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From Friendship to Love

Chapter Nineteen:  Graduation Part 2

Naraku stepped ominously out of the meeting hall.  His eyes glowed with annoyance. 


He began walking down the dimly lit corridor that led to the elevator.  At the last possible second, the elder of the Tama brothers had ruined, destroyed, obliterated his plans, the contract, the very thing that would bind Inuyasha to Kikyou, giving his daughter exactly what she wanted.  'He will pay.'


His pale, slender finger reached out to press the down button.  That bitch of a child that was birth by a whore.  His whore.  He had failed in keeping a close eye on the woman, he failed to threaten her life and the life of her younger sister, he had failed to notice that Sesshoumaru was meddling in affairs that were none of his business. Kagura had signed the agreement, stating that Inuyasha could marry whom the boy chooses.  Kagura had betrayed him, a decision, a action that will not go without punishment.  One day, when the time is right, her bodyguards will be unable to protect her.  'She will pay.'     


Relief, joy, happiness was disgustingly evident in the boy's eyes when he was told he was no longer bound to Kikyou. He'll run into the arms of the female he loves, leaving Kikyou in the dust.  She will seek her revenge upon them both.  He will pay the girl will pay. They all…will pay. 

Naraku's eyes darken, a deadly curve of his lips, indicating his amusement.  And the cries of their suffering will be music to his ears.


Kagome sat on one of the long tables that occupied the cafeteria.  All around her hundreds of her fellow seniors were laughing, talking of memories and of the future, saying their goodbyes with tears brimming in their eyes.  Here they were told to wait before they lined up to walk out onto the football field now adorned with red, white, and black streams, balloons, cloth, ribbon, and many other assortments of decorations.  Everyone's family and friends waited anxiously in the stands on the home side and visitor side.  Soon it would be all over; high school, graduation, they would be on their own. 

She subconsciously smoothed out her black gown and evened out her gold chords while her eyes scanned the room.  Rin sat next to her, talking excitedly with Sango who sat in Miroku's lap across the aisle.  They laughed as they reminisced about the past and Kagome smiled with them.  She would miss them all.  She continued her search…he was not here yet.  God how she would miss him...  But it was time to move on, there was no other choice. 

Clearway across the room, the principal, dean, and other authoritative figures handed out the cap and gowns to the newly arrived seniors.  Behind them stood four towers of empty boxes that had once contained dozens of ceremonial robes and hats.  She let out a heavy sigh; the boxes were as empty as her soul.

No!  This was her graduation day.  Even though she had lost the love of her life, even though she was leaving behind him, all of her friends, and her family to start a new life by herself, she was going to be happy.  Graduation was like a person's wedding day, it was suppose to be one of the happiest times of her life.  She was intent on it being just that.  Kagome sat up straight, brushing part of her hair back from her shoulder.  Her attention tuned to the conversation next to her.

Rin sat between her and the door, so when the female's head snapped towards the man that entered the double doors, Kagome noticed.  Sesshoumaru stood impassively staring at his fiancée.  Kagome could not see her friend's face but deducted that she must have silently asked Sesshoumaru a question because the instant after he nodded to her, Rin began to squeal and ecstatically bounce up and down like a child who had been give a toy store for Christmas.  

Kagome stared her for a moment as if she had completely lost her mind, then her gaze turned to Sesshoumaru who still stood a few feet from one of the many entrances to the cafeteria.  Then suddenly Kagome's head gently jerked backwards a bit.  If she had blink she would have missed the white and black blur that raced behind Sesshoumaru.  Quickly her eyes found the object again, Inuyasha.  He ran towards the principal, and tried to stop his fast pace but failed miserably.  Inuyasha's dress shoes would not grip the slick tile floor and instead of stopping, the breathless male skidded into the stack of empty boxes and got lost in the mess. 

It did not take long for Inuyasha to reappear, staring out at the crowd who had watched the entire event.  Smiling as if nothing mattered in the world, he took a bow receiving an around of applause before walking to the principal.  Kagome tried bite back a laugh.  She hoped he was okay but could not keep the amusement hidden.  She watched him walk with the head of the school out the exit doors closest to him.  Kikyou and her groupies moved closer to the same door waiting for Inuyasha 's return she that she could smother him with her presence.  Kagome rolled her eyes at the idiot's antics.

