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((((Chapter: Princess Saturn)))

Hiei could not take his eyes off of the bright red yet sickly looking ghost, even as the boys with him scrambled to hide from the pursuing guards. She looked ready to bolt at a moment's notice, but also seemed frozen to the spot she was located. Her hair hung darkly over her eyes as Kuwabara and Yuusuke raced quickly to the tree coverage that Kurama had made. Hiei had unconsciously melted into the shadows of the room's dark drapery. Hotaru wasn't Hotaru—she was Princess Saturn. He couldn't understand the mixture of emotions flowing through him. He, the forbidden child, wasn't as forbidden as the one that had Koenma and all of Spirit World shaking in thought of. The little prince had thought that he hadn't read his mind, but the stories that ran through the entity's head when the group had departed had left him curious.

According to Koenma, Saturn held all the power over Death, Destruction and Rebirth. His father, King Yama was actually at one point, a servant to the first Saturn. He'd been appointed the post of guardian of Spirit World and King by the former matriarch. Now that she was gone, many of spirit worlds' finest feared the return of a descendant coming to knock the once powerful male off of his thrown, thus ending the rule of the Enma line.

He blinked, red eyes gleaming as a man entered the room. Hotaru whimpered, floating over the bed nervously. The man huffed, panting out a bit of air. "You fools. I see not a soul here." He commented, glaring at the guards. His eyes were a cold and calculating blue while his hair was a rich dark black that trailed down in a ponytail. The start of a beard was beginning to grow on his chin. "I'm sorry Your Majesty. I was sure I had heard voices…." One guard groveled as the men kneeled. Hiei frowned, this was Hotaru's father? The man was small, but seemed to radiate political strength and power. His eyes spoke volumes as he glared out at the form of his child. "I assure you, your majestic one, that worrying over the brat isn't going to do you any good." The slinky red head from before appeared, draping an arm around his waist and the man sighed tiredly.

"Queen Serenity said that the girl was going to surpass me in power…" He muttered as the pair left, not knowing that the four males and ghostly gal had caught it. Hotaru flinched, gazing down as a sheen of sweat began to appear on her almost invisible form. "Soon Kaori will devise a way to be rid of that witch, milord…" A young magician, one Hotaru recognized as Kaori's little playboy bunny during spring stated. "Of course, death to the Silver Millienia." The king snickered and Hotaru growled. "Father…" Her eyes turned dark but she stopped when she felt eyes on her. Turning, she met Hiei's stare one on one.

"Oh, your majesty, here you are!" The spoken of slut of a doctor entered the room, wrapping her arms around one of the King's. "I've just discovered away to tap into the demon world energy that you must see." She tugged him along, and Hotaru caught the feeling of darkness and death around her father. "This cannot be good…" She murmured, floating after them and leaving the other's to catch up.

When the guards, king, Kaori and everyone else had departed, the four emerged from their hidden locations. "Princess! Hotaru's the Princess!" Ground out Kuwabara, still in shock. "It would appear that way, Kuwabara." Replied Kurama smoothly as he inspected the devices. "Why didn't she say anything?" Yuusuke frowned as he looked to Hiei who had turned his attention to Hotaru. His third eye suddenly opened and the male grunted, a low sound turning from the smallest member decked in black.

Hiei delved deep into the mind of the slumbering ghostly girl who had followed after her father. Inside, he found that the body still recalled the memories that the child held. He watched images of the little girl running, laughing and playing.

flashback of Hotaru's Childhood

Hiei found himself in a gardened area were the young Queen Persephone, wife of the King of Saturn sat knitting a scarf while speaking with an elderly woman. "Daddy!" He heard a voice and turned to see the handsome yet dark man from before. He only looked about 20 or so at the time and his face was strangely put into a happy smile. "Daddy!" Came the cheer and he saw a tiny four year old version of Hotaru racing up from the bottom of the grassy hill into the laughing man's arms. "Your majesty…" The King and Queen both turned to see a man standing at the edge of the gate way to this lovely location. He was not decked in black like the other guards, but bore pure white and had a yellow cresent moon embroidered on his chest. "Grave news, your highness!" He called out, racing to meet the King as the man joined his family. "What is it?" The elderly woman asked. "King Solaris of the Sun Kingdom has fallen! Queen Selenity of Lunar Silver Moon has declared to be ruler of the Silver Alliance and Earth has declared war for the traitors!"

