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WEEEE! Man, I feel weird. Almost....giddy. I suddenly had a burst of energy and did a cartwheel. Wow! That was fun! I turned around to see everyone staring at me blinking. Who is everyone? Well There is Yusuke, his girlfriend, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei was there too, that weird blue haired flying girl, Chu, and of course Jin. Why were they looking at me so funny? Jin did stuff like that all the time and they don't give HIM weird looks like these! Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have taken that drink from Kuwabara...

"You feelin ok Touya?" Yusuke asked.

"Yep!" I shouted gleefully "Never better!"

Kurama blinked again. "Well, this is defiantly... strange." His little friend Hiei nodded.

"Kazuma," Oh yeah, did I forget to mention That Yukina girl was her to? Well, she is. "What did you give him?"

"EEE!" The clown sounded. Although he didn't look as much like a clown as that Sazuka guy did. He he... That guy was weird... "I just gave him some Cool-Aid that I put to much sugar in!"

What were they so worried about? This was so BORING! I put my hands on my hips and walked out of the room. How did I get to this party in the first place? Oh yeah, Jin dragged me. Literally. I didn't want to come for some reason. I think I thought it was stupid, but really it is just boring. But Jin just grabbed the back of my shirt collar and dragged me. I sorta remember throwing some ice shards at him, but he just laughed cause he knew I'd never hurt him. Why would I? He's fun. I bet he has a lot of fun flying like he does. WEEEE! I should act more like Jin more often. It's fun! I see why he does it all the time.

I stumble into a room and fall to the floor. Ok, It maybe fun to act like Jin, but it's not a good idea to try to fly like him. Owie, I fell on something. I pick it up. Hey! It's a little red book! The inside cover says it's Jin's! How did this get here? And since when does Jin keep a diary? Aren't dairies for girls? Oh well, I'll read it anyway. I have to much energy to actually read it so I'm just scanning it all fastfullylylylyly, ly. Hey look! It says Beautiful...and Blue... shiver... eyes... and love... Wait, LOVE? Jin loved someone? Hey, that wasn't fair! Cause...cause... what was I saying? Oh yeah! Jin loved somebody! Okz, I gotta read this now.

He's Beautiful. That's the closest word to describe him. (Wait, Jin loves a guy?! This was really unfair! Wait... what was I- oh yeah reading.) His blue hair is perfect, every part of him is perfect. (What kind of idiot has blue hair?!) I shiver when he looks at me with those eyes of his. (SHIVERS? No Fair! I want to be the only one that can give him shivers! I can freeze stuffs ya know!) I Think I love him. (Bustard!) Yeah, I think I'm in love with Touya. Go figure.

I sit there blinking. Was that my name? I reread it ten times. Yep, that my name. All those things, he had written them about me? But I don't- wait, I do have blue hair, don't I? Yes I think I do. Or at least I did. So I am the one that gives him shivers, and I'm the one he... loves?

All my extra energy seemed to suddenly drain away. What had been wrong with me earlier? Did I do a cartwheel? I'll have to remember to freeze Kuwanbara's hair or something...


I jump and look up. Oh Hells, it's Jin. "Why didn't you tell me this?" I said, holding up the book.

Jin's eyes widened slightly "Ya read that?" I nod. He plopped down beside me and snatched it from my hands. "Ya really shouldn't go 'round readin peoples personal stuff Touya."

"Sorry," I said quietly. "Is it true? What you wrote?"

He sighed "Yeah, I suppose it is."

I looked away from him and stared at the floor for a long moment. "Are you angry that I read it?"

Jin smirked slightly "Aw, ya know me Touya! I can't really be mad at anyone, specially you."

I smile the slightest bit and look back at him. He grins.

"So what did ya think?"

I looked back at the red book "Interesting."

"Think I should make a sequel?"

This time I did smirk and looked him in the eye, wondering if I was giving him shivers right now. "Like when the Wind Master's blue haired love tells him he feels the same way?"

He grinned insanely and nodded.

"Yeah. I think you should."

Jin looked back at me, smiling. "So how did ya like your first sugar high?"

I closed my eyes, holding back a groan. "Actually, I'm exhausted."

"Well then, why don't we hit the sack early."

I raise an eyebrow at him "We?"

He nodded. "Yep. We."


A/N: Lol ok, that was nuts, but I hope you had fun reading it. I thought it'd be interesting to see Touya acting crazy, since it's so unlike him. I got the inspiration to write this actually after reading Facetious Beginnings by Obsidian Sphinx, The best J/T fic I've ever read! I didn't really steal her (I'm guessing it's a her x.x) ideas, but it did give me the idea on how to play the characters. So If you like J/T pairing, then read that fic, it's really good. Well, Thanks for reading, and please review!!

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