Her line of sight shot to Rin as she stood, waiting for the approaching Sesshoumaru.  She watched the pair as their stared intently into each other's eyes.  Her heart ached; it would be a long time, before she was able to love like that again. 

Sesshoumaru seemed to be asking for something as he came closer, his hand extend and palm facing the ceiling.  Rin's eyes sparkled like diamonds as she happily placed a small, velvet box in his hand.  His fingers wrapped tightly around it before his arms hastily wrapped around Rin's body, pulling her lips directly towards his. It was a kiss, an embrace with so much passion that it made the people around them shiver with its aftershock. 

Kagome grabbed her cap that rested next to her, shaking her head slightly, she threw the flat object at the two engrossed people. 

"Get a fucking room." She said playfully as the tassel on her cap splatter against Rin's back, jolting the female from the ecstasy she always found when she was with Sesshoumaru.  

Sesshoumaru growled with impatience and annoyance when her lips were torn from him.  Rin smiled up at him before softly kissing his lips once more then pulling him into a tighter embrace.

"Damn its cold in here." Kagome hugged herself, also noticing Sango and Miroku hugging as well. 

Before she could react, her body was encased on both sides sucking away her breath for a moment.  She looked to each side of her, and could not stop the smirk that played across her lips.  Rin and Sango had jumped towards her in an offering to help her loneliness.  Love for her dear friends swelled in her heart as she hugged them both fiercely back.

A loud voice began echoing through the room and all presence turned their attention to the source of the sound.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please form your two lines side by side.  Remember alphabetically like you were at practice this morning.  Senior Class officers upfront, please.  You will lead your class to the ceremony."

The room rapidly spun into heaves of disorder as seniors wedged their way to their designated spots.  Sesshoumaru gave Rin one last kiss, before she left his side to join the massive line.  Sango hugged Kagome, and then jumped on Miroku for a warm embrace before she too joined the line.  

Kagome stood between Miroku and Sesshoumaru as the mass confusion continued.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw Inuyasha reenter the large room.   His eyes shone with an unexplainable happiness and much to her surprise he brushed Kikyou off. 

"Shall we?" Miroku extended his elbow out for her to take.

She stared up at him with a trademark smile, slipping her arm in the small loop he had made with his own.  He escorted her to the front of the line, which was facing the entrance they had been sitting closest too.  Upon reaching the front, Miroku took his place ahead of Kagome and next to one of the class representative.  Kagome glanced over at her walking partner and grinned at the female, also a class representative. 

She hummed softly to herself; her focus remained on the back of her friend fidgeting in front of her.  This was it, the event that every student looks forward too.  Freedom.  No longer being forced to attend school, but a choice, now it's a choice, to continue on with school and obtain a higher education, or go directly to a job, or just lounge around the house all day and do absolutely nothing.  They all had a choice. 

Kagome felt her excitement build, pushing away the pain and misery that had plagued her every hour of every day the last few weeks.  She had no regrets.  She had worked hard and was now graduating as one of the top in her class, she had loved a very special person, she had made life long friends, and good memories.  As she grew older, she knew she would always look back on her time here with Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Rin, and Sesshoumaru as the happiest times of her life.  She would not fret over what could have been but relish in the gifts that life had given her.

Two rough, hands grasped her tightly by the shoulders, causing Kagome to instantly stiffen from the contact.  Just as drastically she felt her back pressed against a muscular chest, and a pair of lips lingering sensually around her ear.  Her heartbeat quicken as her mind hoped the one touching her was Inuyasha.  His warm breath grazed the inside of her ear resulting in a frantic shiver that raced through Kagome's veins.

"I love you…" the man whispered delicately into her ear before cutting off all contact and moving to stand in the front the line.

Kagome eyes widen in heightened excitement and wonderment when Inuyasha's form came from behind her.  Where the hell did that come from?  Her mind was a mess, being lightheaded was only one of her problems.  Her heart fluttered in her chest so much that she began to fear it would burst through her ribs and skin so that it could soar high above the clouds. 

She watched in awe, confusion, exhilaration, hope, fear, every emotion possible as Sesshoumaru approached his younger brother, tossing him the small box, Rin had given him minutes before.  Sesshoumaru left the building to join his mother, father and Rin's parents for the ceremony.  A lump formed in Kagome's throat, and she felt as if she would faint.  What the hell was going on? 


