stunned to see her here with you guys." Jamie pointed towards Wanda. The boys kind of smiled, she was probably the best thing they had going for them.

Wanda blushed a little, "And I'm only here because that idiot in the corner hopped up on pixie sticks is my brother."

Pietro stuck his tongue out, "I love you too sis'."

"Besides, I don't see anyone of you with girlfriends. And now you know Mr. Right and Mr. Left don't count?" He countered, making a stroking motion with his left hand.

Jamie sat back in victory.

Huge open grins formed on Wanda and Rogue's faces, now it was their turn for a good laugh.

The guys all sat there dumbstruck.

"Oh my god Jamie, that was fucking awesome. I think I just found my hero." Wanda stood up and stretched.

Jamie brushed some of his bangs out of his face. Then he began to bite on his lower lip, a habit he'd picked up when he was nervous.

An awkward silence filled the room, which was interrupted by an echoing sloshing noise. Everyone turned to face the culprit.

Jamie smiled sheepishly. "Uh, you guys got any food?"

The guys all looked at him like he was crazy.

"Man, suck it up, ya'll got dissed by a thirteen year old, deal with it." Rogue quickly glanced over at Jamie, "Which makes no difference at all. But, anyways, food. Its lahke…." She looked around for the time. "Whoa, seven thirty? Man, anyways, food."

"Yeah, yeah…" Lance grumbled as he and Todd walked into the kitchen.


Todd hopped on top of the yellowing countertop, and whipped his tongue at a handle, successfully pulling it open, then….






Rogue smiled apologetically towards Jamie.



"UH, HE HE."




Everyone rolled their eyes.


Lance and Todd came out, Lance holding a big box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. Todd quickly hopped forward sitting next to Wanda. She just rolled her eyes.

Lance opened his mouth and had a handful of cereal, "Okay, good news guys…" he then crammed the little balls into his mouth. "Ve've gosht cerveal."

Everyone's shoulders slumped.

"Now Lance, I know you like cereal, don't get me wrong, I like it to, but dude, you eat that stuff all the time, don't you ever get sick of it?" Pietro said, leaning in with his chin in his hand.

Lance shook his head, unable to do much more.

"Yes, okay, but I am so not in the mood for, another bowl of cereal. Here's an idea, okay, now brace your self, here it comes, it's comin'…" Pietro was unable to finish his sentence do to a pillow shoved in his face courtesy of his sister.

"No more cereal, real food." She said simply.

"Oh gawd, Ah know the perfect place." A smile crept across Rogue's face as she jumped up and ran to the door. "Well ya'll comin'?"

"Oh.." Lance gulped down the rest of his cereal. "I didn't know that it would involve my jeep."

As Wanda passed him, "You should know by now, everything involves your jeep."


"Okay, where to?" Lance asked, leaning against the divers door swinging the keys around his index finger.

Rogue smiled, then quickly snatched the keys from him, "You'll see when we get there."

His left eye twitched as he stood firm, "Not if you can't get into the driver's seat." He was then smacked in the back of the head.

"Move you big rock head, or we'll never get their." Wanda hissed.

Lance paused. "Rock head?" He paused again, along with everyone else. Then everyone busted up laughing. "Dude, that was so bad." Lance said in between breath's.

"Man, and I thought he was the king of bad puns, but you can be my queen any day, yo." Todd smiled sweetly towards a reddening Wanda.

Flustered, "I wasn't thinking straight….." Everyone continued laughing while she continued to die of embarrassment, "Ugh, your all a bunch of idiots!"

"Whatever makes you feel better." Pietro said patting his sisters head.

Rogue took her opportunity with Lance just standing there laughing.


She quickly let out a childish smile, like 'I didn't do it.'

"You bit me you psycho."

"You gonna move, cause Ah'll bite harder."

He stepped aside, "Aww Roguey, that would have sounded so hot if I wasn't so afraid you weren't lying."

Lance went to find a seat, but none were left.

Rogue turned around, Pietro was beside her, Wanda was behind her, Todd beside her, big shock, then Jamie. "Hey, Jamie, come sit up here with me, Lance is bigger." Jamie rolled his eyes.

