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Chapter 14: Not going back

In the next few day's John and Kelly were already out there. Then the next day Morgan left. Her arm in a cast, her side bandaged. Her eye still swollen. No one had heard from Brock in a while. Nicole turned off her cell phone for a reason. Morgan walked to the car in pain. She sat in the back seat in total silence.
"If I get a hold of him I swear to god Nikki he is gonna be sorry." John said. Nicole just nodded. She saw the anger in his eyes. She knew that pain and anger.
"I know John, I know. I am sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. Brock didn't tell me this, no one told me it was written, it was nothing. NOTHING. God.all I can do is say that I am sorry." Kelly and John looked at Nicole. They knew that she was sorry. They couldn't be that mad. It was Brocks fault, he was there, and he watched it.
"Hey we know that you had nothing do with it. Brock is a cowered for running away from his problems. Nicole if you ever need to come and stay with us we would be happy to have you." Kelly said. Nicole nodded and they hugged her. Nicole walked them to the car. She looked in to see Morgan just starring out into space.
"Hey More, I am going to call you to see how you are doing. And I want to know how school is going ok?" Morgan slowly turned her head. She barely nodded. "Ok here are her pills for her depression, and here are her pain killers. Don't give her too many." Nicole passed them to John.
"We know. Thank you Nicole. We will call you when we get home." Nicole nodded.
"Ok. BYE!" Nicole watched them drive away. Why did this happen again.
"Hey Nikki come on. I gotta get you back to your hotel so you can catch your plane." Kurt shouted out of the car window.
"Coming." Nicole said in a weak voice. She walked over to the car and she hopped in.
"You did all you could hun. Don't worry. You will get a hold of Brock." Kurt said. And they drove in the opposite direction. Oh how Nicole wanted to kill Brock now. She sat in the car. Did he feel sorry for what he did? Was she right for blaming him? Was he ever going to show up again? Did he still love her? All these things ran though her mind.
"What went wrong?" she said out loud. Kurt didn't say a word. He was going to let her think this out on her own. Kurt just drove to the hotel. He was going to get even with Brock Lesnar himself.

************************************************************************ "Morgan Ann Lesnar why in the hell didn't you call us and tell us these things?!" her father yelled at her. Morgan didn't move. She breathed in. Here it comes. She thought.
"I don't know." She said. And that was the truth.
"John come on, she just got out of the hospital. Let her relax. Don't yell at her. She is bad enough as it is!" Kelly said. John looked at Kelly and then back at the road.
"Morgan, sweet heart we just want to know why didn't you tell Brock, Nicole, or your mother and I that you are depressed? We could have helped you sooner. We want you to get better. But no need for arguing. You need your rest." And the rest of the way to the air port was silent. Morgan's brain felt like it was on fire because she was thinking so much. Why did Brock just leave me there? I thought he cared. If he wanted me to leave why didn't he just tell me to go home? I am a pathetic person anyways. Didn't want to hurt my feelings so I would go off and kill myself. I should have done that sooner. To late now. the Happy pills are here to stay I guess. But who said that I needed take them? Oh people can be so stupid. Mostly me I guess. Morgan thought. They boarded the plane that was going to bring them back home. Maybe the plane will crash. She thought as she buckled in. Her mom leaned in close to her.
"Are you in pain sweet heart?" Morgan raised an eyebrow.
"Mom I was born in pain." She looked away. Kelly passed her a pain killer and some bottled water.
"Take this, and go to sleep. You will feel better." Morgan took it and swelled it. Then she closed her eyes and drifted off into a nightmare. She only wished I would feel better. She thought.

************************************************************************ When Morgan awoke it was time for her to get ready to land. Home. She thought. What was home? Did she really belong any were anymore? She didn't know. And she didn't care. When they finally got off, she stretched her legs. Her father called a cab and got home. Morgan saw the house. It seemed like she hadn't been home in almost forever. The car stopped and her parents got out. Her father went to the trunk. Morgan got out slowly and she walked up the steps.
"Home at last baby girl." Kelly said to her.
"Yeah. Bout time I guess." Morgan walked up stairs. Down the hall and into her room. She opened the door and there her room opened up to all the WWE posters. Then the big one of Brock staring at her. Morgan got angry and she tore it off. Then she just went mad. She ripped everything down that was wrestling. Then she just sat in the middle of her room and cried.
"Why did this happen? Why this wasn't is in the damn script! Why is Brock being like this?! WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!" Morgan cried out. She didn't know what to do. Kelly came up into the room.
"Oh sweet heart what is the matter?" she came and she bent down to her daughter. Morgan looked at her mother.
"Mom.I hate this! Why? What did I do wrong?" she sobbed.
"Oh sweet heart.you didn't do anything wrong. Brock just." she stopped. There was nothing for her to say about Brock. Because there wasn't. Kelly didn't know how to tell her daughter anything. Morgan then shoved her mother away and went to the bed. Kelly walked over to her and looked at her.
"Just leave me alone mom." Morgan said.
"I am going to come up here and check up on you ok?" Morgan rolled her eyes, like she was going to kill herself. Then she thought about it. Why not? Nothing worth living for. She was in so much pain that she wanted to die. Why not make it faster? Kelly left the room and shut the door. She sighed. She was really worried about her daughter. She needed to get a hold of Brock Lesnar. But it was her husband's cousin. Not hers. Just she wanted to kill him for this stress he put on her daughter. And she bet Brock knew about it.

