Fire on Ice

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Hisssssssssss. Draco smiled at the sharp sound his skates made on the ice as he brought his feet together to slide to a stop on the far side of the rink. He'd always liked that sound. Sharp. Clean. Fresh.

He leaned against the railing as he lifted his foot to examine his blade. He had replaced his skates and wanted to make sure that they were broken in properly. They felt a bit stiff, but he'd make good work of them today at the rink.

Speaking of breaking in… where was his new partner? His partner Ginny was on maternity leave, since it was a health hazard to be lifting and throwing pregnant women, when moving at a rapid pace on ice. Draco and his Coach, Severus Snape had meticulously interviewed various women for weeks on end to make sure that his new partner would be able to meet and maintain at his level of training. Draco Malfoy wasn't a two time national champion and Olympic contender in double's figure skating for nothing. He was known for being ruthless both on ice and off – ruthlessly relentless in his training, and ruthlessly breathtaking in his competition.

His competitiveness was probably what cost him at last year's nationals though. Some hoity toity judge, Umbridge something, had slashed his points, saying that his performances were technically flawless, but mechanically executed.

In doubles figure skating, the woman is the picture and the man is the frame, she simpered, twirling her pink fluffy feather pen. Draco had rolled his eyes- judging from her size, nothing short of a crane would have been able to lift her.

But apparently, the audience had agreed.

Malfoy was narcissistic, hogged the limelight, and was overly aggressive with his partner, the press had said. Even Ginny Weasley with her vivid red hair was overpowered by him on the ice – and not in a good way, critics had scathingly reported. If Malfoy wanted to be a one-man show that badly, he should compete in singles, one particular witch of a judge had said on national television.

That was the first time the Malfoy-Weasley team lost the gold, barely scrapping in for the silver medal instead. And the last, Draco had vowed.

He heard the clunks of skates on platform and turned to see Snape and a young woman step off onto the ice. At first glance, he wondered if Snape had lost his mind.

Ginny was tall, but she was slim, so Draco didn't have all that much weight to lift and throw. The woman that was skating smoothly towards him was petite, but Draco's practiced eye told him that she was bottom heavy. A problem, since Draco favored routines that had a lot of lifting and launching – the last thing he wanted was a hernia from trying to lift this broad's ass while in motion.

Draco was used to having his partner's looks compliment his own – if they were moving pictures then they should look pretty while out there on the ice. Ginny's red hair was deep, but they had still been unsure if it would work with his fair blonde locks. Luckily it didn't clash, and the peculiar mix was enough to stick in the minds of their judges and viewers.

The woman in front of him was almost … plain. She was pretty on a closer look, but her almost too-delicate features and dark brown hair might make it easy for the harsh spotlight and rapid pace of skating to blur her out, wash her out.

A million and one complaints rose to the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed them. Snape himself had been an Olympic medalist and he had an eye for talent. If Snape had picked her, then she must have something.

"Draco, this is the possible candidate I told you about, Hermione Granger," said Snape. The woman stopped playing with the sleeve of her under armor to look him in the eye and extend a small, but strong hand. "Hi."


"Okay and here –we –go!" Draco shouted as he reached out to grab her outstretched hands, both circling dangerously fast around the rink. Her hands tightened their grip on his as he lifted her into the air, her legs spread – a pretty picture in a frame. "Lower me!" she shouted in return, and he obliged, pleased that she was able to gracefully fold over his shoulder and stretch herself like a swan along his side, skating with him, but allowing him to guide her about the rink, all the while not losing steam.

"Let's do one last jump and call it a day, shall we?" he said, watching her nod in return as her legs began to pump furiously. He slid his hands from her waist to her hips and that was the beginning of his undoing.

Her hips. He knew that her being bottom heavy would be a curse. Those full and curvy hips of hers were swaying from her furious skating, undulating against his pelvis in a way that would have been pleasant had they not been skating and preparing for a triple axle at the moment. His fingers trailed a bit further to feel the taut muscle of her thighs, thighs that held extreme power and agility in them – thighs he knew he was now curious to feel quivering about him.

To hell with it, man, stop being such a wanker and launch her! He screamed at himself. Right, the sooner they got in the air, away from each other, the better. He saw her tuck her arms in, preparing for a jump and –

They were in midair. The girl had excellent body control and remarkable timing. He was too busy watching her though to realize that he was starting to fall. Shit!

He managed to land on his feet, but he overbalanced, feet skidding out underneath him as he landed. She turned and was quick to grab his hand, but her lack of weight didn't really help much except to accelerate his fall.

Oomph. His head hit the ice, an elbow in his stomach and a mass of curly brown hair in his face. So much for team chemistry.

"Shit, I'm sorry…" she said, lifting herself off him. Draco noticed that she was lying on him, sprawled between his legs. Interesting position… he smirked to himself. He rather liked the weight of her on him, it felt warm and cuddly. "It's okay… sorry I had to drag you down with me," he replied, lifting his hand to cup her shoulder before patting it. That's right, work your charm… he cheered himself on.

She smirked down at him before suddenly leaning down extremely close, lips hovering only inches from his own. "You know Draco…" she said softly, leaning in close to the side of his face, her breath licking his ear. "…Yes?" he queried, marveling at how quickly the Malfoy charm had worked. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you did it on purpose to cop a feel," she said before getting up, "but obviously you wouldn't do that to your partner now would you?"

He sat straight up on the ice, "w-what?! I did no such thing!"

She turned to face him as she began skating backwards. "Of course not. I'll see you tomorrow 9 o'clock sharp, partner," she drawled, waving goodbye.

Draco let himself fall back onto the ice, groaning. Training was going to be hell.


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