His eyes were pools of silver that bore into her. Icy cold, he was truly a product of his lineage.

His name, meant to instill fear upon those beneath him.

Draco Malfoy.

Of course, she had been a recipient of many of his taunts and cruel tricks over the years as they grew up; she was a Mudblood, and in his eyes, vermin that should be exterminated.

"What do you want Granger? You're blocking my way", he snarled down at her. She hated the way he made her feel insignificant, a mere trifle that ought to be done away with and put out of his sight. She glared up at him, tilting her head back despite her 5'8 stature, wonderfully advantageous when it came to intimidating shy boys who wanted to ask her to dance, or the younger classmen into behaving as she strode down the hallways. It didn't seem to work with him.

"My, my Malfoy, aren't we the twitchy little ferret today?" she retorted scathingly as she gathered up her books. Only to find herself slammed into the cold dungeon wall with his arms on either side of her head, barring her escape. He loomed over her with not a trace of emotion on his finely chiseled face.


"What's the matter? Time of the month? Potty and Weasel not satisfying you lately?" he drawled as a malicious smirk twisted his beautiful lips. "Perhaps you ought to shag Longbottom - maybe he'll help you vent out your. ah. frustrations. after all, what's the use of a Squib? They're the same as Mudbloods anyhow."

How dare he. How dare he imply that she, HERMIONE GRANGER is a WHORE?!

"FUCK YOU" she hissed at him, raising her hand to slap him across his rather pretty face. To have it caught by a long white hand. Draco grinned rather wolfishly down at her as he lazily encircled her wrist in a painful grip. "No Granger, it's . fuck you." he whispered as he lowered his head towards her ear. The strong grip on her wrist tightened painfully. If he squeezed any harder, it would break. Hermione let out a hiss of pain. She opened her mouth to return a snappy reply but found that she could not speak as his mouth was on hers. There was a hot flash of pain.

"What the fuck did you do that for?!" she screamed as she swung a left crossing punch at him. Damn him and his pretty face!!! Leaning back and avoiding the blow, he caught her wrist again. Licking the blood off her lips, he grinned.

"Remember Mudblood, not a word." he whispered lazily as he smeared her blood down her neck with his finger. Releasing her wrist, he watched her run out of the classroom. A feral smile spread across his lips.

"Run all you want. it's still not going to get you anywhere" he spoke to an empty room.

Her blood tasted sweet.