The Mummy Returns . . . Again?

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KA: Um, Stormwing?

SW: Oh, all right. We do not own The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, or their characters. However, the elementals and the plot are mine and Krenya's, so do not touch them unless you wish to be tortured for the rest of your human existence.

KA: Please.


Chapter 1

Somewhere deep in the desert, the sands rippled in the absence of a breeze. The sun's rays grew stronger, and suddenly a bolt of lightning split the clear blue sky.

The sands swirled away from the lightning's strike, the grains gathering themselves up into an undefined shape. The lightning's energy gathered into a bright globe of light. Both shapes shifted, becoming more definable. The two women looked at each other and, without a word, entered Hamunaptra.

* * *

Rick O'Connell lounged back, watching his wife Evie and their son Alex studying an atlas together. Rick smiled contentedly. He looked up at the papyrus calendar over the fireplace, and his smile faded. "Honey, this isn't the year of the dragon or anything, is it?"

"Oh, Rick, I never did learn much about China."

"No, it's just that it's the anniversary of the day you told me about the Year of the Scorpion King."

Evie looked up at her husband and laughed. "And nothing will happen. We saw the Scorpion King and Imhotep both die."

"Yeah, Dad, you kicked their butts," Alex piped up brightly.

"And we would have said the same thing about the mummy eleven years ago."

Evie laughed again. "Don't worry. Nothing will happen."

"Just don't read any books or open any chests, will you?"

* * *

Sylvpeak opened the chest. "Are you sure about this, Pyriana?"

Pyr frowned. "Of course I'm sure. We've already been over this. Even without Aquela, Zephryn, and Zephyria, we can more than handle Imhotep."

"It's not Imhotep I'm worried about."


"No, it's the others . . . the dark ones."

Pyr nodded. "Well, what can they do?"

This time Sylv frowned. "You know very well what they can do. Don't make me remind you."

Pyr smiled, her two red lips parting to show white teeth. "Of course not, sister."

Sylv shook her head, the green tips of her hair brushing the back of her leather vest. "Then it begins."