Jamie hopped up to the front and smiled sweetly to Rogue, then glared behind to Lance, who was sitting awkwardly. Lance's eyes widened, evil seemed to radiate off that glare. He then focused his eyes top the seat in front of him.

"You know, I've never had to sit in the back of my own jeep." He then reached his arm forward and twisted Pietro's nipple really hard .


He sat their rubbing it the whole entire car ride to wherever Rogue was taking them.


Fifteen minutes into the ride Wanda leaned forward and whispered into Rogue's ear, startling her, Rogue jerked the wheel to the side causing the Jeep to veer to the left. Wanda's eyes widened as they were now in the wrong lane with an oncoming car headed their way.

"Ahh, OH SHIT!" Rogue said as she jerked the wheel to the side, bringing them back onto the other side, cutting off a Jetta, well, barely touching the front of it, Lance's eyes grew tens sizes bigger. "My CAR!"

The person in the Jetta suddenly came to a halt, causing the, well one other car behind him to go around. He got out of his car, "You BITCH LOOK AT MY CAR."

Rogue slammed on the brakes, Lance shook violently, "Oh God! MY BRAKES!" Everyone jolted forward due to the sudden stop.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL MEH?" She stuck her head out of the car, "WHY DON"T YAH COME HERE AND SAY IT TO MAH FACE."

The man quickly brushed up his sleeves and stomped over their angrily. He peered up at her through the windowless doorframe. "Did you not here me the first time? What are you going to do about my car you *BITCH*."

Her jaw dropped, clearly offended.

"You know, name calling is not necessary." Todd said sensing the tension.

Rogue grunted then brought back her elbow, fist clenched.


*More to come on that later, but in a bizarre driving accident, the definition of a hit and run was redefined tonight. As you can see, from the scene behind me, a Jetta was hit by another car, causing minor damages, but it had upset the driver a great deal. He had stepped out of his car and approached the other car, only to get knocked out himself. No word on who the other driver was yet.*

He took a polite sip from his mug, pinkie extended, the TV light reflecting off his head. He raised an eyebrow. "Odd…."


Finally, the jeep had came to a stop. The rest of the ride was deathly quiet, well everyone except for Rogue who smiled and hummed the whole time. They had parked along the street and had to walk up to the restaurant.

Lance sprang out of the jeep intending to examine the fatalities his jeep had endured in the hands of the rogue, but failed to do so once he had finally realized where she had taken them.

Lance, Pietro, and Todd all fell to Rogue's feet with a neon orange hue the only source of light. She smiled and bowed.

A smile crept over the corners of Jamie's face, trying not to let anyone know he was excited. Oh yeah, he totally owe's Rogue.

Wanda stood there awkwardly, the piercing eyes gazing into her own. She had absolutely no idea what this place was, "Umm Rogue, What's so special about Hooters?"

Rogue laughed lightly and wrapped an arm around Wanda's and answered her question with that dammed, "Oh, you'll see."

They walked towards the front door while Jamie tried to get the guys back up.


They walked into the well lit building, sports games blaring, tank tops and hot pants galore. They found a table in the middle of the room, seats six, they hopped up on the stools and situated themselves around the round wooden table. Todd, Jamie, Rogue, Wanda, Pietro, and Lance. It's a round table so, Lance is next to Todd and vice versa. Waiting for their waitress, all four guys sat watching the eye candy.

"Would you look at these horny little boys, the waitress might want to look out, or she might slip on some drool." Rogue laughed.

Wanda sat with her chin in her hand, staring at the waitresses, then back at the boys, "Well, you've certainly got their attention. This is definitely an interesting gimmick."

For the next ten minutes the guys had continued to stare, warnings of blindness didn't seem to phase them. Wanda and Rogue had resorted to re-doing their make-up.

Finally a tall, tan, brunette walked over, her long golden pony tail flowing behind her. She stopped in front of their table, in-between Jamie and Todd. Lance and Pietro pouted. She held out a note pad in her right hand and pulled a pencil out from behind her left ear.

"Hi, I'm Bobbi, I'll be your server tonight." She began, passing around glasses of water to everyone. "What can I get ya' guy's started with? Soda, juice, water?" She asked smiling at the table, and stopping at Jamie.

"Root Beer." He smiled.

"Waters fine." Rogue smiled.



