Journey Or Destination?

Pt. 1: Taken

Author's Note: SLASH. Nick/Greg. Rated tentatively for violence, rape, blood, sex, (none of which graphic), and some language. Probably my most ambitious and, from my biased POV, best story. R & R & Enjoy!

Disclaimer: CSI, Nick, Greggo, not mine. Brian, mine... dammit... I'm not sure if "dazedly" is a word, so until furthur notice, that's mine too.


Greg's bare feet padded softly across the living room carpet. "I'm coming!" He yelled impatiently when his visitor pounded on the door again. He yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "This better be good," He muttered to himself and opened the door. His eyes widened. Suddenly, he was very awake. "Oh, go-" His "visitor" grabbed his bare shoulders and drove him backwards. His head struck the cabinets in his kitchen and he felt blood run down his neck and spine. He groaned and fought back the darkness that swam before his eyes.

"Hey, Greggy. Been awhile, huh?" A menacing voice hissed in his ear.

"Brian," Greg whispered with a grimace.

"I'm touched. You remember me," One hand slid from Greg's shoulder to his bare chest. "Still as good looking as ever," Brian whispered suggestively.

Greg grit his teeth and glared at him. "Don't,"

The sadistic grin on Brian's face fell away. He viciously shook Greg, causing his head to strike the wood again. Greg cried out weakly and willed his tears to remain in his eyes. "Now, we're going to go for a little ride,"

"Fuck you," Greg hissed. He felt a knife jab painfully into the tender flesh of his side and he inhaled sharply. Brian grinned again.



"Hey, Griss?" Grissom looked up from his work as Nick walked into his office. "Have you seen Greg? He's not in the lab yet,"

Grissom shook his head. "No, but I wouldn't worry. He'll be here," Nick nodded, but still didn't seem convinced. He jumped when Grissom's phone rang, breaking the silence. "Hello?...Yeah,"


Brian smiled down at Greg, who was tied to a chair and had an ugly bruise forming on his cheekbone. Greg kept his head bowed. "Are you missing someone? I'll give you a hint: he's got spiky hair," He roughly ran a hand through Greg's hair. "That's right. Greg. Your little lab rat," He kneeled in front of Greg, who whimpered pitifully, knowing what was coming next. "Ya know, he is very noisy in bed," He hung up and set the cell aside. Greg closed his eyes and turned his head away. Brian simply smiled.


"Who was that? What's going on?" Nick attacked Grissom with a barrage of questions as he walked beside the older man. Grissom remained silent except to tell the others that there was a meeting. Nick stopped. "Griss!" Grissom froze and slowly turned. "He's in trouble, isn't he," Grissom nodded grimly, then continued on his way.


Greg kept his eyes closed as Brian violated his body, praying for unconsciousness or death, preferably death. When Brian was finally done, Greg opened his eyes, but kept his head down.

"Oh, come on, Greggy. I know that you liked it," He set a finger under Greg's chin and tilted his face toward him. "The body does not lie,"

Greg's more defiant side kicked in and it showed on his face. "I was thinking about someone else,"

"Oh, really," Brian said sarcastically. "Who?"


The grin faded from Brian's face and his hand fell to his side. Without a word he disappeared into the darkness of the warehouse, then came back with a hammer in his hand. "I'll teach you," Greg tried to appeard unshaken, but his heart began to pound. Brian grabbed one of Greg's ankles and stretched his left out. Greg's eyes widened, but before he could protest Brian brought the hammer down on his lower leg. Greg threw his head back and screamed in pain as he felt the bone shatter. Tears streamed down his face. Brian tossed the hammer aside and roughly untied Greg, then dumped him out of the chair. Greg sprawled to the floor, his leg laying at an unusual angle. "Now, the real fun begins,"


"Kidnapped!" Catherine exclaimed.

"Yeah," Grissom replied quietly. The others remained silent.

"There's more, isn't there," Nick broke the silence. Everyone turned to look at him, but he didn't pay any attention to them. His eyes were locked with Grissom's. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever, then Grissom finally spoke.

"He raped Greg,"

Nick dropped his gaze back to the table.


Greg rolled over onto his back, ignoring the pain that flared through his broken ribs. Brian stood over him, a baseball bat resting on one shoulder. He had resorted to using a weapon after his foot started to ache. "Well, that was entertaining," He tossed the bat aside and hauled Greg up, then dropped him back into the chair. "Now," Brian picked up the cell phone. "To talk to this Nick," He turned the phone on. "I assume he works at the lab with you," Greg nodded dazedly. Brian dialed and waited.


"Hello?" Grissom said slowly. Catherine, Sara, Warrick and Nick stood in front of his desk, staring at him apprehensively. "Yes," Grissom looked up at Nick. "Hang on," He held the phone out to Nick. "It's for you," Nick hesitated, then took the phone.