Inuyasha and the class treasurer led the two very long lines of seniors out towards the center of the large fielded where two sections of white chairs had been placed for them.  The evening sun's beams shot through the tree line, lighting up parts of the grass, and shading other segments.  The stands were covered end to end with people anxiously waiting to see their loved one walk across the stage and receive their diploma.  A few VIP chairs were placed on the track where Inuyasha could see his parents and brother sitting, as well as Miroku, and Rin's families and Kikyou's mother.  Naraku had chosen not to show his face after defeat. Coward.

He led his line between the two divisions of chairs, down the center aisle.  Upon reaching the very first row, Inuyasha and the treasurer spilt apart in different directions, walking to the end their row to stand and wait.  Seniors began piling into each line until every bench was occupied. Inuyasha stole a glance over at Kagome.  God, he didn't know if he could wait.

"Please take your seats," a masculine voice bellowed from the massive speakers that surrounded the ceremony. 

Thirty minutes passed, Inuyasha's knee bounced rapidly up and down out of nerves and excitement.  The principal had made his 'I am very proud of this graduating class' speech; a guess speaker spent most of her time babbling about the importance of adult responsibility and self-determination.  Inuyasha could not have found himself caring less about what the mayor of their small town said.  His thoughts consisted of one person, and one person only…his Kagome.

Graduation needed to be fucking over.  Kagome was his, his forever.  But given that, Inuyasha figured that Sesshoumaru wanted his first born as a repayment for saving his ass. A chuckle erupted from deep in his throat that the idea.   Inuyasha's speech was reschedule to take place after everyone had received his or her diplomas; the principal had given him permission when Inuyasha spoke with him outside the cafeteria. He was going to make it up to Kagome for all the pain, all the turmoil, all the heartbreak he had caused her.  Yes, everything was going to turn out all right.

It was taking every once of control Inuyasha possessed not to just grab the girl sitting on the other side of Miroku, sling her over his shoulder, and run Forrest Gump style across the field.  Knees high in the air as he ran, his free arm pumping above his head, his mouth screaming…SHE IS MINE, ALL FUKCING MINE!!!  Inuyasha smacked his forehead, forcefully with his hand when he felt his body begin to shake with laughter.

Miroku's eyes watched his friend's lunatic actions from the corner of his eyes.  Kagome leaned slightly forwards also noticing the unusual behavior before her gaze looked to Miroku questioningly.

The concerned dark haired male bent towards the distressed girl. "I believe he has finally cracked."

Kagome shook her head and whispered back, "Well who can blame him, anybody would if they had to spend the rest of their life with Kikyou."  Miroku nodded in agreement.

Inuyasha willed his mind and body under control, 'But that is no longer the case, Kagome. I am just crazy in love with you.'  This time both of his hands came in contact with his forehead as they smeared down his face, that line was just too corny.  God he was going nuts.  

Kikyou quickly made her presence known in his mind.  He should have broken up with her before the ceremony.  He turned slightly, glancing behind him, Kikyou was somewhere in the masses behind him.  His heart fell a bit, he was going to hurt her, aside from being over bearing, annoyingly bitchy and a pain in the ass, she didn't deserve what he was about too do to her. But it could not be helped.  He silently prayed that Kikyou would one day forgive him, but he needed to make his declaration for Kagome.  The poor girl had gone through enough because of him; he wanted to erase the torturous pain that had clouded her soul.  Kikyou was just going to have to hate him for the rest of his life, or forgive him, because he was going to follow through with his plan no matter what.


Inuyasha stared out among the hundreds of people before him, and sitting in the surrounding area.  This is it, this is what he had been waiting for as he counted every second of the hour and forty-minutes it took until it was time for his speech.  Every pair of eyes watched him listening intently to every word of wisdom he had to offer to his graduating class.  He paused a moment before starting the second half of his speech. 

"All of has had at least one person that has inspired us.  Loved us.  Cared for us.  There has been a person in our lives that has made such an impact that the legacy of that someone will never leave our minds.  I would like to take a moment to tell you about such a person that has so profoundly affected my life…"

Kikyou held her head high, as her fellow classmates momentarily shot a glance at her.  It was time.  It was time for Inuyasha to declare his love and ask her to marry him.  Everybody would see, hear, and know.  She would be the envy of every female, marrying a rich, powerful, gorgeous looking man.  It was time for all glory to be bestowed upon her. 