"Root Beer."

"Root Beer." Lance finished, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. She gave him a pity smile and shook her head no. He slicked his hair back and tried to pretend nothing happened.

"Okay." She had apparently moved on, "I'll be right back to take your orders." She smiled then left.

The guys eyes trailed her as she left.

"Eww." Wanda said wiping her neck, "Your breathing on my neck and getting it all wet." She then leaned in and quickly licked his cheek.

"Eww. Gross. Cooties!" Pietro yelped, quickly wiping off his cheek.

"Why am I sitting next you anyways?" she asked turning away only to get an earful of a wet finger. "Ahh." She turned and punched him in the gut.

"Oof." He then formed an evil smile and quickly grabbed her left knee and held on.

She winced, knowing what he was going to do. "Oh no! Ow ow ow ow ow, ok ok I give, let go." She whined. Then, once he had let go, she hit him in the nuts.

Pietro's face scrunched and Wanda started to laugh.

"Do I have to separate you two?" Rogue said getting up, Wanda stuck her tongue out as she got up to change places with Rogue.

Pietro suck out his leg, and turned his head to the side, nonchalantly whistling. With the following a result of his childish actions.

Rogue had just sat down on the stool while Wanda walked around her, Pietro suck out his leg causing her to loose balance, grabbing Rogue's shoulder for some stability, no luck. She proceeded to fall to the floor, now accompanied by Rogue.

"WATCH OUT!!" A combination of two voices had yelled as a warning.


"Pietro, yah are SO dead!" Rogue said angrily, her accent coming out so thick, she nearly chocked on her own threat.

Rogue and Wanda laid sprawled on the floor, plastic cups scattered in various positions around them, and in a giant puddle of a sticky brown mess, the fronts of their shirts completely soaked.

Bobbi, the waitress, bent down and began to clean up the mess. Wanda and Rogue sat up.

"Oh, that won't be necessary. That asshole over there," Wanda jutted her thumb out towards Pietro, "would be more than happy to clean this mess up. Now wouldn't you." She said sweetly, though he could see the flames taking over her eyes.

"Come, join us." Rogue said, sincerely pissed, grabbing his leg and slamming him down on the ground. He let out a breath of relief when it wasn't in the puddle. Rogue and Wanda both stood up.

"Pietro." The girls said simultaneously. He looked up.


"Asshole." Wanda said, stepping over him.

"Jerk." Rogue said, stepping on and then over him.

Bobbi tried to stifle a giggle, and got up her self, throwing a rag down to him. He pulled it off his face, "It wouldn't have worked out anyways! It's not you it's me!" Everyone rolled their eyes and continued eating their meals.

He got down on all fours and began to scrub the wooden floor, the rag soaking up all the spilt soda.


"Is it just meh, or does this seem to be a constant with us?" Rogue said, scrubbing desperately at her shirt.

"Well, you know the day's just not complete if something hasn't gone wrong at least once." Wanda said smiling, then focusing back on her shirt. "FUCK IT!" She threw down the paper towel.

"Ah think Ah might kill Pietro in his sleep, that way he'll never see it coming." Rogue said, drenching her shirt in water, "Okay, now this is why they shouldn't put all the artificial crap in soda, IT RUINS YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES!"

"Whats that?" Wanda asked, pointing to the back of Rogues jeans.

She stood on her tip toes and tried to see it in the mirror, then her face twisted in disgust, "Ughh! WHAT IS THAT?" She stared at the chunky red orange splotch on her jeans. She began to shake her head up and down really fast, "Yeah, he is sooo dead." She then began scrubbing furiously at the spot, until all that was left as a wet, greaser spot.

Wanda put a hand on Rogue's shoulder, and turned her to face her. She brushed some white bangs out of her eyes.

"Ahh, not a total mess." Rogue blushed, "Ohh, look up, let me fix your eyeliner." Rogue obeyed as Wanda delicately erased the stray black lines with her pinkie.

There was a soft knock at the door.

They turned to see who it was. It was their waitress, "Um, I'm so sorry about the drinks..."

"Oh, no need to apologize it was entirely that egomaniac's fault." Rogue smiled.

