Journey or Destination?

Pt. 3: Found

Author's Note: Last part. It's been fun, sports fans. (I don't know why I like to say that.) Enjoy!

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Nick paced the living room, eyes bloodshot from crying, phone pressed against his ear. "I don't know what to do, Cath. He won't wake up. I tried everything and he just won't wake up," His voice cracked on the last word. He ran a hand over his hair and glanced over at Greg's still form, stretched across the couch. "Yes, of course he's still breathing...Are you sure?" Sigh "All right. Thanks, Cath," He hung up. The silence that fell over the apartment was torture. He looked over at Greg. 'Can't leave him there.' He set the cordless phone down, then picked up Greg and carried him into the bedroom. 'God, it was just a few hours ago we made love in here for the first time,' He set Greg on the bed and pulled the covers over him. After he sat there for a moment, gently stroking his lover's feathery hair, he did something he hadn't done in a long time. He got down on his knees beside the bed, folded his hands, and prayed. "Uh, hi God," He snorted at the ludicrisy of that sentence. "Sorry. I'm kinda rusty. I haven't asked you for anything since I was eight and asked you for a hamster," He chuckled slightly, then cleared his throat and sobered when his gaze fell on Greg. "Please help him. He doesn't deserve this, and I'm afraid that I've done all I can," He rested his forehead against his fists and closed his eyes. "I love him with all my heart. Please, PLEASE...don't take him away from me," He opened his eyes and lowered his hands. "Amen," He whispered. He crawled into the bed beside Greg and took one of his hands into both of his own. The CSI was asleep within seconds.


Greg's eyes fluttered open. The presence of a warm body was evident to his fog filled mind. He turned his head. Nick lay on his side beside him, one of Greg's hands clasped in both of his by their heads. Greg smiled and carefully rolled over to face Nick, then set his free hand on theirs. He quickly fell back to sleep.


Nick slowly awoke. As his eyes opened, he was surprised to see Greg facing him. He tried to move his hand to touch the lab tech, but it wouldn't cooperate. Then he noticed that Greg was clutching his hands with both of his. Nick smiled fondly and gently kissed the younger man's brow. Greg's eyebrows knit together before his eyes slid open. His gaze found Nick's and he smiled. "Hi," He whispered.

"How're ya feelin'?"


Nick chuckled. They stared at each other in silence for a long time until Nick saw realization dawn in Greg's eyes. "Greg?" Greg sat up quickly, one hand flying up to cover his mouth, eyes wide. "Greg?" Nick sat up as well. "What is it? What's wrong?" Panic began to creep into his voice. Greg's hand slowly lowered.

"I remember," He said softly to himself.


Greg smiled through the tears. "I remember, I remember everything!" He turned to Nick. "I'm back Nick," The hugged each other fiercely, both crying silently from relief.


"He was my college roommate," Nick handed Greg a cup of coffee and sat beside him on the couch. "We were good friends. Hung out and stuff like that; took the same classes," He sighed heavily, eyes fixed on his coffee, before continuing. "One night, we were studying really late. I had been laying on my bed, reading, and...I fell asleep. When I woke up, he...he..."

Nick reached over and set a hand on his arm. "You don't have to tell me this-"

"I want to," Greg replied quickly, then took another deep breath. "When I woke up, he was raping me. I told him to stop, but he just slapped me and kept going. I know I should've screamed or something, but I was worried that he would hurt me, and..." He snorted derisively. "And I was worried what other might think, so I kept my mouth shut. I finally fell unconscious and woke up with my alarm. He was gone by then, so I just...went to class. I managed to avoid him all day, so I thought I was in the cleard, but when I got back to my room that night, he grabbed me and... and did it again," He swallowed the lump in his throat and the persistent tears finally spilled over. "It was like that every night. I'd get back to the dorm, he'd grab me, throw me down, and..." He exhaled shakily. "My grades took a major shot, and I became depressed. I blamed myself for what he was doing to me. I tried to make him stop, but nothing worked. Finally, I decided to kill myself. One night, I went to the bathroom instead of the dorm and...slit my wrists," Nick looked down at Greg's hands and saw the scars. He'd always thought that they were from the explosion. "I was laying on the floor, waiting and wanting to die, when my chemistry professor found me. While he called an ambulance I fell unconscious from blood loss," Greg finally looked up at Nick. "When I woke up in the hospital, my professor was there. He asked me who had hurt me. I tried to deny it, but he said the hospital had found evidence of rape, so I broke down and told him everything. Brian was arrested the next day," Nick held one of Greg's hands reassuringly. Greg dropped his gaze to their hands. "I testified against him at the trial. When the jury came back with the verdict of guilty and his sentence, he jumped up and started yelling at me, saying that I betrayed him and that he...he..." His voice cracked. Nick squeezed his hand.

"He what?" Nick asked gently.

Greg inhaled deeply. "He said that he loved me...What's weird is, I think that, in his own sick twisted was, he did love me," Greg kept his eyes on their hands as he fell silent.

"That still doesn't make what he did right," Nick finally said. Greg simply nodded, but his eyes said differently. "Greg," Nick said gently took Greg's chin and turned his face toward him. "Don't you dare blame yourself for what that psycho did to you. He didn't love you," Nick's voice was firm, and his eyes filmed over with tears. "I love you," He put heavy emphasis on the 'I'. Greg nodded again, unable to tear his eyes from Nick's. "And I would sooner die than hurt you,"

Greg let out a shuddery sigh. "I know,"

Nick pulled Greg into his arms and let him cry. "He'll never touch you again. I swear. No one will ever hurt you again,"


"Hey, Griss! Got the results back," Grissom didn't turn or break stride as Greg jogged up to him. "Here ya go," The lab tech handed him the piece of paper and walked beside him as he read. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms enveloped Greg's waist and pulled him into the closet. Grissom continued on, oblivious.


"God, you-" Greg was cut off when Nick kissed him, trapping the lab tech between the door and himself. When Nick finally broke the kiss and started on his neck, Greg sighed and rolled his eyes. "Again? Didn't we do this before shift? I'm not a machine, ya know," Nick said nothing and managed to hide his smile. Greg shrugged, "Okay," and wrapped his arms around the CSI.


"Hey, thanks-" Grissom froze. The lab tech was no longer beside. He sighed and went back the way he had come, passing by the break room. Catherine, Warrick and Sara all poked their heads out.

"Again?" Warrick called after Grissom.

Their boss sent back an exasperated "yeah" and stopped in front of a closet door. "Nick! Greg! Don't you have work to do?" Grissom yelled as he banged on the door. The door opened and Nick poked his head out. He wasn't wearing a shirt.

"We're on break," He disappeared back into the closet before Grissom could say anything. Griss sighed, threw up his hands and rolled his eyes, then walked away. Warrick, Catherine and Sara merely exchanged smiles and went back into the break room.


Nick held his upper body off of Greg, who's fingers dug into his bare back. Their gasping breaths echoed in the small space. Nick lowered his head to kiss Greg again."I love you, Nick," Greg whispered breathlessly, causing Nick stop short. He smiled.

"I love you, too, Greggo," They kissed, so relieved to be with one another, and silently praying this would never end.