"…A woman came into my life, and shook the very foundations of my soul.  She was unlike any person I had ever met.  She has become the very reason I live upon this earth.  This woman should be cherished.  She is rarity among the people of this earth.  She is kind without a reason, a heart bigger than anything imaginable.  Her devotion to her friends, her loyalty, her friendship is the strongest I have ever seen in this world…"

Kagome bit her lip, the contours of her mouth dried from lack moisture.  Her heart hoped and feared as his speech continued.  The more words his spoke, the more times her heart skipped a beat.  Her breaths got shorter, as her mind wondered where his announcement would lead.  Kagome's gazed followed in the direction many of the seniors around her were looking.  There Kikyou stood, a smug smile plastered on her face.  She stuck out like a sore thumb, like a conceded bitch basking in the grandeur that was about to come to her.  Kagome felt her heart begin to sink farther and farther into the deep, dark depths of her body.

"…She is a beam of light during my dark, gloomy days in life.  She is the greatest gift that had ever been given to me, she is my best friend…"

Kagome felt her heart stop along with all the other organs that supported her life.  What had he said?  If Miroku had not been next to her and grabbed her she knew she would have falling out of her chair in surprise.

"…She has stayed by my side through thick and thin, despite the things I could not give to her. I love her more than there are stars in the sky.  She is my soul mate, my match.  I have caused her more pain than any one of us will experience in a lifetime.  And I would like to fix my past mistakes by asking her to marry me…"

Kikyou beamed, he made the announcement perfectly, adding a few lies to increase the intensity of the engagement.  She looked cockily at the eyes that stared between her and Inuyasha.  She had died and gone to heaven. 

Inuyasha jumped from the stage and the principal took his spot at the podium. Kikyou's world began to shatter as a violent shock struck her.  Inuyasha began walking towards the first row.  Her skin color paled, while her mouth fell open.  He was going the wrong fucking way.  She was NOT sitting over there.  What about the damn contract, he belonged to her. 

Kagome could feel her body trembling from excitement, tension, and the overwhelming sensation of relief.  Inuyasha stepped closer and closer to her, stopping time along with him.  His eyes were locked on to hers, pure delight and splendor danced vividly across those honey orbs.  She felt water build behind her eyes, and for the first time in weeks, they were tears of joy, of happiness, and of absolute exhilaration. 

She could hear the gasps and mutters all around, as Inuyasha stood directly front of her, and then bent down on one knee.  The tears trickled down her heated face, tickling the soft, sensitive skin in its wake.  Her breath caught her throat when she felt his hand grab a hold of hers.  

Everything left his eyes for a spilt second, then returning full force as words began to form out of his mouth, "Kagome Higurashi will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Kagome knew at that moment, everything in her life was perfect.  She could die right then, and would have died the happiest person on the entire face of the planet.  The river busted through the dam and salty water poured down her face.  All her mind could do was scream yes, yes, YES when her voice fled from her body.

The crowd's mumbling grew louder as realization sunk into their thick skulls.  Kagome bit the bottom of her lip, when Inuyasha pulled out the little box from under his robs, opening the lid and exposing the most beautiful, princess cut diamond ring she had ever seen. 

Almost immediately she launched at him, this was for real, he was truly asking her to marry him, to spend the rest of her life with him.

Inuyasha caught her in his arms, instantly scooping her up as he stood from his crouch.  He flipped the box closed, squeezing it tight in his fingers, while his arms hugged the woman in his arms tighter.  She was going to be his wife.

"Yes, Yes, a thousand times yes!" Kagome cried into his shoulder.  

Inuyasha's heart soared above and beyond the sky itself.  He chuckled as Rin, Sango, Miroku, Destiny, and his mother's cheers exploded from the dead quiet, utterly shocked group of people.  He did not care.  All that matter was that Kagome was going to be by his side forever.  He was never going to have to live life, or face anything without her. 

He loosened the embrace just enough so that he could stare into her sparkling oceanic depths, "I love you," he whispered to her.

Her beaming face shone brighter, "I love you too."

Inuyasha leaned forward, pressing his lips against her soft, damp mouth.  Her lips melted completely with his, while he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss.  His hand gripped the back of her neck pulling her closer to him as their mouths clashed frantically together. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, by the power invest in me by this great country, I know pronounce this class graduated."

The volume level exploded as yells, screams, cheers boomed from every senior.  Caps were flung high in the air at the same time confetti was shot from four cannons under the stage covering the celebrating adults. 