"Hi, is this Nick...I believe you have something that belongs to me. See, I have Greggo here, but he has informed me that you have his heart, so therein lies the problem...Oh, you want to speak to Greg? Well, here he is," Brian held the phone up and grabbed Greg's wounded leg.


Nick winced as Greg's agonized scream issued from the phone. Everyone in the small office could hear it. "You bastard," He hissed into the phone after the scream stopped. He was silent for a long time, and was about to say something, then jerked back from the phone. He stared at it for a moment, then slowly replaced it on the receiver. "I know where Greg is," He said quietly.


Nick looked over at Warrick. "His kidnapper told me,"


The phone clattered to Greg's feet. "Well, time to prepare for your knight to arrive," Brian said with exaggerated cheerfulness.


Two hours later, the CSI's were met with probably over half the Las Vegas police force just outside the warehouse district. They weren't really impressed or anything. After all, Greg was one of the police force, just helped out in a different way. Nick, Warrick, Cathy and Sara hung back while Grissom spoke with Brass.

"I hope this works," Sara said quietly, more to herself than anyone else. The others agreed, but Nick remained silent, absorbed in his own thoughts.

'What did he mean "You have his heart"? Does Greg-? Naw, can't be,'

"Okay, here's the plan," Nick jumped when Grissom interuppted his thoughts, but no one noticed. "We're gonna go in and try to get Greg outta there. Once we do, SWAT'll move in and get that-the other guy," Grissom nearly lost control, but managed to keep his emotions in check.

"What makes you think this guy'll give him up?" Nick spoke without really meaning to. The others turned toward him, but he only looked at Grissom.

"What do you mean?"

"When I talked to him, it seemed"

"Like what?" Warrick asked after a lengthy silence.

"Like he was in love with Greg," Nick finally said quietly, still only looking at Grissom. There was another silence, then Grissom broke that one.

"Okay, new plan,"


Brian paced in front of Greg, fiddling with a gun and whistling. The smug look on his face spoke volumes. "They will come," Greg said firmly, all though he was certain that his appearance didn't support his conviction. One eye was swollen, nearly welded shut, and the other was open only a slit because blood was flowing into it from the large gash that ran from his temple, up in an arch, and down to the opposite eyebrow. He also had bruises all over, with a particularly nasty looking black and red one on his side where his ribs were broken. He had long since lost feeling in his shattered leg, so the most painful wound was a gash that ran from his wrist to his elbow on one arm.

"Of course they will, Greggo!" Brian exclaimed sarcastically. "Because they love their little lab rat so much." Greg opened his mouth to retort, then fell silent. Truth was, he didn't feel as sure as he sounded. He was sure that Nick was a little weirded out, but that wouldn't be a reason to leave him with this psycho, would it? Suddenly, the door banged open. Greg winced as his headache jumped to migraine status. "Well, well, well, who do we have here?"

Someone stepped into the light. Greg gasped. "Nick," He said breathlessly. Nick glanced at him, then turned his attention back to Brian.

"Let him go," Nick stated firmly, his eyes ablaze. Just the glance of Greg's condition was enough to make his blood boil.

"I don't think so," Brian stated just as firmly.

Nick calmly lifted a gun and pointed it at Brian. "I said let him go,"

Brian sighed and lifted his own gun, only he pointed it at Greg. "And I said no,"

They glared at each other until Greg spoke up. "Can you do it, Brian? Can you shoot me?"

Brian glanced at Greg. "If I have to, yes," He turned back to Nick. "Anything to keep you away from him," He spat.

Nick's eyes narrowed. "I was just thinking the same thing, only I would never shoot Greg,"

"Then you don't love him," Greg's heart fell at the verbalized thought that Nick didn't feel the same way toward him.

"No. I love him more than you can possibly imagine," Greg looked up, surprised, and Nick looked over at him. Their eyes met and in one second Greg knew it was true. "And I would sooner die than hurt him,"

Brian looked back and forth between Nick and Greg. "He's mine!" He shouted and began to turn toward Nick. Nick was quicker and fired. His shot was true and Brian fell to the floor, dead. Nick ran to Greg, holstering his gun.

He quickly, but carefully, untied Greg and fell to his knees before him. "Greg?" He asked breathlessly, taking Greg's face in his hands and trying to ignore the blood.

"Nick?" He whispered.

Nick smiled through the tears. "Yeah?"

"Did you mean it?"

"Every word,"

"...I love you, too,"

A tear escaped Nick's eyes. He stood and hugged Greg to his chest, crying into the younger man's hair. He felt Greg go limp in his arms and his grip only tightened.

...To Be Continued

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