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Dear readers:

I know you have been keeping up with this story and dearly await for an update. But sadly, I cannot give you one anytime soon. For one, I have lost inspiration for this story, and secondly, not a lot of comment comes in. It's been a while since someone's read AND reviewed for my work, and I kinda feel down about it. Not to mention all these stories popping up with the theme "Kingdom Hearts: The Sequel!!" There are some that are worthy of their space, like Court of Souls by Rem-chan, for example, but with a lot of them still running around, getting more publicity than some of the ones that deserve it (no hints; I'm not including mine), I feel like I should put my story on hold. Maybe even pull it off completely, but I'm sure that what few number of loyal fans I have will still enjoy rereading it, so I don't think I'll do that.

Basically, right now, I'm putting my story on a hiatus. Yes, an extended vacation. I'm sorry for those who'll be crying or outraged by these news, but understand where I come from. Ulgh, I feel awful about doing this, but it's a must. If you're still wanting to keep up with my works even though this one will technically be dead, please look into Silver Water or The Complete Opposite, my one true FFVII fanfic for big Cloud and Sephiroth fans.

And, just to kill some space, I'll give small summaries/teasers of each story.

Silver Water: [Kingdom Hearts. AU.] Sora's off to start his freshman year of high school. It's your typical school, with groupies, cheerleaders/preppies, jocks, goths, and one group of guys you don't want to hang out with. When Sora crosses paths with Seifer, it's just natural to meet a sly and dangerous college student by the name of Kuja. And what more, when Kuja set's his eyes on Sora and making his life miserable, a silver-haired teen steps in again to mess up his plans. Riku has tread on his cousin's 'fun' once before, and earned himself a negative reputation amongst a lot of people. But what does he care? Being the younger son of Ansem, the most feared man of the entire state gives him a reputation that automatically nails a "Do Not Cross" sign on his forehead. When Sora and Riku cross, red lights don't just flash, fireworks and bombs ignite! The two form a good friendship and work out their problems, opening up to each other and dealing with their family problems; their bond strengthens when one of their family members is targeted and hurt, practically causing a school war! Damnit, and here Sora thought all he had to worry about in high school was grades, money and girls, especially a cute little redhead that just makes life more complicated for him... [Characters appearing in the story come from the cast of KH, FFVII to FFX.]

Possible side story: Grey Skies

The Complete Opposite: [Final fantasy VII. AU. Set after the game.] Ever since the fall of Meteor, Cloud Strife, residing in Kalm with his childhood friend Tifa Lockhart, has been lamenting for at least two years. During that time, he has visited the death place of former AVALANCHE member Aeris Gainsborough. He sends her flowers that she grew in the church of Midgar's Sector 5 Slums that he had saved from the debris caused by Midgar's destruction. Tifa lets him take his trip to her grave every three months, knowing that she can't do anything to stop him. She only sends her wishes and hoped Cloud would find happiness and love as she had done with Barret and Marlene in Kalm. But on Cloud's final trip to the flower maiden's grave, he is caught in a spell that sends him to a different planet. Or... a different Gaea. All to help Gaea's sister and her 'savior'. But what Cloud meets instead is his worst nightmare come to life, his life turned upside down and facing the glares and points of weapons sent in his direction. Not to mention people who he knew were dead walking perfectly fine in front of him and JENOVA back to wreck more havoc on the Planet... What the hell's going on?! Cloud's really gotta push it this time, because here, not only is he facing JENOVA again, he's also dancing around his allies who think he's their enemy, and a silver-haired man with a six foot sword pressed to his throat. [Warning: yaoi (male&male) Cloud/Sephiroth; constant violence and cursing]

Note: For the non-yaoi fans, TCO is not one of your typical mushy stories. Straight through the first nine to ten chapters is constant sway of emotion, violence and fun crap. Vivid descriptions and much imagination.