Kagome and Inuyasha hugged each other closer, their kiss intensifying as sparkling foil and cloth covered cardboard crashed to the ground around them.  Nothing could tear the pair from their newly found, forever existing, perfect world.

Kikyou stared at the pair.  Nobody paid her any heed.  Even her closest friends had forgotten about her and were quickly dispersing in search of family to hug, and friends to congratulate.  Her mind was numb, understanding raced through her brain threatening to overload it.  This was not right.  No. No. NO!  She clenched her fist at her sides.  Her eyes narrowed dangerously, watching Inuyasha pull the ring from its case and slip it carefully upon her finger.

Kagome…  Kagome!  It had been that fucking bitch, all along.  He had cheated and betrayed her with Kagome!  Kikyou's anger shot to homicidal levels.  Her body shook in rage, the bitch was going to pay if it was the last thing she ever did.

The irrational female made an attempt to move, but a hand on her shoulder prevented from her advance towards the couple.  She shot a sinister glare behind her at the obstacle that kept her from her mission. 

Naraku stared evenly back at her and made no notion to release her from his hold when she jerked away from him, "Now is not the time…" he spoke, his voice low and cold.

"Like the hell its not!" she growled at him.

The dark haired, pale skinned, tall man yanked his daughter into his full grasp restraining her from acting out for the time being.  His lips lowered to her ear, her body struggled against his embrace. 

"A day will come my dear, when you will be able to shatter the very world they both depend on.  The day will come when you will have your revenge for his betrayal.  You will have your revenge upon his whore.  But you must be patient, my love.  Let them have their joy now for what awaits them in the future will be nothing short of darkness and despair. Now come, my plane awaits."

Kikyou seemed to ease in his arms much to his satisfaction.  He escorted her off the field and away from those who had wrong his precious daughter.  Every last one of them would without a doubt suffer beyond comprehension.


Inuyasha stroked his hand across his love's cheek.  They had not moved, even though most of the seniors had left for the after-grad party.  A few families and groups were scattered here and there getting last minute pictures.  He held her close to him, while they swayed with the breeze.

"Will you ever leave me?" he asked fearful that she still wished to go to school in England, not that he would stop her if she wanted to go.

Kagome smiled up at him, understanding the hidden meaning to his imploring, there was only one reason she was going to England and it was to get away from pain of not being able to be with him.  No, she wanted to stay.

"Never…" she whispered before leaning up and capturing his warm, inviting lips.

A small, orange rubbery ball landed between the two lovers, exploding instantly and soaking the pair with freezing cold water.   Jumping apart in alarm, Kagome and Inuyasha looked in the direction the offending object came.  There a few yards from them stood Rin, Sango, and Miroku each hold water balloon ready to fire. 

"Don't you even fuckin…" Inuyasha was stopped short when the bombs of liquid began exploding around him and Kagome again. 

Laughing filled the small area emerging from all five forms staring at each other. 

"C'mon, are you two going to stand out here all night?" Rin hastily asked.

"Yeah, the party has already started and it's our last chance to act childish without having to face the consequences." Miroku added.

Inuyasha looked over at Kagome not seeing his brother stealthily walking up behind him. Kagome's smile expanded from ear to ear while her eyes stared at something behind him.  By the time he turned to see what she was amusingly staring at it was too late.  Sesshoumaru smashed his little brother over the head with a hand full of water balloons. Laughter erupted from the surrounding people. 

Once Inuyasha recovered from the initial shock, his body spun around, growling at his older sibling.  Sesshoumaru stood before him impassive, and looking as if he had done nothing but stand behind him all along.

"Next time I have to save your ass, little brother. You will not get off so easily."

"Feh," Inuyasha responded, turning slightly and folding his arms across his chest.

Sesshoumaru ignored him and began walking away, wrapping his arms around Rin on his way past her.  Sango and Miroku followed close behind them. Inuyasha snorted again.

Kagome giggled, "C'mon my little wet puppy, we have a party to get too"

Inuyasha smirked playfully at her, "What did you just call me?" his voice warning of a possible tickle torture in the very near future.

Kagome stepped right in his face, her nose brushing against his, "My-Little-Wet-Puppy!" she exclaimed before quickly kissing his lips and tearing off after her friends leaving Inuyasha staring at the empty space she had left.

"Fucking hell…Hey get your ass back here, I am not through with you woman…" He called out after her giggling back, smiling to himself he quickly gave chase.

The End.  


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