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Ok the story is about Inu and Kag.  They have been best friends since Kagome moved to the school Inu attended.  They were freshman when they met, now their Seniors.  Inuyasha has a girlfriend, Kikyou.  They have been together since the summer before they started high school.  Inu and Kag's friendship is a secret for reasons you'll find out in this chapter.  But as the year progresses Inu and Kag begin to feel special things for each other.  So read and find out what happens as the story unfolds into a tale of school pranks, love, humiliation, accidents, fun, homecoming, Prom, and GRADUATION!

I am basis their High school on the one I graduated from 2 years ago.  So all the event pertaining to school is how my high school did them.  We also were on a block schedule meaning we had four classes a day for a entire semester. Then after xmas break, we would have four different classes a day.


Preps/Populars: Inuyasha, Kikyou, Kouga, Miroku, and possibly a few other people I might need to add.

Normal kids: Kagome, Sango, Destiny, Shippo (freshman).

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From Friendship to Love

Chapter One: First Day of School

It was the first day of school and her senior year.  It had been three years since she moved and began school here at Shard High.  Three years ago she met him.

Kagome began to walk up there stairs into the main building of the school.  As she past her fellow classmates they waved good morning and she politely replied. 

She got along with pretty much everybody in her class.  She was not popular but just normal.  She was the type of student that the preps would have no problem talking too but she just wasn't one of them.  Her family did not have the high yearly income, as did many other students in her class.

She liked to wear casual stylish clothing and when she felt a little wild, her clothing would lean a little towards the punk style. 

Today she had chosen to wear a khakis mini skirt with a tight fitted forest green cotton shirt that had a V-cut neck. 

Kagome greeted her close friend Sango as she approached her friend's locker. 

"How was your summer, Sango?" she asked.

"It was wonderful, but there was one flaw…I didn't get to see you the entire time." Sango replied pouting.

"Well, what do you expect me to do, climb on a plane and head to England all by myself?" Kagome answered pressing her back to the wall of lockers behind her.

Sango had left the day after school was out to go to England with her grandmother.  She got back in time to go school shopping yesterday. 

The girls continued to talk about their summers as Sango shut her locker and they continued down the hall towards their first period classes.

Kagome and Sango stopped to talk to some friends when Sango's crush passed her.

"Sango?….Sango?…SANGO?!?!?!" Destiny called out to her friend staring hopelessly at the very rich, very handsome young man passing by.

"Oh my God, Sango! Like do not tell me you like that letch, this summer while I was working at the coffee shop. He was there and like grabbed my ass as I passed his table," the girl standing next Destiny chimed in.

Sango began to blush wildly when she realized what she had been doing and grabbed Kagome dragging her in the opposite direction the boy was walking. Desperately  trying to escape their inquiring friends.

Sango finally let go of Kagome and then began to talk about everything avoiding the subject of what had just happened.

The halls were filled with people and Kagome had not been paying attention to where she was going and…


"Watch where you're going you stupid little bitch!" the girl in front of her barked.

Kagome knew who it was without looking up.  It was Kikyou the most popular girl in the school.  Kikyou had it in for her ever since the first day of their freshman year.  When she was new and didn't know a soul. Kagome could feel her anger begin to boil her blood, frankly she could not stand the Bitch Queen.

"Well, excuse me your HIGHNESS, the last time I checked a person could walk where he or she chooses." Kagome replied steam seeping from her words.

Inuyasha watched from his locker. 

'She really doesn't know when to shut up, does she?'  he thought to himself referring the female who had bumped into his girlfriend.

The next thing he knew, Kikyou was hitting the girl right across the face, then walked towards him leaving the shocked girl behind.

He felt himself become heated at his girlfriend's choice of action. 

"That was a bit uncalled for don't you think Kikyou?" he abruptly stated when she reached him.

"Not at all, did you hear how she talked to me?  I had to set her back in her place." She remarked grabbing his hand and pulled him away.

Inuyasha only shot a glare at his girlfriend but she did not see.  Before he was pulled around the corner he looked back at the girl still standing there.  She needed him, and he could not help her, his best friend.


