Dark Chocolate Prologue

Dark purple eyes, raven hair tinted violet with skin pale as a white moon yet not as white as snow- Such description could only be met by one person. One young woman, if you will. Hotaru Tomoe, Sailor Saturn; the last breathing Saturnian, the warrior who stood for destruction, death and rebirth, the Messiah of Silence, a sailor senshi of unimaginable capabilities is that person. But here, at Titan's castle, between the barriers of both the living world and the Spirit, Hotaru stood. To pass through this gate normally for normal persons meant a death wish or some sort of scheme, but this girl was unordinary.

She'd be going as a missionary; as a member to the now sleeping council of high Neo-Queen Serenity. Her duty was to meet with the Emperor of the Spirit Realm; Emperor Enma. She wouldn't go to sleep as the others of the court were too. No, she would slowly; over time vanish. She would disappear from the face of existence and even from her representation of death. She would cease to be and would in doing so give way to Serenity's light. It was the way of all Saturn Royals before her. They were to either die or give way or sleep as she had in the past. The past- She froze for an instant. She had been to the demon-lands and spirit territories of this realm before. It wasn't the most pleasant of memories. Eyes clouded over as the young princess thought back.

***The Beginning ((First Trip)) ***

It wasn't as if she was stupid, far from it. They hadn't tricked her into the endless spell of nothingness as many of the so-called doctors and magicians said. Her spirit lingered about her body. She was only 7 and it wasn't her fault. That's what she'd figured. It wasn't that she was dangerous; well maybe it was the possibility of her ever using or abusing her potential powers; but the princess was cast beneath an enchantment. It was as every first Princess of Saturn's born fate. Her mother was married into the family and she'd been the first real Saturn Princess in over three family generations. Though they were able to say she never showed the potential or power; as soon as the new princess of the moon kingdom was appeared ((hence the seven)) the young girl was forced beneath the spell. However, no spell was truly capable of withholding all of Saturn's power.

So though the girl slept in body; as well as continued to grow with the other princesses; her soul wandered from place to place. She was Saturn Titan the 3rd, Princess of Saturn and heiress to the thrones of Silence, Destruction, Death and Rebirth. She preferred another name however; one she'd come across on her countless wanderings through the halls of the Titan Castle, Hotaru. So here was Princess Saturn "Hotaru" Tomoe Titan; first Sailor Saturn in over 100 years, the most feared ruler a spirit countlessly waltzing through walls and dancing through people, giving them chills. She was now about 12 or so. Her hair reaching about her waist and her eyes daring as ever. 6 years of imprisonment had locked away the soul she'd had. She found herself bored easily and unable to move things without great concentration. The last time she'd done it was when a male servant cleaning her quarters had decided to try and get somewhat fresh with her young body. The next morning, when his clumped up body had been found, so had a writing scripture with the words; 'I am still here you idiots' was also discovered.

Hotaru had had a headache for around 2 weeks after the episode. Shrugging, the young princess decided to follow her oh so dedicated professors of science and magic about. Oh yes, they were so loyal. Their spells had sealed her body, but not her mind. She grinned wryly. If she ever came from the dosing sleep they'd put on her; boy were they in for trouble. She'd taken up to follow Kaori, a red headed woman who'd constantly been wooing her ever noble father. Hotaru scoffed lightly at the thought, "As if." She commented to no one, since no one heard her. The woman was much younger than Hotaru's own mother, far more closer to her own age. Hotaru sighed, shaking her head as she walked straight through yet another door to follow the dark eyed woman.

She stopped as lightning flickered about the room. Kaori was up to something, again. It was no surprise really. After the years, Hotaru had developed a sixth or rather 80th type sense about these inventions and experiments of Kaori. The woman was destined to become the "villain with most assassination and ruling attempts" in Hotaru's book. She gazed at the funky looking door.

"So Kaori, what's your next move?" One of Kaori's many followers, another male oozed into her hand stated, while looking at the beautiful yet idiotic flaming haired professor. Hotaru, behind them, made gagging noises. "It's nothing much. I just made this doorway to the spirit realm." Hotaru blinked, looking up at the bragging woman. "Spirit Realm?" Hotaru and the boy stated at the same time. "Yes. It's the plain of existence for what the humans call Youkai. In other words; stronger demons than those Youja and Youma that the Silver Millennium is constantly fighting, to say the least." Kaori grinned wryly.

"Stronger demons?" Hotaru's eyes were wide. She'd personally never had to engage demons in battle. For whatever reason it be, Sailor Pluto or one of the outer senshi or Sailor Jupiter would show themselves when one appeared. Hotaru never actually understood why they'd come, but they did. Sighing, the Princess watched as the red haired lady ran about here and there; trying her best to come up with equation to activate the machinery. Hotaru snickered, knowing this could take perhaps hours, at least…

To be continued…

Hi. It's me again. Okay. I admit I am obsessed with Saturn and with YYH. Since reading stories like Ketsuki the great's. I've decided to give my own twist to a story. It's a little more my style. Three part series shall be written for it. The entire series is called "Chocolate Violets" but the first section/story of this "Dark Chocolate" the second of the series is "Winter Cocoa" and the third is "How to make Chocolate Violets."

I hope you like this idea. ^-^ Peace!

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I do not own SM or YYH. And Kaori is based off of the Kaorinight from SM