The scenes flashed away to show a five year old Hotaru sitting in the midst of a dark room, holding onto the aged woman's hand. He assumed the lady to be her grandmother. The woman was weak and lying in the same bed that had been in Kaori's room. Her face was battled with sweat. Outside the child and elderly woman could hear arguing. "If that brat hadn't taken mother out for the picnic, the archers could never have had a clear shot!" It was the voice of the man, her father. "Dear—you know it wasn't Saturn's fault…" The lady protested. "You're just saying that because it isn't your mother dying…" Sobs broke from the child before Hiei as the elderly woman gave a sad smile and panted. "Don't trust your parents, my little firefly…Don't trust the evil that can taint them…" The woman remarked, rubbing her head gently. Again the scenes flashed.

This time around Hotaru was seven. She was struggling against the hold of many men, sobbing and crying. "No! I'll be good Daddy! I promise! Please don't seal me up!" She shouted, gems falling from her powerful emotions that littered the sheets and were grasped up by greedy men. "I don't want to sleep!" She screamed as the mask was placed over her face. "I didn't do anything!"

End Flashbacks

Hiei was thrown back into his body somewhat harshly, he assumed by Hotaru's unconscious mental powers. "She has her reasons not to trust us, Kuwabara. Fear for her kingdom, perhaps…" Kurama still seemed to be arguing with Yuusuke and Kuwabara over Hotaru's distrust of them in this secret. "Fear for her life more like it." Hiei snorted. "She's been like this for over 7 years. Her own father did this." He sneered and the males looked away.

"What of it? I didn't think it was an issue." The group turned suddenly to see Hotaru leaning against the door way. "The entry way to Kaori's special room is emitting demon energy. It was so strong I came back to get you guys." She crossed her arms, turning her face away angrily. "You know, if we had been informed, we could have helped." Kurama admonished and Hotaru growled bitterly.

"Well sorry for not jumping to join the gang, but the last time I tried trusting anyone, look what happened to me." She pointed to her bedside body before a sickly glow took her body. "Ugh, not again…" She groaned and the group stared oddly at her. "You're fading!" Yuusuke gasped. "What?" She barked. "Fading. When a ghost is away from their trigger or body too long, they simply fade. We have to get you into your body." Kurama deduced. "WHAT!" Hotaru shouted as Hiei grasped her ghostly hand. "Give me a hand here fox." He ground to Kurama.

The red head moved to Princess Saturn's other side (what I'll call her body). Hiei basically threw Hotaru into her body, a glowing red flame mixed with tiny bits of green and deep violet shined brightly from the echoing soul. Hotaru let out a silent scream as her huge orbs met with Hiei's red ones. Pain seemed to scorch at the youth before she faded into the pale skinned hooked up body. From beside Kuwabara, one of the machines crackled to life as the heart rate of the sleeping individual seemed to pick up.

Hiei grunted, watching carefully inside of Hotaru or Princess Saturn or whatever her name was mind. Inside was turmoil and fear filled, but he could handle that. Despite her young age, she was seemingly greatly like him. 'However…' Hiei stopped his train of thought as he watched pale white lids the color of snow lined by thick black lashes opened. Pale pink lips parted as the there came about gasps to breathe. Kurama swiftly removed the mask. "How are you, Hotaru-chan?" The red head smiled slightly and the girl blinked, a frown crossing her features. "Who are you?"


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