The Revolt of 55 Anubis

Summary: In Mizar's short period of reign, a small rebellion grew. Mostly of tribals, but some of AI that turned against Mizar, the creator of these AI, and even some humans from the small planet Earth. However, as Mizar was put to his grave by the amazing trio of the Jet Force Gemini, the rebellion was also put to its grave along with Mizar.

However, as rumors began to float about a repopulation of the 55 Anubis, and a new beginning in the Rith Essa Mines, suspicion began to grow of a return of the most hated empire; Mizar's Palace.

Flame quietly entered 55 Anubis, to see if danger was truly gone, and he found a station full of Mizar's drones.



Race: Human

Appearance: Spiky dirty blonde hair. 5 Feet 8 inches. Medium weight.

Personality: Is confident in abilities, but not so that he is cocky. Nice and friendly, although he also has somewhat of a short temper. He also has a strange liking to fire.

Favorite Weapons: 1: Flame-thrower 2: Machine Gun 3: Shocker

Likes: Ambushing unaware drones in war ships.

Dislikes: running out of ammo

History: Was born on Earth, like many other humans. At an early age, he foolishly set off to try and stop Mizar. However, he was soon stranded on Sehkmet. He managed to survive by hiding and cleverly stealing drone's supplies. At an older age, he managed to escape Sehkmet. After this, he decided to join the rebellion, while also returning to Sehkmet and 55 Anubis to stalk Mizar's drones. Because of his hobby of attacking warships, he is a heavily wanted man among drones.


Race: Tribal

Appearance: Teenage tribal, a little skinny, not very muscled at all. Normal height for a teenage tribal.

Personality: Psycho is a normal teenage tribal. He lives a normal teenage tribal life, besides the fact he's in the rebellion. He is perfectly normal; unless, however, he has a gun in his hand and an enemy drone is nearby. Then, he goes COMPLETELY PSYCHO!!! Rapid firing, guns blazing, he doesn't care of the odds as long as he has a gun.

Favorite Weapons: 1: Machine Gun 2: Tri Rocket Launcher 3: Grenades

Likes: Having a big gun

Dislikes: Being left behind on a drone raid in the rebellion

History: Born on Gem Quarry, Psycho had supposedly lived a normal life. However, this was ruined when as a child, he joined the rebellion. This exposed him to the fact that Tribals were an imprisoned race. The more he was exposed to the fact, the more he hated it. This led to a strong resistance to anyone that imprisoned tribals.

Name: Ishboo

Race: Tribal

Appearance: A young adult tribal. Normal size for his race and age.

Personality: Is a kind tribal, however has moods where he is either mad or mournful over his family's demise by Mizar. In these moods he can lash out at people who bother him, or in some cases, go psycho.

Favorite Weapon: 1: Homing Missiles 2: Surikens 3: Pistol

Likes: Getting Revenge

Dislikes: Being reminded of his tragic misfortunes.

History: Lived a normal life in Goldwood, until Mizar's drones invaded. His entire family was imprisoned, and possibly killed. He then grew hateful and vengeful over his loss, and has swore that he would live to see the day Mizar died, or better yet, killed Mizar himself. Of course, this led him to the Rebellion, where he met people he could relate to.

Name: Star

Race: Humans

Appearance: Tall, blonde and somewhat skinny with hair down to shoulders.

Personality: Suffers from severe mood changes, from happy to sad, angry to innocent, etc. She also has a strange liking to teddy bears (and tribals).

Favorite Weapons: 1: Cluster Bombs 2: Sparkles 3. Remote Mines

Likes: Hugging tribals

Dislikes: Being made fun of, where she quickly becomes infuriated and attacks the offender regardless of pretty much everything and anything.

History: Was grown on the planet Earth, when as a little girl was captured and brought to a near deserted tribal mine and was forced to force the tribals into slave labor. She became a very angry soul for this, and yet at the same time was also a joyous one because she also befriended the tribals. This made her confused between her two deep emotions and is a possible reason for her strange personality.

Name: Jeff

Race: AI AS (Artificial Intelligence Airborne Squadron; the same as Floyd.)

Appearance: The same as all the others. He's a robot.

Personality: A kind, trusting and wise person, although for better or for worse, tends to focus more on rules and technicalities then what's going on in reality. Also, to somewhat of a point can be a little bit cowardly.

Favorite Weapons: 1:(his only weapon) His dual pistols that are built into him.

Likes: To follow Ishboo around.

Dislikes: To be with anyone who basically creates chaos.

History: When made and created in the military base Ichor, he, like some rare other AI's like him, doubted Mizar's cause, and decided against working in the drone army. So, one day, when he was serving perimeter patrol, he "accidentally" went to far from the base and became lost. However, when he had gone far from the base and was just wandering around, he found a small cluster of ships in a small area. Curious he went closer to check out what it was, and he soon stumbled upon the Rebellion's Ichor Base, cleverly hidden underground. It was there where he met the rebellion and joined it.