After Kagome was slapped she just stood there trying to control herself.  Everything inside of her told her to take the girl down, give her a taste of humiliation. No, she would not stoop that low. She wasn't doing for her; she was doing it for him.

Then she heard his voice, the voice of her best friend.  Inuyasha was scolding Kikyou for slapping her but he couldn't do anything more.  As how it had been since she met him. 

Kagome just took a heavy sigh and much to Sango's protest continued to her class.

Sango wanted Kagome to kick her ass.  Kagome had just shook her head and told Sango that she was going to class.

Once inside the room, Kagome sat down. Sango sat next to her and tried to cheer up her friend.  Class would not start for a few more minutes; Kagome ignored Sango attempts as her mind bustled into many thoughts.

Inuyasha and Kikyou were the most popular students in the entire school.  They were the class couple they had been a couple since the summer before their freshman year.  Not a single person doubted that Kikyou and Inuyasha would win Homecoming and Prom, Queen and King. 

Kikyou was head cheerleader and Inuyasha was captain of the football team.  He was also had been the class president for the ever year they had been in high school, including this year.  Sango's crush, Miroku, was his vice president.

Kagome met Inuyasha the first day of school as a freshman. Her family had just moved to the old shrine in the town as the new caretakers.  She did not know anybody and was hoping to find new friends at her new school.   At the same time she met Inuyasha; she also met Kikyou.  The two girls had a little argument, Kagome could not even remember what it was about, and since that day on Kikyou hated Kagome.  

Kikyou had forbid Inuyasha forever speaking to her unless it was to yell at her. However, it didn't stop him.  He had come by her house to apologize for his girlfriend's behavior towards her.

Before Kagome even step foot on campus that very first day everybody knew where she lived, it spread like a wild fire that her family were the new guardians of the shrine.

He had come to apologize and from that instant on, they had been best friends ever since.  Nobody knew of course, except for her family, and his mother.  Their friendship was a secret but not strictly because of Kikyou forbidding Inuyasha to speak to her.

Kikyou got what ever she wanted from her parents.  She was daddy's little girl.  Her father, Naraku had confront Inuyasha telling him that if he ever left Kikyou or broke her heart that Inuyasha's mother would be the one with a broken heart.

Inuyasha's father was a very rich man, and literally took any woman he wanted.  However, he had successfully kept it quiet from the press and his family.  His business rival, Naraku, had an investigator track him and took some photos of Inuyasha's father bedding another woman.  Kikyou's father had kept them for blackmail against his rival but decided instead to blackmail his rival's son. 

If Inuyasha left Kikyou, or upset her, or broke her heart, Inuyasha's mother would mysteriously find those revealing photos of her husband.  Inuyasha loved his mother very much and did not want to see her hurt, so he agreed, and locked himself to Kikyou until she got tired of him.  

Kagome remember the day Inuyasha had told her about that.  It made her despise Kikyou even more.  She could see right through her but she knew Inuyasha cared for the little rich girl and kept her mouth shut.  All she could do was be there for him, and secretly hoped he would not forever be fooled by her little innocent act.

She smiled to herself.  Sometimes she thought she knew more about Kikyou and Inuyasha's relationship than Kikyou did. 

For three years now, her and Inuyasha had become so close.  Although their friendship was a secret and they could not hang out in public, they still did things together like take walks in the woods behind her house or just sit hours in one of their rooms talking or even just talking on the phone. 

To everybody else in the school, Kagome hated Inuyasha as much as she hated Kikyou and vise versa.  To hide their friendship they had agreed to battle at school every so often to make sure everyone thought there was only hatred among them.   They knew their words to each other didn't mean anything but it was still fun to think of things to insult each other.

Her thoughts were broken when the first bell rang.  It would be only four minutes till the tardy bell rang and her Calculus class would begin.  She griped to herself as to why she put herself through this torture, why had she chosen to take Calculus her senior year.

Inuyasha managed to get inside the classroom right before the tardy bell rang and took a seat behind Kagome.  She heard him grumble something about 'stupid girlfriend' and 'needs to get a clue.'

Kagome had to stifle a laugh as the class began.  She could feel Inuyasha's eyes on her back.


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