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Jorrne Korrigin – Savior of the Universe


Space.  In its infinite vastness of vacuum, stardust particles and celestial matter, several unseen observers took particular scrutiny on a blue orb hanging in the sea of endless night.

"This Sire, is the planet called Earth," stated in a matter-of-frankly, a woman's voice.  "It is the third planet of this solar system and it seems to be the only one inhabited."

"Continue," spoke a low, resonating, yet commanding, inhuman voice with a menacing tone.

"It is populated by a large number indigenous life forms, humans to be exact, approximately six billion of them.  Most are concentrated in strategically located population centers or cities throughout the five continents."  Another ominous voice, this time a man's, joins in the conversation.

"HUMANS!"  sneered the menacing voice.

"Their technological level seems to be inferior to our standards," spoke a fourth speaker.  "However if left to their present course, they would rival our civilization in less than a century from now."

"Also there the question of the of the god-hunter and 'her'?"  Another speaker voices out his insight  "Our scanners shows that their distinctive individual signatures appear to be emanating from that planet.  They seem to be in close proximity from each other at the moment."

"The god-hunter; 'her'; on that planet?  Are you sure?" responded the inhuman voice with mixture of surprise, disbelief and anticipation in that order.

"Most definitely positive my Lord," answers the latest unseen speaker.

A moment of silence passes.

"Launch an initial meteor strike on the that planet.  I will show those accursed humans their place in the scheme of things."

"And what of 'her' and the god-hunter?" asked the female voice.

"Dispatch an elite landing force to the location of the god-hunter.  Retrieve 'her' at all costs and destroy the god-hunter.  That is my will!"

"By your command, O' Great Lord Lumezavia!" chanted six voices in unison.

"Now!  Leave me to my thoughts."

Again there was silence.

"At last, I found you god-hunter.  You thought you could escape my wrath forever!?  Soon you will be but a bad memory.  And my rule of the universe will go undisputed!"

A pause.

"Elissis.  How much I've missed you.  Soon we will be together again, my beloved daughter."


AN: Okay, this is something that came as an inspiration after reading a certain RPG periodical.  Also, I've always wanted to recreate the Edens Bowy saga in a different light and what a better way of doing so as fusing the series with concepts from the Sci-Fi flick, Flash Gordon.

The title? Well, it's a bit cheesy.  No, WAIT!  It is cheesy!  But so were the titles of those 20's and 30's Sci-Fi flicks.

As you probably noticed, this is just a teaser.  The first chapter will hopefully follow soon.  I have lots of time to spare in writing, but my greatest enemy has been the dreaded 'writers block'.