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Chapter 1: What to get her?!?!?

Brock and Nicole were once again home at last. Mya-Lynn was in Nicole's arm at last. Brock opened the door and he set their things down. Nicole stepped in as if she had never been in the house in her life. She sighed. Mya-Lynn cooed and giggled.
"Ahhh.home at last." Brock said and he took Mya-Lynn and they walked around. Nicole walked over to the mail. Her good friend Sarah had babysitted the house and there was mail up to her eyeballs. She looked over them. Bills and letters from family saying that they were happy to know that she had a great job were she was with her husband. Yeah..husband.not yet but soon though. Then there was a letter that seemed to stick out a bit. Nicole stopped and heard Brock playing with Mya.she sighed and she read the address.
John and Kelly Lesnar Nicole didn't think Brock had family members by that name.
"Brock?" she called.
"Yeah?" he pocked his head around the coroner. He was seated on the floor with Mya.
"You got a letter." Nicole held it up.
"So?" he said.
"From a John and Kelly Lesnar?" she said. Brock got up and he walked over to her with Mya there in his large arms. Nicole took Mya and he took the letter. He opened it up. And he read.about 3 minutes later he looked up.
"They are my cousins. And they wanted to meet you. And their daughter, Morgan who is by the way my favorite, birthday is on the 24 of June..and they wanted us to come and see her cause she misses me so much." Brock did love his little cousin Morgan very much. It had been a long time since he had seen her. Nicole looked at him. She smiled.
"Well that's very nice of you to love her very much but, we have a gig on the 26..don't we?" she asked. Brock thought. Guess they did because he made a face. "That's what I thought." She said.
"So what? And besides I would like for you to meet them. They are family. And I think you will love Morgan. And they haven't seen Mya. Come on..we gotta go." He gave her a face. Nicole stood there..
"Fine. But what are we going to get Morgan?" Brock forgot about that part.wasn't him just good enough? Guess not.
"Ahhh." he stood there.
"That's what I thought. How old is she?"
"She is turning 15 now." Nicole smiled. 15 was a good age. She remembered being that age. And boy wasn't she glad it was over. Nicole walked off and let Brock think things over about his family and this 15 year old.
"Well I am coming to see you More if you like it or not!" Brock looked at the calendar and it was the 20th. He and Nicole had 4 days to think of what to do. This was not good. He found her putting Mya down for a nap. He walked in and kissed her cheek. Nicole smiled turned around and she hugged him. God didn't she love being in his arms. She was always safe were ever she went.
"What was that for?" he joked. He kissed her head. She looked up to him.
"So about your cousin.what is she into?" they walked out of Mya's room and they headed down stairs. Brock thought.
"Well I know that she had always been a tomboy and I know that she is like almost like me." Nicole seemed almost shocked to think that a woman was like her Brock.well she hoped that Mya didn't turn out just like him.
"Really?" she said with some sarcastic in her voice.
"Yeah she loves wrestling a lot.that's what John said in the letter and that she has WWE magazines all over her floor and yeah. So I thought of the perfect gift." ************************************************************************

Morgan was your average teen. But she was a huge tomboy. She didn't have any dresses, she loved rock music and she wore guy clothing. On her walls were posters and she had some Matallica music going. She knew that Brock loved them. But she to liked country a little bit. And she too had a passion for wrestling. All over her floor were WWE magazines. But the new one with Brock and Nicole on the front was her prized one. Nicole Lesnar "The Next Thing!" Read a crossed the front. Morgan had read the article over an over and over again. On her night stand was a picture of her and Brock before he met Nicole. And when she was younger. She did though, have a poster of her cousin on her wall. Only because she didn't have anything else. Then their came a knocking on her door. Her mother popped her head in. She looked at her daughter dressed in black baggy pants and a black tan-top, with a black Nike visor.
"Yeah?" Morgan looked at her mother who was now all the way in her room. She smiled at her.
"Sweetie.come on! It's your birthday.people are coming.don't you want to come down stairs?" Morgan didn't want to.
"" she said. Her mother gave her a sad look.
"Why not? Oh come on it will be fun!" Morgan didn't want to put up with people. She hated her birthday and she didn't want to go see any one anyways. She didn't want any gifts or any thing, not cake no nothing.
"I just don't want to ok? I will be down later." she lied about that.

