Summary: Known as on of the most dangerous men of his time DR. R.B Vannacut was mass murderer. He tortured his victims in unimaginable ways. Follow through his life from his collage graduation, and learn about the terrible past of 'The House on Haunted Hill.'

Chapter 1: Graduation

June 1

I L. University, medical school

Two weeks before graduation Thirty desks faced a blackboard in front of the classroom. 10 of the desks were empty. As you looked at the classroom you could see a door on the very right and a large window on the left it had been slightly popped opened. The window was also an emergency exit and had instructions of how to slide it open so people could crawl through. The teacher Mr. Nelson was standing at the Blackboard writing down a mathematical formula. Some of his students' made a face of complete confusion they didn't understand why this was up on the bored. "This Formula" said Mr. Nelson "is what you need to use to determine the amount of medicine U need to give your patient according to their weight". As Mr. Nelson finished his instructions one of his students pulled out his pocket watch and examined it. He was a young man around twenty-six with a slightly chubby face, brown hair and a charming disposition. Seeing that class was over in a minute he started to pack his book and papers. "Mr. Vannacut" The student looked up "yes" he responded. "We still have a minute of class left." Very annoyed Mr. Vannacut stopped what he was doing and sat back in his seat. "Okay everyone this is your homework Solve these ten problems it is due for Monday," said Mr. Nelson. "You must make sure you have done your homework done we will be going into something new on Monday." As Mr. Vannacut left the class he headed for the cafeteria it was 12:30 and he hadn't had anything to eat all day After he got their he ordered a chicken wings with fries and water and sat down to do his homework. He looked up when he heard a bag being put down in front of him and the clang of some heavy schoolbooks on the table. "Their you are" sighed the person in front of him. Mr. Vannacut looked up to a man with short blond hair; bright green eyes an oval face and a muscular body. Mr. Vannacut guessed that he was just a little older than him around twenty-eight to thirty years. "Mr. Price" Vannacut smiled at his new friend. "Stephen if you don't mind" replied the man. "Sure" he said "Stephen". "And what is your name again?" asked Stephen. "Oh uh Richard" Once his Chicken and fries came Stephen pulled out his meatloaf sandwich from a tin lunchbox that was held in his bag and began to eat. "You know I can't believe it I graduate in a week," said Stephen "when do you graduate?" " Oh uh it'll be in about two weeks for me." " Well hang in their pal and you will pass just fine" The two finished eating and decided to go hang outside and play baseball. When they were done they headed to their rooms to get a good nights sleep. "Oh by the way Richard what are you graduating from?" "Oh uh I hope to become a doctor, I shall have my master's degree when I graduate." Two weeks later Richard Vannacut was standing in front of thousands of people receiving his degree. It was very sunny and Richard could hear the birds and feel a soft breeze on his face. The selected staff of the University stood in the front of the students and gave speeches.

There were around 700 people receiving their bachelors or master's degree that day who were all dressed in their finest Tuxedos. Richard could feel the happiness around him. He felt as if he was in a dream like state, he couldn't believe he had received his master's degree. When he got up to look for friends he felt fatigued with excitement his legs felt heavy and he dropped back down on a chair. He was suddenly choked with arms around his neck "Stephen" he smiled "Hey buddy" he gave Stephen a big hug. "Richard, Richard" upon hearing this Richard turned around and figured that whoever he heard must have been talking to someone else. "Well I did it and you did it" he exclaimed excitedly. "Richard" he heard a woman voice right beside him. Richard turned around and went in complete shock and happiness when he saw his old undergraduate friend Lilly. "Lilly" he managed to get out. Lilly was a young lady of twenty-three with wavy brown hair, green eye's and healthy skin. Many of the men thought of Lilly as a very beautiful woman indeed some of them thought of her as the most beautiful lady they had ever seen. " I can't believe you are here." "Me, I can't believe you're here" he laughed. Richard greeted many of his friends. Although he never had a family Richard didn't seem to mind, many of his friends were here to see him besides he thought as he looked at the smiling faces in the afternoon sunlight This has been the best day of my life yet I've graduated.