"Yeah, but my boss wanted me to give these to you guys free of charge, so there was no hostilities, ya know?" She held out what appeared to be white napkins?

"Uh, thanks, but the paper towels haven't really made any difference, I don't think napkin's would either." Wanda said squinting her eyes.

Bobbi let out a chuckle, no sillies, she unfolded one and held it out, "There our signature tank tops."

"No, that's a half a tank top. No way in hell Ah'm wearin' that." Rogue defiantly crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well you two don't have to wear them, but wet t-shirt night doesn't start until ten." She said sarcastically as the two glanced down at themselves.

"Ah think Ah'll take mah chances."

"Fine, but you still need to take the shirts or my boss'll kill me." She handed them the tops, "I gotta get back to work anyways," She peaked out the door, "Anyways, you think you can hurry, your boys are getting antsy." She left, referring to them flinging lemon wedges at each other with spoons and catching them in their mouths.

"Well, we should go stop them." Wanda said, tops in hand.

"Maybe Jamie'll be a good boy and fling one down the back of Pietro's throat." Rogue said maniacally.

"You know, I really don't want to go out there looking like shit, and I'm sure it wouldn't be that bad." Wanda gave Rogue a puppy dog pout.

"No way."

"Please. Come on, here, I'll help you." Wanda teased, gently tugging at the bottom of Rogue's shirt.


"Peak-a-boo, I see you." She teased again, lifting her shirt up past her navel.

"Hmm, Ah still see your shirt on, Ah can fix that." Rogue rolled her eyes, playing along, she began to lift Wanda's top off.

Further. Higher. More bare skin. Past the bra. And over the head.

They both just giggled as they put on the tops.

"Ah can't believe Ah let ya' do this."

"Suck it up, now lets go shows those losers what they all want, but can't have." Wanda grabbed Rogue's hand and pulled her out of the room. As they left Rogue threw their shirts away.


They tried to make it to their table with all their dignity in tact, but the obvious stares just would let that happen, and to top it off, the shouts and cat-calls coming from…

Wanda and Rogue both turned bright red and glared daggers at the boys at their tables. Okay, Jamie wasn't exactly joining, but he wasn't exactly trying to shut them up.

They both hopped up on their stools.

"Awww, your not going to sit next to me now Roguey? Remember what happened last time." Pietro grinned.

"Yeah, I don't wanna sit next to him." Wanda batted her eyes.

"Fine." Rogue sighed heavily. "But you owe me." Wanda and Pietro both smiled while Rogue frowned.

"NO ONE MOVE, THE DRINKS ARE BEHIND YOU, I AM NOW PLACING THEM DOWN INFRONT OF YOU." Bobbi warned, situating the drinks around them. "Okay, now finally, what I'm sure you guys came for, food. What'll it be?" She asked, paper and pen in hand.

"How bout two round's of your famous hot wings." Lance said for the group, everyone nodded.

"Ranch or blue cheese?" She paused, "I'll just bring enough of both out." She smiled then left.

"FINALLY, I thought I'd die of thirst." Pietro said exasperatedly. Receiving a smack in the back of the head via Rogue. "Okay, can't you take a joke."


"Apparently not, yo." Todd chuckled, "Anyways, yo Jamie man, you weren't finished with your story back there were you?"

"Well, at least Ah'm sure there once was a point to your story."

"Of course, I was getting to it until well you know, anyways, AFTER I had *coughranintotheglassdoorcough* there she was, standing over me, the sunlight hidden behind her head, giving her a heavenly glow…"

"Well, then what'd she do?" Todd asked eagerly.

"Well, it wasn't exactly the reaction I was hoping for, actually, it was the only one I guess she could have done, well, you know how I knocked into the door, and that leads to me falling on the floor." Everyone nodded to his ramblings. "Well, you know, it's a funny thing when I bump into things, I kind of have this uncontrollable urge to…" He was cut off by Rogue.

"Oh no, you didn't?" She gasped, everyone raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Oh yeah, big time, when I fell, only one clone came out, but out of nervousness, like one, two, three…" He zoned out for a second. "Yeah, NINE, nine more popped out, I was like a freaking bunny rabbit in heat."

Everyone sort of laughed at his last remark.

"Then…"Todd said, leaning in closer.