"Oh..ok..I will save you some cake then." And she walked out of her room. She came down over the stairs to meet Brock and Nicole with John holding Mya.
"She said that she didn't want to come down." Kelly said.
"Don't worry.I will get her down." Brock said.
"HEY MORE?!" he yelled. Morgan sat up in her bed.was that who she thought it was? couldn't. But her stomach was telling her different. She opened the door and she walked to the stairs.there at the bottom was her cousin.
"BROCK!!!!" she screeched, and she came racing down the stairs and she jumped into his arms. She couldn't believe it! He was really here at last!
"Morgan! You have grown!" Brock said. Morgan looked up at her cousin.

"This is unbelievable this is the best birthday gift ever!" Then she saw her.Nicole at last, and Mya-Lynn.
"Hey." Nicole said.
"Hey! Wow you are awesome in the ring!" Morgan had to let it all out. "Cool this is Mya-Lynn!" Nicole handed Mya to Morgan.
"Look at that." Kelly said. They all looked at them. Morgan saw the wonder in Brocks eyes. Then she looked at Nicole. She smiled. She was just what Morgan thought.
"Well then let's get down to business shall we?" John said as they walked into the very fancy dinning room. There on the table were gifts.
"WOW!" Brock said. They all laughed. Morgan didn't know what she really wanted! She didn't ask for any thing.but the unwrapping began!
1 and a half later.. With a new stereo, a new lab-top a new hat, new baggy pants new shoes new hoddy's and bunch of other things Morgan didn't get one gift from Brock or Nicole.heck that was ok cause they were here! But when her friends finally showed up, they didn't say any thing. They were looking at Brock Lesnar! They couldn't believe that he was here.
"Well looks like that's it!" Kelly said. Brock chugged down the last of his beer.
"No wait no its not." He said. They all looked at him. He walked over to Morgan and handed her an envelope. She looked at him "Open it!" he said. Morgan smiled and she opened it. There in side was a full year backstage pass to WWE. Morgan looked up.
"What?" she said.
"Ummm..Kelly, John, would it be alright if, Morgan traveled with us? I mean she would have front row seating and she would have backstage passes to get to my dressing room but she wouldn't interact with the other wrestlers." He couldn't really say much about it. Cause that wasn't a lie. Kelly and John looked at each other. Morgan's friends were ooohhhing and awwwwing at her. In like 20 minutes later John looked at Brock.
"I don't see why not. She is nuts for WWE. If she gets into trouble you tell us or if any thing she is coming home." Morgan pushed Brock out of the way and hugged her father. They all laughed and Morgan let go and she hugged Nicole and her friends. Then Brock picked her up and put her on his shoulder. She was laughing lots now.
"So when do you guys take my daughter on this rampage?" Kelly asked.
"Tonight if possible we have a gig on the 26 so we are leaving early. We are going to leave Mya again at Brocks parents." Nicole said. They all agreed that Morgan would leave with Brock and Nicole that night. So Morgan and her friends took off for her room and they dragged out her suit case's and they put things in and every thing.
"More you are so friggen lucky you know that!" one said.
"I know come on! Having Brock Lesnar as your cousin is just good enough but you getting to travel with him!" said another.
"Come on, give me a brake you guys, I will tell you all about it! I will even get your fav superstars autographs if I have to." They all went quiet when Nicole came in the room.
"So, are you all packed?" she said.
"I think so." Morgan said. "Thanks you guys for helping me. I will see you out the door." And she walked down stairs and out the door they went. Morgan walked up to her room and there was Brock looking at her things.
"Hey!" he almost jumped.
"Sorry.I was getting your things." He said. He saw the poster of himself. "Like my poster?" he asked.
"Hey it's the only good picture I've got of you that's new." She said. Brock smiled.
"Don't worry there will be newer ones with you and me in it. Come on lets go say good bye to your parents." He placed a hand on her shoulder and they walked down stairs. Brock had her suit cases and she said good bye to her parents.
"I want you to be safe.don't go looking for trouble like you usually do ok?" her mother said into her ear. Morgan looked at her.
"Mom.come on! I am with 2 people that can protect me when I need it..and besides I can protect myself."
"Not with people that can really.."
"John, lighten up she knows what to do." Brock said. He shook John's hands and hugged Kelly. And he grabbed Morgan's arm.
"C-ya guys." Morgan said.
"Sounds like you are happy to leave." Nicole said.
"In a way I am" she said in the car...
"Well let's hope that this goes smoothly." Brock said. He didn't want any thing to happen her like things happened to Nicole.

Sooo what do you think is going to happen? Will Morgan keep out of trouble? Let's hope! She kind of got to leave easily don't you think? Yeah I do to.oh well!