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Chapter 2: Psychiatric Specialist

February 10, 1909

Grafton State Hospital
Worcester, Massachusetts

It had been nearly a year since Richard had graduated from medical school. He had started out as a counselor for people with Manic Depression in Gary Indiana. He started out with a small office with a couch and chairs that his patients could talk on. Some of his patients were on medicine for their condition. They would sometimes remind him of a huge bird trapped in a cage that could barely fit a mouse.
After a while he was offered a job as a psychiatric specialist at a hospital in a small town in Massachusetts. Unable to refuse (not to mention more than happy to work on what he had learned) he started packing right away and headed northeast to Boston where he got his citizenship to the small farming community Worcester. Richard had taken the place to his hart right away. The people of Worcester made Richard think of beautiful Marsupial Butterflies on giant Sunflowers and laughing hyenas. As a psychiatric specialist Mr. Vannacut was to decide the treatments that would be most helpful to patients who seemed to be making no progress. He also assisted the main specialist in overseeing the treatments practiced on the patients; from counseling, to medicine, to 1*lobotomy. Many of these treatments never seem to work, at least in his opinion. "Vannacut wake up you still have some papers to file before you leave tonight" Mr. Vannacut drifted away from his thoughts and slowly brought himself back to reality. It had been Mr. Johnson who had interrupted his thoughts. **** Well talk about a little irritated over nothing, I was sitting there for less than a minute. **** He liked Mr. Johnson very much but sometimes he seemed a little strange to him, as a matter of fact almost everyone who worked in the section of the he for mentally ill people (with diseases like Schizophrenia or psychotic people) seemed very strange indeed. They made him think of demons from Hell that sprang out of the ground. Mr. Vannacut reached his office and began filling his papers. His office was a small room with several tiny windows a desk that held a 2*typewriter and a file cabinet made of rosemary wood to the left of his desk. He was done in thirty minutes and closed up his office. Relived to be done he headed for his house.

Note: ok so I know this chapter is short but it is all I can think to write right now.

1*Lobotomy: a surgery that involves the removal of certain lobes (parts) in the front of the brain. It was used to remove a problem in a person but often resulted in more problems by turning most of these patients into 3*human vegetables.

2* Typewriter: device used to type papers before computers

3* Human Vegetable: one who has no physical control over their body - i.e. cant move any part of their body.

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