Well, here goes...my first Earthian fic. *Has just watched Earthian for the 5th time and got a flash of an idea* I know chapter 1 is...well...extremely short, but chapter 2 should be on it's way. Please, please please please!!!! review...I need it..

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Chapter 1

The rain beat down upon them with anger and furious vengeance, the contorted body lay stilled on the cold pavement. The crimson liquid glided down the face filled with some much pain and anguish, the eyes no longer sparkling. Kneeling down in puddles of paled red, the shadow took a lock of hair, matted down with rain, blood, and sweat, and held it between greedy fingers.

"Chihaya....Poor, defenseless, innocent Chihaya." A sinister grin swept across a hate filled face. "You got in my way too many times and you paid the ultimate price, my dear." Leaving the body to rest in the cold blood, the one filled with hatred retreated, basking in the glory that was death. With a quick glance back, the only visible sight was the rain cascading down the twilight night, encasing the body in a cocoon of sorrow. Only a sickening grin set upon the twisted face, the coward retreated, seeing the job was complete.