"Well, for a moment, she just stared, you know, shock and all, then she started laughing. I turned as bright as a tomata'. I felt like a total loser. Then she slowly stopped laughing, wiped a tear, a freaking tear, a real one mind you, and finally she composed herself, well at least what was normal enough for her." He paused taking a big gulp of his soda. "Okay, so now my clones are startin to disappear, right? And she leans over and extends a hand and say's 'So you're a mutant?' So now I think I'm toast. But no, she cracks this huge, beautiful smile and says 'That's totally awesome, how many can you make?' And I stood there dumbstruck for about a minute and finally replied 'Around twenty-seven.' So she grabs my hand and we're off."

"Awwe, that's so cute." Wanda cooed.

"Yeah, that's nice and all, but this broad got a name?" Lance spoke up.

"Uck." Rogue made a face towards Lance.

"Yeah, Kaydence Young. But she just likes to be called Kayde. We just walked down third and talked, then I walked her home, and then she said, 'I hope I see you tomorrow.' She totally wanted me." He grinned like a madman. "So for the past week, that's basically what we've been doing, walking and talking. And she's funny and smart, and beautiful, and she like totally gets me. She actually likes being around me. And she's my age." He began to whine.

Bobbi finally came out carrying two trays of wings and celery stalks. "Hot 'n fresh. Enjoy. Anything else just ask."

"Okay Jamie, Ah totally get that your all stoked about this girl, but what does this have tah do with anything?" Rogue asked, leaning in.

"Right, right, well I heard you were having a party…"

"Kitty, that blabber mouth." Rogue began.

"Not now, party, ughhh, you gotta let me. Please!"

"What?! Calm down Jamie."

"Kayde, you gotta let me bring her."

"Ohhhh…………." Rogue leaned back, "Ah'm not sure, Ah mean, Ah know she know's you're a mutant and all, but it could be dangerous."

"Please, you can't say no, please, please, please. She said her older brother Shawn's a mutant. Please! 'Sides, I already invited her." He whispered that last part.

"C'mon Roguey let the man have a little fun." Lance said, gnawing on his tiny wing.

"Yeah, well it looks like Ah don't have much of a choice now do Ah. But, Ah know you're a good judge of character, so Ah'm gonna trust you okay? Don't let meh down."

Jamie looked like he was about to cry, he got up and instantly wrapped his arms around Rogue, "Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your so not gonna regret this."

After they had cleaned the plate off, they waited for the check to come. Bobbi dropped it off and Wanda picked it up.

"Oh, what was that Pietro, you'd be glad to pay. Alright then, if you insist." He opened his mouth to speak and she shoved the little black folder in his mouth.

He pulled it out, "Right, right."

Rogue checked her watch, "Shit! It's 9:20. Pietro, you pay now, fast." She got up and pulled Jamie along with her.

"Fast, baby, is my middle name." He wiggled his eyebrows.

Everyone got up and went to the door as Pietro paid in cash. And they dashed off to the jeep.


"Okay, bah, thanks, Jamie, out now. Logan's gonna kill meh." Rogue said dragged Jamie off by his shoulders.

"IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU GUYS. SEE YOU LATER." He called out, not getting a chance to have a proper goodbye.

She shoved him through the front doors and was greet by a somewhat bored looking Logan, and a very pissed off red head tapping her foot on the floor.

"Do you have any idea what time it is. It's not safe out there, especially when you have Jamie cavorting with those hoodlums." Jean huffed.

"Ahh yes, dangerous Bayville, cower down in fear. Besides he's with me, and what, does this mean you don't trust me? Ah can't believe this, uggh, Ah won't stand here and take this. Come along Jamie." She ushered him along trying to hide a smile.

Jean and Logan stood there in awkward silence.

"You don't think I was too hard on her. I didn't mean it." She said.

"Something tells me she'll get over it." Logan gave her a slap on the back and walked away.


Rogue walked Jamie to his room.

"Night Jamie, it was, well, interesting'. See ya' tomarrow." She ruffled his hair. "Man, your hair is getting' long, we gotta do somthin to it."

"Yeah. And thanks, really, I think she really likes me, I just wanted to show her my family."

"Yeah, anytime man." She laughed.

"Nite Rogue."