Morgan looked at her wrists. She really hated life. She tried to be some one and Brock really fucked it up for her good. She thought that she could have trusted Brock. But no, he betrayed her like that. What was he thinking? Nothing really.
"I am a nothing, I feel noting, and I know nothing. So I will be nothing." Morgan pushed the blade into her skin deeper and deeper and deeper till the blood came poring put of her. She smiled at the blood as it came trickling down her arm. As if in a dream she remembered seeing Brock coming into her room and catching her. She remembered when he held her and he started to cry. He at one point in her life cared about her. Morgan put down the blade and she curled up in a ball and she began to cry and cry and cry. She hated this depression. And she wanted out.

************************************************************************ At the same time that Morgan was cutting herself Brock and Vince were in a conference room. Brock was ignoring all of the people that were speaking around him. He heard nothing. He looked down at his suit that Vince made him wear. Brock thought that he could have been home hunting or fishing..talking to Morgan.helping his little cousin out with this depression. Then he thought about Mya Lyn..would she too fall for this depression? He was scared. Sweat came down his temples. This was worse then any match that he had ever been in. Why was this happing to him?
"Brock.BROCK!" Vince yelled at him. Brock snapped out of it and looked at him.
"Oh sorry.I was thinking about something." Brock looked down at the table. Then at his stupid tie then at Vince. Vince gave him a look.
"Well since this is a meeting of ideas would you care to shear what you were thinking Brock?" Vince looked around the table at the very important men and women. Brock looked at him. And he smiled.
"Of course I would love to." Brock got up and he headed to the door.
"Brock were are you going?" Vince asked. He seemed to have something in his throat. Brock turned around and gave Vince his killer smile.
"I am going to fix something that should have been fixed a long time ago." Brock opened the door and headed out the door. Vince came running after him.
"BROCK LENSAR!" Brock stopped and he looked at his boss. "Where in the hell do you think you are going?"
"Look Vince.I need to help Morgan. I can't believe I let A-train do that her! I feel like shit about it. She was not a real wrestler! She didn't do anything to make you mad. She is my baby cousin and I love her very much. And I need to help her. She hates me and I cant live knowing that she is made at me..please I am going." Brock began to walk away. Vince at first was dumb struck. He didn't know what to think .
"Hey you listen to me Mr. You are a evil monster.and the things you did to your family cant be changed now. That's in the past Brock.you cant change the past. And as for Morgan.she is probably gone by now. You cant help that." Brock stopped. Anger boiled up in his head.
"No.I cant change the past but I can certainly change the future." Brock walked to the elevator and he pushed the button.
"Brock Lesnar if you leave this building you are fired." Vince hated those words. Mostly to someone like Brock. Brock walked into the elevator. Turned around and faced him. Smiled.
"I am not turning back from this Vince. My family comes first." And the elevator closed. Vince stood there.he didn't do anything. Brock Lesnar just left the building.
As Brock was getting out of the elevator his cell phone rang. Brock picked it up.
"Hello." he said.
"Brock.." It was a quiet voice.
"Yes?" Brock was crossing the street and getting into his car.
"Brock..This is Nicole." Brock hadn't heard from her forever.
"BABY!" He said. Nicole didn't sound happy. Brock started the car. There was a long pause. And Brock pulled out into the street.
"Brock.Morgan is worse.I just wanted you to know." And it sounded like she was going to hang up.
"No Nikki wait!" and she did. Brock throws his cell phone in to the back seat. Brock knew that he needed to get Morgan before it was too late. Brock was so mad. He couldn't believe that he let her depression get this far. Brock had a tear come down his cheek.
"Morgan please stay with me.please make it..you are strong to fight this. You are too young to hurt. Please...please stay with me. I am coming." And Brock goes down the road hoping that he is not to late.

The End.

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